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What would happen if Twilight were to appear in a completely different place and environment upon her ascension to an Alicorn? Would she meet anyone friendly or instead meet other hostile beings? And would those she met be as focused on friendship as her or would they seek to enslave and control? Will Twilight find something more than friendship? Or will the life of a spacefarer be too harsh on her?

Join me as we take a fantastic sci-fi adventure in Gundam: Pilots Of Harmony. This story is co-authored by BlackWarGreymon and myself. If you wish to add your input on direction and/or OCs feel free to contact Greymon or me.

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interesting so far, I am big fan of Gundam myself so I hope to see more of this again soon, keep it up.

Pls more.Also I hope anybody will like these it’s from my home country Japan the home of both UTAU and Vocaloid.:twilightsmile:

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