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A Reluctant Request for Help · 7:09pm Feb 27th, 2018

Hey folks,

I’ll dispense with the small talk this time and get to the point.

On February 19, my wife’s car died. After a long, drawn-out process, we finally got it to the mechanic’s shop, only to find it was far beyond repair. The timing belt had broken, ripping up the inside of the engine. The entire engine block needed to be replaced, which would cost $1400. The car’s transmission was dying, too, which would cost another $1000 to replace.

It was a 2002 Mazda Protege worth $700. $2400 to fix a 16-year-old $700 car… well, that was that. It’s dead.

Now, we’re stuck with one vehicle, a 1999 Honda Accord. To make matters worse, physical reasons make it hard for my wife to drive the car (no, it’s not automatic/manual transmission). We’ve gone through all of our options. Public transportation in our area isn’t feasible for several reasons (from money to safety). Carpools and the like can only do so much (though I’m trying). And in our area, biking/walking isn’t an option.

Painted Heart, my wife, now has to deal with driving a car she’s really uncomfortable with, while handling two kids, one of which is going to first grade. She has her own job on Fridays, too. All while having to drop me off and pick me up from work. She can’t go to her upcoming classes. I can’t do medical appointments.

Compound that with our current financial status and several other issues, well, we’re in trouble.

We’ve already started repairs to make it easier for my wife to drive the car, but it’s super pricey (screw whoever came up with fancy powered driver seats). In the end, we decided the only feasible solution is a second vehicle. However, the only cars in our price range either have too much mileage or are too old to qualify for an auto loan. And even doing that is going to be bad for us.

So, a few friends convinced me to start a fundraiser to help us out. The proceeds would go to cover the cost of fixing my car to make it safe for her to drive. The rest will go toward a downpayment of a replacement vehicle. Nothing else.

Right now, we’re looking at something like a 2007 Accord with around 100,000 miles on it. We’re not aiming for anything even remotely new, just something that gets the job done.

So, I’ve never asked for anything like this before. I hope you’ll forgive me for asking now. I’ve fought this for over a week, but we’re just out of options. I’ve been sick from stress about this entire fiasco.

I’ve got a few ways for those willing to help. Here’s the link to the main fundraiser. If that doesn’t work for you, I still have Patreon or PayPal.

I’m sorry I’m asking. I really don’t want to. But I don’t know what else to do. If you guys have suggestions, I’m more than willing to hear them.

Thanks for your time,

-Novel Idea

Comments ( 27 )

Oh hey, you live in the same county as me. I wish you luck. I’m incredibly in debt right now so I can’t help but I hope you guys much success in raising money.

Then you definitely know how hard it is to make ends meet here. Thank you kindly.

All you had to do was ask, Novel. I'll help however I can. I'm just sorry about these hardships, you and your family are dealing with. It'll get better though, I promise. It always does. I'll donate what I can for now, and I'll keep posted with any other ways I can contribute.

I always help my friends. :pinkiesmile: Good luck to you!

Sent my part. Good luck.

Made a pledge. I hope things look up for you soon.

Don't hesitate to ask for help; you share a lot of time and inspiration with us, the least we can do is give something back. :twilightsmile:

Ah, yes. The old "vehicular meltdown throwing life into a spiral of chaos" disaster. I know that hardship all too well. Sent a few bucks your way. I hope it all works out.

Sorry but I can't help... I am in the process of rebuilding my 1970 beetle...

Did what I could in both cash and visibility. Best of luck to you and yours.

Sorry, but all I can really do is pray for you. I live on a fixed income myself, and most of what I get goes to bills.

And I don't do Paypal or Patreon. I don't have any kind of credit to do so.

Hello Novel, I'd love to donate some and help, but my own income stream has halted completely so I can't really spare the coin. I'll help get the word out, though

I sent some and I’ll send some more next week too.

So I googled "free cars" and there are a bunch of charity sites and websites for finding free cars. I don't know how legit they are, but it could be something to look into.

I also found a video about "margin-less inventory" at car dealerships, which basically means that something happened to the car to damage it and the cost of repair would be more than the profit margin they were going to make from the car in the first place, so they'll pretty much give them away in some cases. If you're getting the car free or for next to nothing and repair it, it can cost less than buying the car outright, and then you'd have a basically new car. Or, if the damage was cosmetic, just don't pay for the repair and you have a working vehicle.

Donated! Best of luck to you.

I fell you on the car. My and my wife’s cars became undrivable and I had to take a loan out to get them fixed. Most of my tax return it going to pay that back.

Should by some miracle I have some left I’ll throw a bit towards you. Which of your payment methods gets you the cash fastest? Some of those take a while correct?

Yikes, I know your plight all too well. My wife's car died last summer on the highway, and of course the kids were in the back and there was almost no cell reception… scary stuff. I sent some cash your way and I wish you all the best :heart:

I checked the page - you live in my city. I'm in good shape so I gave you a donation. Best of luck.

Hell dude id throw some money your way but im barely getting through myself this site is kinda my way of leaveing it best of luck

To everyone, thank you. I simply don't have the words to express the gratitude of my family and myself. I'm totally overwhelmed. I still want to give each of you a personal thanks, though.

Thank you, Xom. With a group like this behind me, I have no doubt things will improve.
Thank you, Drakey. It helps. Every bit helps.
It's hard to ask. Usually because I think there are people who need more help than I do. Thanks, River.
It kinda sucks, right? Thank you, Prak.
Thanks for the kind words, Unknown.
Wow. Thank you on both counts, FoME. You blew me away. I'm speechless.
Thank you for the kind thoughts, jwizard.
Thank you Vectored. The signal boosting is a major help.
Thank you, FZ6pilot. Especially for being willing to do more. That's amazing.
Thank you, Lord Elliot. What you're talking about is actually known as "Salvage Titles." I looked into these when I first started hunting for them. They're almost impossible to get insured, banks will almost never finance them (for those that cost money) and any car that's going to be going free in my area is definitely going to end up costing far more money in the long road. Still, I appreciate you looking into it.
Thank you very much, Dream.
Thank you, Blazzing. Our tax refund is going to cover this as well. I had been intending to use it to pay off some outstanding debts, but being able to travel is far more important. The only one of the three methods of payment that ends up being slow is Patreon. Paypal is the fastest (and may have less fees?), but GoFundMe is just a short time later. So whatever works for you.
Wow. Small world. Thank you very much, Desert.
Thank you for the kind thoughts, Cory.

Did what I could. Hope it helps.

Tossed a bit your way.

If you can find one in your area, I'd recommend giving the 2005 Scion xB a look. I've got 140,000 miles on mine and it's still reliable as can be. Plus, comfortable, roomy and good on gas.

Contributed what we could, hope it helps y’all get through this!

Once I get my taxes back bro

Pitched in. Best of luck.

Just tossed a bit your way. Hope it helps and good luck!

Thank you, Not Worthy. Every little bit really does help. It all builds up.
Thank you so much, Masque. I'm pretty sure Scion is a Toyota "brand," and we're ending up with my brother's Camry, so sorta close?
Thank you, Jay. We'll find a way to get through all of this.
Thanks for the consideration and your willingness, Fallen.
Thank you, Horizon. It helps a lot.

Donated again. Hope it'll help you get the repairs you need, and that you and your kin are doing well at the moment.

Thank you so much. It helps tremendously.

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