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The change. · 5:05am Sep 4th, 2019

To all equestrians, the data module has become corrupted. Progress on the Phoenix Princess has been reset. Sunset and spike have changed. Death jr. Has been fired


D&D Story · 2:04pm Jan 3rd, 2018

Greetings followers. Me and BlackWarGreymon are currently doing a D&D session and would like more adventurers to join. And before you ask yes this is going to be pony related as he has an adventure built with ponies in mind. He has a few character sheets ready but would like more. I'm going with 'MY' version of Twilight as she is going to be from a separate dimension than the phoenix princess verse, but is still a half-phoenix.

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help wanted on the mane six · 3:38pm Apr 10th, 2017

if any of you want to help me write the reactions of the rest of the main six when I have twilight meet them PM me a scene with these parameters.
1. Twilight has not met the others yet, so she doesn't know them.
2. The others have met twilight in the past before the mane six got their cutie marks, but all of them think she died in some way in the everfree forest.

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taking longer than i thought · 9:05pm Jan 19th, 2017

sorry, I'm taking longer than you expected I'd take on fixing my story, but I've been distracted by playing the sims 3. wanted to improve my story making skill while playing with the cast of the story.

for those of you following the story, you may have noticed that I have removed the first two chapters, but don't worry, I plan on having the revised chapter one up sometime soon. just need to make a few edits on how to work the legend in.

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sorry for the delay · 2:52am Jan 15th, 2017

Sorry for the delay of the new chapter for 'The Phoenix Princess.
i'm stuck on how the interactions changes are going to go, cause I want to get them all done in one go.

applejack may be the easiest since I already started hers, but the others will be a little tricky. the interactions for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, I already know how they will go, but the ones for pinkie and rarity are giving me some problems.

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New story in the works Plus power list. · 2:28am Dec 13th, 2016

Powers list

hello, everypony. sorry, I haven't been around for a while and stopped writing.

I could never figure out how to work my last story. but I'm here today to tell you that I, along With DracoBrony and Typervader, am starting up a new story.

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possible new story · 11:32pm Jul 11th, 2016

hey everypony sorry for the lack of anything for the past year. I've lost the drive to write and most of what i thought was good was of such a poor quality that i just stopped writing.

Now that i'm getting back into writing again i plan on making a new story and may revive my other story once the current one is done.

The title of the story will be called "A Broken Past and Future."

and i already have the first three chapter names picked out.

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new story, need ideas · 4:47pm Jan 6th, 2015

hey guys sorry about not updating A Gift From The Stars lately but I lost the drive to finish it :pinkiegasp::pinkiesad2:

well hopefully this new story will help me rekindle that story as well, but what I need is a name for a pegasus character that has a night themed name as well as a connection to twilight. some sketches of what it looks like would help in setting up a pony-ality.

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update hiatus · 6:04am Oct 25th, 2014

sorry about not updating for a while, it's just getting to the point where I don't know how to setup the story or the characters.

the most I have done is the first chapter and that isn't the best written. I could use some help in the story, be it through proof-reading, editing, or general story direction to help me keep this story as interesting to me as it might be to you.

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simple writers block and grammer issues · 5:21am Sep 29th, 2014

as you are probably wondering when I'm going to update "A Gift From The Stars" it might be a while till I can get over the nerves of being a first time writer and try and figure out where to take the story from there.

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