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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing fics, loves PMVs, likes drawing pones, also an aspiring artist- Nah, jk fam none of that s***... well, maybe the drawing part is true


When Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon in a failed attempt to destroy Celestia out of jealousy, Celestia's heart was broken. Her heart was broke in such degree that Princess Celestia was consume in madness. Making her the queen and a different ruler of Equestria. It was in that madness that Luna was forced to give away her title and all her magical powers. She endured torture and hundreds of different punishments for many centuries. After years of living trapped in the castle, one night Luna decides to stand up with the help of some members of the castle staff, and take back her powers to defeat Queen Celestia and free her subjects.

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Cover Art by me

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Comments ( 18 )

Nice cover art!!

Damn... This was a good read. Really not much else to say here on my part on this interesting alternate take on the Luna/Celestia tale.

Ok, I haven't read this yet, but I do recommend you to feature your story so it can get more readers.

I’ve read it, this is a good story (with some typos that you should fix) that could either become a full story or be left like this.

Now, I’ve been thinking on something similar to this and I really like to see how you approached this. I hope you get to write something else, I like your writing style.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

Thank you, It’s a sketch drawn in black paper. Really good for drawing dark or serious stuff.

Happy to see that you liked it, man. Also would like to see yours and the other story with applebloom, really loved that one.


My Applebloom story got a good reception so I’ll (eventually) do a big story about it.

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

First, thank you for your interest.

The fic is not really that dark overall, gore it's not the main focus. But I put those tags because of a scene near the end, things gets serious, the dialogue gets a bit darker and there will be blood, but I say is tolerable.

I hope that answers as I didn't want to spoil.

I have to say, this was a really nice evening read :twilightsmile:
The plot is intricatelly crafted and flows well, slowly unfurling its secrets and building tension to an unexpected ending. You also do well on the personalities and character interactions, taking full advantage of the alternate universe tag. And despite the dark atmosphere, the story offers plenty of spots one can laugh at.

The only downside I see here is the grammar and spelling. Let's say that the amount of errors there is, eh... plentiful. However, it'd be a shame to let such a great story drop due to that and a faithful editor is all you need. If you want, provide me with a GDoc of the story with the suggestion tool on and I can give it a look :scootangel:

I'm surprised U read it and glad U liked it, man!

I appreciate the feedback and... Daaayum, you're willing to help me! I'll PM U the link happily, Thank U.

U earn a follow now

Heh, you're welcome. I'm always looking for something to read, but shipfics or HiEs aren't really my cup of tea. I found this story only thanks to your comment on my story and the description caught my eye :twilightsmile:

Feel free to send it :ajsmug:

Thank you!

Yeah, I understand. Shipfics aren't in my interest either, only read one AU about FlashLight. I was really skeptical but plot was pretty interesting, the author really did well for to satisfied the peeps who hate Flash Sentry, but never got finished. And eventually grew tired of HiEs, crossovers and I also avoid clop fics.

Dark mixed with comedy (like Urs) are my favs or a light-hearted story that doesn't fear to turn a serious tone on a scene or two.

Very similar to me then... except I don't read crossovers not because they are boring, but mostly because I have no clue what they are about.

Also, shorter sad/SoL stories are great from time to time as well.

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Name of Story: Break From the Castle
Total Score out of 10: 10
Pros: A rather imaginative story and a good read. I enjoyed it for what it was, and I am glad to have finally gotten around to reviewing it.

Cons: I found no mistakes while reading, and even if I missed any, they were rare enough that it hardly matters.

Additional Notes: Funnily enough, the only mistake I noticed was in your Author's Note. It's spelled "Potential."
Congrats on earning a 10/10! Have a 'stache. :moustache:

8337771 :yay:
Thank U so much, for reading and the reviewing. I'm very glad U enjoyed and rate it, man!


Congratulations on your review, My Applebloom one only got a 7/10. You're certainly good.

Gracias! Yo creí que ese grupo estaba muerto, no me esperaba que lo hicieran jajaja

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