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1600137 well its true I write because I can and I like to do it to get out ideas not all my ideas are good ones but some are but what ever.

Comment posted by Scootareader deleted Jan 10th, 2015

1325857 Also apparently you pay attention to him so yeah check your privilege. and i have looked him up and decided your just a sad little troll that thinks he is funny and I'm betting your a Christian to but hey that's just a hunch. not all his stores are good but he is still trying that's what counts not just how many are liked and how many are hated so sorry if i don't care what you think I'm not stopping just because some troll tells me to. Besides that stuff coming from a guy that has only one really liked story means nothing

To my followers the 5 of you I have I thank you for sticking with me and supporting me it means a lot.

1325857 ok first off I only delete post that are just plain stupid and not helpful in any way shape or form. also when it comes to me getting pissed off I know my story isn't the best but I had yet to see any one else to the same thing I'm doing with my story. I'm just trying to make a good story so telling me to do something or not wont help me make it better and some one pointing out the problems I have means nothing if they aren't willing to help me fix it up.

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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