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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing fics, loves PMVs, likes drawing pones, also an aspiring artist- Nah, jk fam none of that s***... well, maybe the drawing part is true


Silver Spoon joins Diamond Tiara in playing a simple prank on their rivals, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, using her new toy as they follow them through the Everfree Forest. Soon they discover just what the three courageous fillies found in there - and Diamond becomes determined to take advantage of the situation to steal the glory from them.

Proofreaded by: dzamie
Edited by: SongCoyote
Cover art by me

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Well, to be fair to the poor guy, it was the CMC and their arch-nemeses. :rainbowlaugh:

That changeling has an incredible amount of gene savviness and self preservation instinct.

I imagine that with changing shape being their primary ability, changelings are much more flexible than ponies and can survive stuff that'd leave ponies crippled.

When I first say this, I was really worried this was gonna be horrible. I was really worried this was gonna go for a stand by me vide and I can safely say it doesn't and I cant express how glad I am for that.
This is not the review but I'm trying to be more proactive.

7619043 Thanks for the comment and glad you're not worried any more :rainbowlaugh:


Might want to just edit the short story summary :rainbowkiss:

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