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However, sometimes emotional detachment is easier said than done

Next time use a mirror clone.

Bats, you're freakin awesome.

Twilight using a strap-on on somepony + promise of Futa + Fusion Fool logic, dood + Rainbow Dash wanting a threesome + Dash being Submissive = Twilight using her magic to give herself and AJ dicks and spitroasting Rainbow Dash, dood... I'm more than okay with that scenario.:yay:

Every pony who had cause to walk by the library that afternoon heard the door trying to tear itself off its hinges and never looked at Twilight the same way again.


Hm, this seems like it is going to be rather interesting. I'll be looking forward to reading it.

That author's note alone would have been enough reason to fave this story, as it stands though it's just a nice bonus to a well written opening chapter.

Also I love Dash's characterization here. Seriously Bats, you do her extraordinarily well in all of your stories, but between this, Spell-Bound Fireflies, and to a (slightly) lesser extent Coming Back, you have really hit your stride when writing her. You also do a really good job with Twilight as well.:twilightblush::rainbowdetermined2:

Very nice. And hot. Yes, nice and hot, I mean, um.... :applejackconfused:

Great job!

(Also, educational. I had to google "grinded" because I've always used "ground." Turns out both are correct!)

Heh. Interesting. So, bats, is this one basically gonna be porn with a plot? ;)


That's the goal. :derpytongue2:

2923923 Thank god you're honest about it :D

That's probably the best author's note I've ever seen.

Not much for clopping, but this is such a rare tri-pairing, and I'll finally get to sample some of Bats' writing, that I will give this a read, cheers. :scootangel:

bats flavored AppleDashLight = win.

I like how RD went from "this will shut her up" to "not sure if want" to "sort of want" to "WANT WANT WANT".

It'll be interesting to see what happens when the other horseshoe drops and one or more of them want to make it a not-so-casual threesome.

somewhere on the farm.

yes yes, every started is good. then it will spread to a Wednesday nooner. then Friday quickies. then fun in the orchard Tuesdays .

"Ya'll know what, why don't ya just move onto the farm" :ajsmug:

As if anypony but the Mane Six and maybe the Cutie Mark Crusaders ever has reason to go past the Library.

so.... that happened.

Normally, if it's not strictly Twidash, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Normally, it isn't written by Bats. I have to say, I made an exception to read this, and I'm not sure if I'm glad I did. It is an awesome story, and looks like it can only get better and more interesting, but I'm not sure I like the idea of Twidash+1. But we'll see how it goes. I'm sure Bats can pull it off.

The story. I like it. :rainbowwild: On reflection, I'm totally okay if I have clop to fill my time while I wait for the next chapter of Coming Back.

Unfortunately, I viewed the larger version of the cover art, and now I can't unsee Applejack's face. :rainbowderp:


I know, it's kinda funky. :rainbowlaugh:

The story is of to a great start but there was just one thing that threw me off.
Dashie is fun to use as a petname, name in the bedroom or to embarrass/arouse Dash but when Twi calls Dash nothing else but Dashie it's just... Ugh... you know?

Ohs, but I do not like threesomes. They are just a big sex pile with no feelings, only hump.

Considering two people I know and love are bookmarking this...

I think Tchhernobog died on the inside. Or maybe just is dead from too much clopping.

That might have been the case if I'd not read it before it got published~:pinkiecrazy:

2925279 That's the friggin' point right now, genius.

Read the description.


I'm late to the party.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2925460 I thought you were innocent! How could you let Rainbow's tight ass get used by Twilight's magic. Think of the damage! Do you have any idea how high pitched Rainbow can moan!? DO YOU!? :flutterrage:

... I will book mark this.

Well i hope this works out for all three of them.
But i cant help but seeing AJ getting hurt in the end.

2925984 Interesting choice of words, there, personally, I see the same thing, only from what I assume to be a somewhat more... 'physical' perspective, but hey, that's why you gotta stick to the story and see where it goes! :ajsmug:

Ever wonder why the song "Died In Your Arms Tonight" is called that?

In French, one of the euphamisms for orgasm is "la petit mort" (a little death). A little death never hurt anyone, if you know what I mean.

Oh come now, they got together in a drama free fashion. Rarity whined about how no proper romance works that way.

And now you're saying you hope it works out for them?


Incidentally, is this story's existence related to a certain discussion a few days ago? Or has this been coming for longer than that? (or spawned said discussion)


This story has been planned for roughly three months.

It was started because other influences around me inspired me to work on it sooner as opposed to later.

First off - Poor poor Spike. :rainbowlaugh:
Second - That was awesome. I'm so glad I took the time to read that. You have a goofy awesome writing style Bats, and I can't wait to see more of it. Gonna have to peruse your other works now. :moustache:

The people suggested this fic, but I wanted a clopfic with some actual story to it. :ajsleepy:

2927160 You do realize the story's incomplete, right?

Nice name, friend.

I've always loved Twidash, but Appledashlight is absolutely my favorite.

And I finally got around to reading this and I am SO not disappointed.

Also, I think I recall pre read a bit of that. Not much changed, it seems.

And if this is anything like the last time Peroth helped you... We're all in for a wild ride. I AM READY!

~Skeeter The Lurker

HAHAH! Oh man! That first part made the whole thing.

Then the actual act... Flawless! I loved it!


Twilight didn't cast a sound dampening spell on her bedroom. Spike wished he had just gone for a walk again.

Awkward morning, I assume?

~Skeeter The Lurker


I actually agree with Atlas in this case, two chapters in, some kind of story should be established instead we got plotless clop.:ajbemused:

Regardless I will track this and I hope some story will be occurring in future chapters.


Just a general note here, since it doesn't really say anywhere on the story: the planned length for this is more than likely going to break 50k words. The 'plot' of these chapters was establishing the setting and situation. If this was a shorter story that was going to be resolved quickly, yes there's not much here, but as it is pacing demands a slower build-up.


I kind of figured that which is why I tracked this story in the first place. But you could have established a little more in the first two chapters. Like for example: Dashie's nervousness at first could have been expanded upon as a possible hidden crush on the mare that she didn't want to say out right for fear of upsetting Twilight. That would have given us the readers a little more in depth to the situation. Or perhaps Twilight was the one with the hidden crush which is why she hopped on board with the idea and narrowed the list so quickly. It's little things like those you could have expanded upon to give the chapters a little more plot and depth. But then again I don't know what direction your taking this story so those were merely off the top of my head examples.


The reason that isn't there is because the story is about an actual no-strings-attached situation changing, which I attempted to make clear in the description.

I get what you're saying here, in that reasonably speaking someone could write what's here, mark it complete, and it would be accepted as purely fluff-clop with no real depth. But what's there is serving a purpose in establishing where everyone is at emotionally with each other at the start of things, since it's not exactly reasonable for me to jump in at the point of 'Twilight and Dash are in a relationship, and they have threesomes with Applejack sometimes' and just expect readers to accept that. Plus there's background emotional information regarding how Twilight and Dash relate to each other that needed to be established (which I chose to do with sex, because I have no illusions that this story isn't supposed to be that type of story at times).

:moustache: Sweet, glad to see this get featured.

D'aw, I love how genuine the relationship feels here.

If you took a moment to check my profile, you'd realize I'm joking. If I got off to horse porn, I'd have read and probably faved this.

This is awesome sauce multiplied by a thousand to the tenth power. In other words, excellent clop with a plot, will look forward to seeing more. :pinkiehappy:

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