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suck it Skeeter

And so it has arrived.

Buuuuuuuuuuuurn! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh good, it's here! Time to read!

And here it is! And DAMN was it fun to help with!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Uh huh. I read before I comment, boyo.

~Skeeter The Lurker

damn, rarity x rainbow dash that's some shit I do like. :raritystarry::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

Oooh, RariDash. I can't wait to give this very promising story a read.


cry some more!

Woof. That was intense.

I loved how Dash took back control even with her forelegs restrained. Having those extra limbs is pretty handy. :rainbowdetermined2:

Though, I'm going to pretend Rares cast some sort of cleaning spell before she went and stuck her tongue back there. :rainbowderp:


I like to imagine Rarity has a low-grade cleanliness spell that surrounds her entire being at all times.


And yet, she still freaks out about dirt. I can see that. :duck:

Comment posted by Uzume Tennouboshi deleted Aug 12th, 2013

if you didn't get the joke the first time, I'm not explaining it to you again

When I read

“Just sit back and enjoy yourself; I’m about to teach you how to scream my name.”

I knew


Y'know, I'll be honest -- I was expecting it to go somewhere a little darker? But I wasn't displeased with the direction it took, either.

She needs a new bed now. :raritydespair::rainbowlaugh:

Published for only a few hours and already in the featured box.

Commence reading.

To be honest, I hadn't thought much about a RariDash pairing before, but damn, that works well!

Hold on to your feathers Dashie! :duck::rainbowderp:

Oh my. :raritystarry::rainbowwild:

Nah, pony orgasms are made out of marshmallow fluff. :trollestia:


Just sit back and enjoy yourself; I’m about to teach you how to scream my name


Well. That was aggressive.

Suggestion: Somewhere on your main page you put together some kind of table or something detailing which stories are for the challenge. That way people can have something to glance at and figure what's what. Since they're gonna be all spread out and shit.

Edit: Oh hey, just spotted where you did just that. I'm smrt.


My page is a mess. :ajsleepy:

3036531 I also don't look at main pages much.

3036531 Oh hay, speaking of messes, bunches of your links on your main page use https:// thus destroying them for some browsers ;)

I'm so sorry.


Urgh. I fix.

ETA: Think I got 'em all. :applejackconfused:

Damn, I haven't seen Raridash done this well since Salvation. Good stuff Bats!


Look up in the boutique, it's a dress, it's an original, no it's Rarity the Fashionista.

Faster than a teleportation spell, more powerful than Big Macintosh, and able to satisfy wanton fillies in a single lick.


You've never seen RariDash before?! What madness is this?

Nice story BTW dood...

Damnit bats, stop being so good at this.

Actually, don't...I loved Dash using her hind legs to take back control, that was awesome

I liked every last bit of it except the smoking. I can accept Rarity a classy lady drinking wine. I just don't think with her line of work smoking would be practical. Still as usual loved every bit of this story.

You made rarity sound and feel like her. I almost felt like I was watching an adult version of an MLP episode. So kudos on that. :raritywink:

Rainbow Dash was meat the minute she stepped in the door. She didn't have a chance against Rarity.


Now that that is out of the way

Good story. Quite liked it.


Oh, I knew it existed as a shipping possibility. I just never gave it much thought as a ship that could work well. I've been proven wrong, in the best possible way.

You turned THAT song into THIS story?


...may I make burned offerings in your name? :scootangel:

Twilight was a better love story... and more sex.... no i can't say it, Twilight sucks hard...
you one this round bats, congrats for the F.B

Whoa...this was rather.... intense, especially the toy part :rainbowwild:
I must say, TwiDash is always going to be my top shipping, especially when its done by you, but THIS could easily sneak its way up to 2nd place :rainbowdetermined2:
As always, great story and well spent reading time, hope to see some more RariDash and TwiDash soon :scootangel:

Oh ok. I think there's one more story that works really well with them, but I forgot the name...

Edit: wait here you go

This was adorable and hot. Hotdorable? Whatevers. Anyway, raridash is always awesome and raridash by Bats is even better!

Wow... that was really good, easily one of my top five slop storys I have ever read now. Liked, faved, followed, cant wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Nice touch with there being the makings of a real relationship in the end.
I'm tempted to ask if there are any plans for a continuation.


I'm not gonna say no. I've written sequels to other one-shots on complete whims when story ideas strike me.

If there ever is, it will be a sequel, though, not a second chapter or anything. This story as it is is standalone and finished: I don't believe in continuing a story past its natural end. Doesn't mean I can't revisit this continuity and tell another story, though.

The internet needs moar quality RariDash

This was beautifully written, bats, and I thoroughly enjoyed it :). I'm really glad Rarity kept her promise to Sweetie before meeting RD.

Broken bed! I doubt Rare would invest in flimsy furniture, so that's some hefty passion right there :)

Wonder if the Wonderbolts could do an after-hours airshow? Featuring warm-ups and warm-downs? Looks like a few tickets would definitely sell!

Holy buck, that was hot! You should turn this into a chapter-fic.

Only because my name's in the title...

sorry, cigarettes are a huge turn-off for me.

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