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A decade has passed and while Chrysalis perished along with her industrial empire, her two sons were granted to live a, mostly, average childhood. Under the love of their caring father and under the roof of Thorax's new hive, Calyx and Spiracles found themselves busy pursuing their own interests with a fair share of friends, carefree and totally oblivious of their past as heirs of the industrial nightmare every changeling wants to forget.

Unfortunately, as the three spent some time out of the hive, a misunderstanding led to the abrupt arrest of the father. Desperate, the brothers rushed to the woods of Blood Oak in search of the supposed help. Not fully aware that remnants of their true past waited there for them to confront, and some of its strange inhabitants will try to bring the worst out of the two.

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Thanks to QueenChrysalisForever for providing the names of the brothers.

Cover art by me.

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When Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon in a failed attempt to destroy her sister out of selfishness and jealousy, Celestia's heart was broken. A once pure golden heart became bitter and rotting in madness. Changing her title to queen and turning into a ruthless ruler of Equestria. While the culprit Luna got forced to give away her title and all her magical essence. Spending the rest of her life undergoing a variety of punishments by her sister's merciful yet cold heart, year after year, century after century.

Until one night, while being trapped on the royal castle. A selfless Luna works her way with some of the castle staff members to recover her powers and attempt to destroy her sister once more.

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Starlight is off to meet with her pen pal, Princess Luna, on a mysterious forest called Wisteria, after receiving an friendly invitation from her. How will this magic expert going to manage traveling through a forest where magic is useless. And which secrets will she discover on her quest.
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Cover art by: me

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Silver Spoon joins Diamond Tiara in playing a simple prank on their rivals, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, using her new toy as they follow them through the Everfree Forest. Soon they discover just what the three courageous fillies found in there - and Diamond becomes determined to take advantage of the situation to steal the glory from them.

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It was a peaceful stroll for Twilight Sparkle until she's ambushed by a changeling drone, but instead of attacking, the changeling is trying to convince her that he's really a human and wants to return. To make things harder, the changenling doesn't speak well Equestrian(or English) because of his nationality and Twilight thinks this could be a trap.

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