• Published 10th Jun 2020
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the Royal Knight of Miracles - NinjaMare

a Magnamon comes to Equestria, but has no memories of how he came to Equestria.

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Prologue: the Arrival

Author's Note:

now at some points i would like to post a picture into the story, but i don't know how to. so any tip or How To would be greatly appreciated, cause i have a few pics of Magnamon that i would love to put in to emphasize certain scenes.

Ponies were screaming in utter terror, as they galloped through the streets of Canterlot, the capital city of Equestria. Which was being invaded by black chitin insectoid creatures, as they flew or galloped through the city, chasing the panicking ponies, and gathering them up in green cocoons. The royal guards tried to fend off the invaders, but they were all easily dealt with and were either plastered to the ground by green slime, or being carried off to designated piles of captured ponies. Where the chitin invaders draining a bright pink substance from them, ebbing out of the ponies, leaving them drained and tired, while the ponies captors seemed to be invigorated by the pink essence they were siphoning.

Up in Canterlot Castle, in the Ceremony Hall looking out of one of the windows, was the leader of the invaders. She was as tall as Princess Celestia herself, but instead of pure white fur, she was covered in a black carapace, with a lime green top & three rows of turquoise running along the mid-section of her barrel. her long legs have holes near the end where her hooves were. Her mane & tail are teal in color, her mane was split by her long-crooked horn, where a small crown sat behind it. Her wings were like that of an bugs, but it was riddled with holes making them look incapable of flying, but she’s more than capable of flying surprisingly gracefully, and efficiently. And her glossy green eyes scanned the city, watching gleefully of her triumph.

She is Queen Chrysalis, the ruler of the Changeling Hive from the Bad Lands, and her goal of infiltrating Canterlot and capturing the princesses went as she has planned. Even with the slight interference of a small unicorn mare, who was catching onto her ruse, she still managed to fool everypony else with her disguise. And with everypony distract with the ridiculous wedding reception, her ruse was even more carefully camouflaged than before.

At the moment Chrysalis was basking in her moment of glory, as she watches the city being brought to its knees. With the capital of pony society now under her hoof, the queen was now in perfect position to carry out the last part of her plan. Which was to replace all the ponies in the capital with her hive, imprisoned the populace down in the crystal caves, making them the changelings own reservoir of love energy. And with the capital fully replace, Chrysalis will take Celestia’s place and will rule over the entirety of Equestria, while also feeding off all the ponies of the country, making not only her hive stronger. But making her stronger as well.

“And who says that a girl can’t have it all.” Chrysalis chuckled with mirth in her seductively distorted voice, but her chortle was cut-short by the voice of the same pony that almost ruined her plan.

“You won’t get away with this Chrysalis!” Twilight Sparkled shouted as she struggled against her slime bonds. But Chrysalis just chortled some more before making her way over to the bond unicorn, and her collection of friends, and the princess of love herself.

“Oh, and who is it that’s going to stop me? You?” Chrysalis mocked before looking at her friends. “Them?” she then looked over at Cadence, who glared daggers at the queen.

“Or do you believe she, will be able to stop me?” Chrysalis chuckled as she walked away from the group, as they tried to free themselves. “There is no pony left that can save you, or your beloved princess.” Chrysalis said as she looked up at the dangling Celestia.

“There’s still princess Luna, she will stop you!” Cadence shouted, but her accusation just caused Chrysalis to laugh harder.

“Luna? You think she’s going to come and stop me!?” Chrysalis tried to reign in her laughter as she tries to talk.

“Don’t you find it strange that she’s not here, or during the wedding at all?” the ponies looked at each other with confusion, but then a sense of understanding washed over them. “Exactly.” Chrysalis said as she stepped onto the alter, standing next to the still hypnotized Shining Armor.

“I’ve already dealt with Luna before the wedding even started. So I guarantee you, she won’t be coming to the after party.”

Chrysalis then used a wing to brush the hypnotized stallions mane as she glanced over at the group, and seeing princess Cadence was just glaring daggers at her, and ruffling her feathers in frustration. The captured ponies tried to free themselves from the green slime binding their hooves, wings and even the amount on their horns, but no matter how much they try they just can’t free themselves. And their efforts just seem to amuse Chrysalis, and what few changelings were in the Ceremony Hall, their chittering laughter only causing the ponies to waver in their efforts.


Everypony in the Ceremony Hall ducked to the floor, even Chrysalis herself, when out of nowhere a loud thunderous boom echoed through the air. Stepping away from the alter, Chrysalis trotted towards the window of the hall, and started to look for the source of the booming sound. But she didn’t have to look for long. High in the sky, nearly blotted out by the rays of the sun, was as shinning golden star, or it appeared to be a star. It was shining so brightly, that Chrysalis couldn’t look at it directly, or fear of having her eyes be blinded. As Chrysalis continued to stare at the shining star, she began to notice that it was getting bigger & bigger…actually…it was coming, closer. The star was rapidly heading towards Canterlot, and with a minute the star came roaring through the skies above the city, and crashing through the walls off the Ceremony Hall, nearly striking Chrysalis as it crashes and skids across the marble floor.

After the star came crashing through the halls walls, and carving into the marble floor, everypony looked to where the star was and had to squint to see what it was. Recovering from her scare, Chrysalis looked to where the star was, and still had to shield her eyes from the sheer brightness of it, but that’s when she saw the light slowly fade away. And something was standing up from the small crater, and it was something that the queen, nor the captured ponies, or even the changelings would ever expect to see.

Slowly standing to its full height of 6’3ft. was a blue skinned creature, brandished in impressive golden armor that still shimmered with a luminous glow. Once the creature had full stood up, it started to look around the hall, that is when Chrysalis managed to get a good look at its covered head. the eyes in the helmets slots were a dull red color, in fact, they appeared to be dazed or in some kind of trance. But even as she looks at the creature with mild interest, Chrysalis was slightly shaking, not out of fear or because of a sense of danger, but because she can feel it…the immense power that is radiating from the creature. To Chrysalis, Cadence, Twilight & even Rarity & Celestia, they can see the waves of luminous energy that was emanating from it, washing over everything that was in the hall, and spilling out to the outside.

‘This creature…if it is let loose into Equestria, who knows what it could do to ruin my plans.’ Chrysalis internally stated. ‘But can I even contain this creature? It’s stronger than all three of the alicorns put together.’

The creature then looked over to the ponies, who all shuddered at its blank stare. It then slowly rose a few inches off the ground, and then floated over to them. Now the ponies were already shuddering at the sight of the creature, Cadence, Twilight & Rarity because they can see & sense its level of power, while the others were shaking because the primal instinct in their minds were telling them to not do anything, or this creature would attack them. And when it now stood a foot the whole group, it slowly raised its right claw which was starting to be wrapped in a golden light. Chrysalis along with her changelings, and even the ponies, thought that the creature was about to attack the captured equines…but instead a pulse light from the claw erased the goo imprisoning them!

“What is it doing!?” Chrysalis mumbled under breath as she watches the creature free the ponies. It then looked up to where Celestia was being hanged, and started to float up towards her. Not even thinking, Chrysalis gave her changelings a command. “Don’t let it free Celestia!”

The twelve changelings in the hall dove towards the creature, fangs bared, and their small horns coated in lime green magic. They were all closing in on the creature, who looked away from Celestia’s cocoon and towards the changelings…and knocked them all out of the hall by releasing another pulse, but this time from its whole body. Sending the changelings sky rocketing out of the Ceremony Hall. When the changelings were dealt with, the creature then looked directly at Chrysalis, it’s dull red eyes seeming to gain some semblance of life, as it out-stretches both its arms. And releases a powerful blinding wave of light from its entire body.

The last thing any of the ponies could see, was Chrysalis being vaulted out of the Ceremony Hall with great force, while screaming ‘noooooooo~’ as she, & her changelings, were expelled from the castle. And soon, being flung out of Equestria’s boarders, and were now flying all the way back to the badlands.

The light soon faded away allowing Cadence and the other ponies to see again. They all then watched as the creature slowly rose up to the cocoon, and with a wave of its claw erodes the cocoon away, before catching the princess of the sun in its arms. Holding her bridal style. Celestia could only stare in awe at the creature that was cradling her, as they slowly drifted downwards to the floor, where Cadence and the others watched. When the creature landed, it let Celestia down, who quickly got onto her hooves, and stared at the creature with wonder while it stares at them blankly.

It then turned to walk over to the alter, climbing the small steps and stood before Shining Armor, and placed its left claw on his head and was being bathed in golden light. As the ponies approached the alter, they all saw Shining Armor slowly come back to consciousness, looking slightly dazed, while the creature stood there, and its armor slowly faded away. Leaving the creature bare, showing its toned body and the golden markings along its body.

“Ughhhhh.” Shining Armor groaned before he started wobbling in place, and tilting over to his left. But Cadence quickly rushed over to his side to catch him. “Cadence…wha—what happened? Why does my, head feels so, groggy?”

“I’ll tell you later Shining.” Cadence said sweetly as she gave a small kiss to the stallions forehead, before looking up at the creature, who was watching her & her fiancé. “Thank you for freeing us.” The creature didn’t respond, or even moved. But when Celestia cleared her throat, the creature turned to face her & the element bearers.

“I can’t thank you enough creature for saving my niece, and us as well.” Celestia said before bowing, then looking back up to the creature. “Please, can you tell us your name.”

“…” the creature didn’t say anything as it continued to stare at the ponies, and then proceed to collapse on its side. Causing the ponies to panic.

Celestia immediately picked up the unconscious creature, and started to carry it to the medical wing. Today was certainly a strange wedding perception, from a changeling invading the city, to a mysterious creature appearing as a golden star, and save the kingdom from its would-be tyrant. And once everything in the city was seen too, and the citizens were made sure to be safe & sound, the wedding would kick back up tomorrow. But this time, the ponies were going to have a special honorable guest.