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whaaat? bats making a Appledash, only on april first


That cover image. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

a downy wing extending extending and adding

methinks you added an extra word.

Bah, I've been in proof-reader mode these past couple days, carry on.

Bats, writing AppleDash? And it works so well!!! Please write more Dash romance, please??:rainbowdetermined2::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2:


Damn doubled up words! :rainbowlaugh:

I simply demand MOAR!

Awesome... Boss. :twilightsheepish:

2356254 Repeat the word three times with separating ellipses and it counts as 'art'. :pinkiehappy:


Shh, you'll let everyone in on my secret! :raritydespair:

2356593 Damn! :facehoof: Hey, at least I didn't tell them about semi-colons. :scootangel:

Por qua!?!

April fools, I hate thee.

Comment posted by Storylover-Vodhr deleted Apr 2nd, 2013


Not April Fools. Just writing Appledash in addition to Twidash.

Twidash is still my favorite, I'm just expanding horizons.

2356163 I swear, that's the eighth comment of this I've seen. Really?

2359403 Meh. Alright. However, I still hate April fools. It's almost impossible to tell what is real and what is not.


Believe me, I know. I almost didn't put this up today for fear of it being taken as April Fool's. It probably would have been the better choice, I think. Ah well.

2359460 It probably would have. After all, A famous TwiDasher posting AppleDash? On April fools? I thought it was a April fools, to be honest.

Also, on a different note, why am I a gold member?

And what is a gold member?


lol, famous? If you say so.

It's something to do with Knighty quitting, Poultron taking over, and intstituting changes. In other words, it's an elaborate April Fool's thing of some sort that will probably take a few days to shake out all the way.

2359826 Alright. Still, it's kinda cool.

Plus, If it lasts and I meet a troll, I can always tell him to bite my glorious golden rump. :scootangel:

And stories like this is why I'm an appledash fan ^_^ there's more to these two then the tough farm pony and the daredevil. Two warm passionate and loving ponies that work amazingly together. I'm stalking you now , just so you know *grins* can't wait to read more.

Mane Medic

Funny, I know another fimfic that goes by this title and it's a Soardash fic :twilightsmile:

Applebucking indeed.

Bwuh? AH! Sudden Appledash shipping! DO NOT WANT! :twilightoops:

Sorry, Thought it was a Rairjack, seeing as you're a part of that group and Twidash. My bad, lol.

Nothing bad meant, just saying.....I recieved surprise Appledash.:twilightblush:

That'll teach me not to check the comments first.:pinkiehappy:


Also the character tags. :raritywink:

Yes, branching out into new and interesting shipping territory. There's still plenty more Twidash coming from me and possibly some Rarijack, too. Just Appledash as well.

Ship all the ponies.

may I ask, how you write this? I mean is there any special process you do to write this? I just think is very good and I wonder if it comes natural or you push the words a little.


That is a rather complicated question, which I'll try to answer both succinctly and thoroughly. I'll give you a general 'this is how I write' run-down using this story as the example.

The first part of the process is idea brainstorming and storycraft planning. Usually before I start doing this consciously, I already have a notion of something I'd like to write. For C&S specifically, that notion was that I wanted to write a short Appledash erotica piece that both showed a sensual, loving, and fairly light take on power and dominance in sex from the perspective of the usual submissive taking control for the night, as well as being a parallel to the episode Applebuck Season. From these goals, the general shape of the story suggested itself and didn't require an intense amount of thought; Applejack's exhausted from working really hard and doesn't want to ask for help, Rainbow Dash helps with the first part and as a result changes her mind about the second. A fairly straightforward plot that allowed me to cover what I wanted to cover.

With the general outline planned, I build some specifics in terms of planning scenes and pacing. I couldn't launch directly into the sex scene, because there was important background information that needed to be conveyed to a reader. A reader needed to know that Applejack and Big Mac were struggling with the harvesting, Applejack was still resistant to asking for help, and that she and Rainbow Dash were romantically involved. I don't like giving info-dumps at the start of a story, because I find them boring, so I knew I wanted to convey this information through prose and dialogue. I decided a dialogue with Big Mac was the best way to do so. When I wrote the first scene, I paid special attention to highlighting how tired Applejack was, not only so their worries seemed reasonable, but also so a reader knew it and felt it going into the sex scene.

The other thing it allowed me to do was introduce a reader to how I wrote Applejack, giving her a character interaction scene with Big Mac. It set the tone for her character and established in-story canon. She's not really that different than canon, but it still gives a reader a chance to say, "Yeah, I'm with you, AJ's still stubborn and proud, even if she is more willing to consider receiving help."

With background information covered, the main story could take place, which was the sex scene. I focused on accomplishing the main goal I had set out with for the sex here: a power/dominance inversion and Applejack being made to relax by Rainbow Dash. In writing this, I had to do several things. I needed to portray what AJ and Dash's relationship looked and felt like normally, how it was different in this specific instance and how those differences affected them (with a focus on AJ specifically), and how the sex physically affected Applejack.

To accomplish the first, I paid special attention to how they greeted each other (Dash sort of asks permission for everything, Applejack mostly takes the lead on conversation and a more dominant position in their snuggling, and Applejack responds in a somewhat aggressive and controlling way when reminded of sex despite her fatigue), as well as the switch back to normal after Dash has successfully relaxed her.

For the second and third, I highlighted through conversation (and the symbolic use of the Stetson) how different Dash was acting that night compared to their normal intimacy and focused on how that made Applejack feel.

The last thing I needed was a wrap-up after the literal climaxes. With the last scene, all I needed to accomplish was Applejack's change of opinion on asking for help. I touched on some of the power dynamics established earlier in doing so, but mostly just played it straight. I also focused on how happy both of them were at the result, because it makes the whole story happier if a reader is left with the feeling that the sex really did help AJ and that both partners were that much closer afterwards.

With the story planned and all these ideas on how I wanted to write it/what I wanted to touch on exactly, I sat down and wrote it. My general writing process for anything is to just write it and go back to fix stuff later. I write around a thousand words at a stretch, then quickly read back over that section to make sure everything makes sense and flows well and fix anything out of place before going on to the next 1k section.

Once it's all the way drafted (which for this story was about five hours or so), I run through self-editing. Self editing for me is rereading it at least three times in three different word processing programs (MSWord, Gdocs, and Fimfiction itself). The reason I do this is I have dyslexia and one of the things I do naturally in order to read faster than I normally can is I've memorized the 'shape' of words, so when I read I don't necessarily see every single letter or the order of the letters in a word. It helps that I'm a good typist and misspellings get little red squiggles, but I have a difficult time actually seeing what I've written for what it actually is sometimes. Putting it in different programs changes the shape of the words and forces me to read things more carefully, so I tend to spot mistakes better.

In addition to mechanics errors, I make sure everything reads properly. Sentences make sense and convey information clearly, there's proper change and build-up between actions and conversations, the dialogue sounds like the characters and gets the point across, that sort of stuff.

Once I've edited it, I send it to my editors/prereaders. I usually have a couple of folks that do it, but they edit my Twidash stories and aren't interested in Appledash. Clopnobog offered to help on this one, so I sent him the Gdocs link and he gave the whole thing a look-over with a second set of eyes, so I could catch things that made sense to me but others might miss (for a specific instance, it originally wasn't very clear that Rainbow Dash had taken Applejack's hat off the dresser and put it on when she did so in the story, so I expanded that section by a few sentences to make it clear).

After edits, I read through it one more time just to make sure I didn't miss anything (which still isn't perfect; if you look at the fourth comment I had a mistake where a word was doubled-up that I and Clopnobog missed), and post it up here.

For a little additional insight into how I go about writing sex scenes specifically, I try to focus more on sensory information and emotional/physical reactions than the actual mechanics. The descriptions of what the characters are physically doing are kept fairly straightforward and brief, while the detail is put into what the characters feel/smell/taste/etc. and how it makes them feel emotionally.The sensory descriptions are a better way to draw a reader into what's happening than just a run-down of what's happening, and the emotions cover the sensuality and romance of the acts, which are more important to me personally than the actual sex.

For an example of what I'm talking about, say the information I want to convey is, "Rainbow Dash and Applejack's make-out session made them both aroused." Kinda boring. Better to engage the senses with something like, "As Applejack's muzzle and tongue danced and dueled with her lover, the tangy smell of Rainbow's arousal mixed with her own wafted to her snout." Both say the same thing, but the second one is more engaging because it talks about senses other than just what it looked like. Also 'make-out session' is an awful description anyway.

While I'm absolutely positive I failed at brevity, I hope you at least find this response useful. Cheers!

2419393 Sir, You have no idea how clear and specific you were! I don't have any doubts nor confusions, thanks for explaining me and keep writing awesome! By the way, aren't you planning in writing any story of the sort that includes ... Fluttershy?


As a matter of fact, I'm currently in the planning phase of a story I'm collaborating on with someone else exploring the idea of Twilight and Fluttershy engaging in a long term Friends With Benefits relationship and slowly helping each other through their insecurities.

you gonna convert into AppleDash Bat!
lol sorry for that XD

2409812good job my friend good job:ajsmug::heart::rainbowkiss:

Wonderful story. You nailed the line of keeping it tend and warm, but having the erotic feel to it without making it a pure clop story, the plot, story not back side, is clear, the pace is wonderful.
I am also not that big of a person on details, so character personalities do not matter much but you nailed them perfectly in my mind.

Please, take all of my yes.


when you upload another appledash story

amazing fic. i feel like maybe you overused the word "sugar"?? but so good nonetheless

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