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quite well written... maybe less clop next time?

nevertheless, i still enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash certainly got an... interesting display :rainbowlaugh:

Cute story :raritywink:

It's nice to know a person who can make a professional piece of clop. You've done excellent on this; for a Twixie clopfic, this is now one of my favorites.
By the way, the title reminded me of a Silversun Pickups song with the exact same name. That's half the reason I came to this. XP

195234 I wrote this to that song partially. I actually meant for the clop scene to be read with that song playing.:trollestia:

194233 Thanks brony, glad you put so much effort into this review. This was a bit of toil on a school night. I'm actually surprised I wrote it in one sitting, I mean it just sort of flowed out of my pencil.

I wanted to make it cute and sweet. That's a big part of clop fics for me, is sweet, tender feelings. <3 :twilightsmile: I tried to make it sexy and was aware the fascination with hoof socks this fandom has. lol:rainbowlaugh:

I honestly wasn't sure how moving the whole confession scene would be. Like I wasn't sure how readers would receive it, if it would be moving or lame. It seems well liked, so I'm happy.

The end I was iffy about. It wasn't as perfect maybe as I liked it, but I found in resolute and decided to put it in. I considered deleting Rainbow's whole part and just ending with them in the bed, but I wanted to try to possibly, POSSIBLY hint at a continuation, as it wouldn't feel appropriate to just leave with the uncertainty of their situation. I thought it should be addressed then and not dragged out. BUT keep in mind I'm not sure if I want to add anymore. I would have to think for sometime as to what I could do, and how to surpass previous cuteness, sex appeal, and story depth.

Thanks for motivating me to do this. I'm glad I got it out there. Makes me feel good. :pinkiehappy:

194480 Well it is a clopfic, so that's kind of a big part! But thanks for your comment. :scootangel:

194570:trixieshiftleft: ALL SHALL FALL BEFORE THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE. Yea, but actually she wasn't there for most of it. She felt like she was invading their tender moment. Thanks for your praise. :)

195006 its a possibility.:ajsmug:

195283 Glad you did! :derpytongue2: thanks for the comment!



My exact reaction. Didn't expect it to take that turn...

Still a smashing read.

Fuzzywarm. That would sum up the impression succinctly, I believe.

This was awesome! Loved it^^

195815 thanks! :) and cute avatar!

>195673 thanks a ton! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Twixie is also my favorite ship. I might add more to their narrative, but other clop ideas are on the horizon!:scootangel:

195969 didn't expect it to get cloppy? well it's rated mature for a reason. :derpytongue2: thanks anyway, hope you liked it.

196134 well yea, twixie love is fuzzy and warm. <3 and sometimes sloppy....:twilightsheepish:

196300 thanks so much for your comment! :ajsmug:

196432 No problem! Maybe you would like to take a look at my fic too, it's a clopfic featuring both Trixie (with Luna) and Twilight (with Fluttershy).

(Cutie Mark Crusaders Shameless Promoting YAY!)

I remember reading this on deviantart. An excellently-written piece, here. Quite moving, got my heart in my throat a moment or two. You've done tribute to Twixie, here. :trixieshiftleft::twilightsmile:

i enjoyed
very cute
lots of love in that couple
that is all

one of the more interesting while significantly shorter twixie fics i have read it was a good read nonetheless and might i add giggity as well :eeyup:

197084 Thanks so much! :) I'm glad people were able to find it emotional as well as sexy. :) Twixie is best ship!:twilightblush:

197839 thanks moonbeam, glad you enjoyed it! :)

198744 yea not as long as other fics but thanks anyway!


I should be ashamed of myself for enjoying this as much as I do.

But I'm not.

Well done. Solid four stars.

"Trixie was read to treat this beautiful, delicate mare to something special." - Did you mean ready?
"Tears ran from Twilight’s eyes, both in shear ecstasy and that of the immaculate passion she had just experienced." - sheer
"A glow of magic and those front limps were restrained" - Limps? Limbs?

199070 haha love this little emoticons :)! and don't be ashamed, it was meant to be shamelessly enjoyed! :twilightsheepish: Thanks for commenting and rating! :)

199220 thanks for that! I went and made the corrections. I hope you liked my story. :)

200463 You're welcome! Keep up the good work.

as a hopeless Twixie shipper i love this

218624 thanks for the comment :) I'm glad you liked it!

Loved the story! And i was making this face-----> media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnwltqhA7R1qzj7lm.png

when i read that Dash saw it all.

331077 Lol did you like that part haha? I was trying to give a decent feeling ending cause I really didn't want to draw this thing out.

200463 The TL;DR of this story in eight emotes or less. :-D

Lol, just rereading this, Punk :twilightsheepish:
Awww, y no longer clop :duck: I really like how their friends were mistrusting, I'd have felt like that if I were them, but I don't often see a mention of that in some Twixies. :rainbowderp:

398091 y no longer clop? You mean why isn't the clop longer? Idk it's just a shortfic xD. And yea I wanted to address that. Glad you like it quill. <3

1057453 hehe, thank you! glad you liked it!

I read this a few months ago, and have just now rediscovered it. I really enjoyed reading it a second time.

1749705 Haha, thanks. This is actually the first and last clopfic I'll be writing. I'm quitting this whole part of ponies, but I'll leave this up for the people who enjoy it.

What is it about socks that goes so well with clop?

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