• Published 10th Jun 2020
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the Royal Knight of Miracles - NinjaMare

a Magnamon comes to Equestria, but has no memories of how he came to Equestria.

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Chapter 2: Demonstration

Author's Note:

before you get to the story, i'm SO sorry that this chapter took so long to be uploaded! :ajsleepy: i had so many reconsideration's on how i want this fic to go, and really cement how i want this Magnamon's personality be and how the story actually goes. cause i had the fic be a simple story where Magnamon pretty much powers through all the evils of Equestria, and solve their problems like that. so now, Magnamon is going to be somewhat searching for a way home, and restore his memories while only interfering in pony affairs when they ask and he thinks his assistance is warented.

so i hope you all enjoy this overdue update.

Two days have gone by since the wedding at Canterlot castle, and in those proceeding two days Magnamon has basically explored the entire land of Equestria, traveling at speeds that other ponies could hardly believe. Even Rainbow Dash, the supposed fastest flyer in Equestria, had to swallow her pride and say that Magnamon was faster than her. Which caused her friends to nearly balk after hearing that.

So after exploring all of Equestria in those two days, Magnamon was spending the majority of his third day in Equestria the Canterlot’s library, and at the moment, the Mega has a book in his claws about the basic history of the land he’s in, with various other books put on a side-table. The Mega has been reading for about a few hours, and by now the Digimon was starting to feel a little hungry, which was a new sensation for him, as feeling hungry seemed unusual.

Closing the book and placing it on the side table, Magnamon then rose up from the chair he planted himself in, before making his way out of the library and made his way to the dining hall. While walking through the halls of the castle, having the entire layout perfectly memorized, Magnamon decided to take the scenic way rather than the short way so he can look out into the city of Canterlot. Looking out Magnamon was able to see various ponies go about their day, and it wasn’t just those in the city, the ponies on the castle grounds were going about their day. Guards patrolling along the outer wall, or the halls of the castle. While maids, butlers and other castle staff members go about their day fulfilling their duties.

Reaching the dining hall Magnamon walked over to the large table and took a seat, a few seconds later a small unicorn mare came out of the kitchen doorway.

“Good evening sir, what can I get for you today?” the mare asked as she gave a small bow.

“I think I would like to try that one stuffed egg dish, what is it called again?” Magnamon asked the mare.

“Omelette?” the mare said to make sure that her guess was correct, and from the smile and nod that Magnamon gave her, she guessed right. “Would you like a side to go with your omelette, or just have it as it is?”

“Just as it is.”

The mare gave another small bow before heading back through the kitchen doors, leaving the Digimon to sit and wait for his food. As he sat there, Magnamon once again tried to remember how he got to Equestria, and unlike the first previous two days he was able to remember a few more things. Like wondering through a different castle, with the intent on meeting up with someone, but who was still unclear. Magnamon also remembered seeing a few other Digimon, some were close friends, others were not so friendly…and that’s everything he has remembered so far cuts off.

“…” an annoyed sigh escapes his mouth as he rubbed his forehead. “At least I’m remembering a few things, but what I really want to remember isn’t coming back to me.” the Mega’s annoyance was alleviated when the door to kitchen opened, and the smell of cooked food wafted over his nose.

Turning towards the door Magnamon saw the mare trotting up to the table, with a plate being held in her light blue magical aura. The steaming egg dish a red sauce, with some parsley on the top, with a glass of yellowish orange fluid being held by the plate. The mare then placed the dishes on the table in front of Magnamon, wished him an enjoyable meal, and retreated back to the kitchen.

“Hmmmm. Lovely.”

Magnamon mused as he smelled the food before grabbing his utensils, and began eating the fluffy egg dish, tasting all of the flavors that comprised of mushrooms, spinach, and that tangy red sauce. Each bite continues to refresh the savory, slightly sweet but also tangy meal, and the glass of orange added another dab of sweetness and sour that makes the Mega hum in delight.

“Oh Magnamon, I didn’t expect to see you here.” The Digimon turned to looked behind himself, and saw Shining Armor enter the room.

Shining Armor is supposedly the captain of the entire royal guard, from their training, to their duties, he’s the head pony in charge of all of their whole order. But from what Magnamon has seen, when he decided to watch them train, Shining is…competent, at best. His training of the guard, while on the surface seems grueling, in actuality it seems like he’s hardly pushing them to their fullest potential. In fact, now that Magnamon thinks about it, this world he finds himself in seems so peaceful, that it seems more like a dream, where nothing goes wrong. Which means that this pony race is so docile and used to peace, that their own abilities for any form of combat, or even high level of self-defense might be severely lacking. Probably explains why the guard take their duties with leisure, while only acting like capable warriors.

“So Magnamon what are you up today?” the stallion asked after giving the same mare his own order, before looking over to the Mega as he is half-way done with his dish.

“I’m not entirely sure.” Magnamon simply said.

“Well if you have nothing planned, perhaps you could do me a favor?” the Digimon quirked a brow as he bit down on his latest bite of food, while the mare came back to the dining hall with a plate of pancakes, hash browns and a glass of brown liquid.

“What kind of favor do you have in mind.” Magnamon questioned as the mare placed the plate and glass in front of Equestria.

“I was wondering if you could do me the honor of inspecting my guards, and show us how we could improve in our training.”

The Mega ceased his eating for a moment to think the proposal over. For the Digimon, it wouldn’t be an exact waste of his time, as Magnamon has no set goals, duties, or anything else of importance to occupy his time. Not only that, but this opportunity would allow the Digimon to see for himself if his notion of the guards, lack of actual combative or protective manner is just surface level, or actual dedication. Agreeing to the proposal Magnamon finished his meal, and simply waited for Shining Armor to finish his own meal. A few minutes of shoveling his food in his mouth, chewing, and grinding it, Shining Armor lead the Digimon out of the dining hall and towards the training hall. And after a mere five or so minutes of walking, the pair reached the training hall where guards were sparing, testing out their own magical blasts, or racing each other around.

As he watched the ponies train, Magnamon could easily tell just at a glance that while these ponies seem to be seriously training, they were more like, rough housing. Like children wrestling with one another, or just running around trying to hit the other with a fake weapon. Sure, there were a few ponies that seemed to be taking their training more, seriously than the others, but those were too far in between.

‘It would seem my estimate about the guards abilities were really close.’ Magnamon thought to himself as he crossed his arms over his bare chest, causing a few mares taking a break to marvel out his muscles, and then looked his sturdy frame over.

“Well Magnamon what do you think?” Shining Armor asked, seemingly proud that the guard were in rare form today. But as he looked at Magnamon for any kind of response, he noticed that the Digimon seemed to be in a deep thought. And the neutral expression on the Digimon’s face made it hard for him to read what he’s thinking. But after a few moments, the Digimon finally gave a response.

“…they seem to be, adequate.” Almost instantaneously all activity in the training hall ceased, all of the guards now looking back at Magnamon with questioning looks, same goes for Shining Armor.

“What do you mean by, adequate?” Shining Armor asked as he raised an eye brow. Magnamon started to walk to some of the guards that were sparing without weapons, and as his red eyes looked down at the ponies, the two stallions curled into themselves.

“These two seem to be breathing normally, and their coats don’t have that much sweat build up…for two stallions trying to wrestle each other into submission.” The Mega said before looking up at the pegasi.

“Same could be said about your flyers, their breathing isn’t irregular in any sense of the word, and theirs no sweat, showing no signs of actual physical exertion.” The guards gasped and murmured among themselves in surprise, wondering how could the Mega Digimon notice these small things.

“Not only that, but your unicorn fighters don’t have the same signs of actual training, nor show any signs that they’ve been struck by the other meaningfully. Same with those five over there.” Magnamon pointed to the five unicorns near the targeting range. “They’re targets seemed to barely have and for of scratch, dent or any kind of disturbance. Meaning their not even using a five percent of their power to even strike the target.”

“What are you saying Magnamon?” Shining questioned, a feeling a frustration slowly building up. the Digimon turned to face the guard caption, the same neutral expression on his face.

“In a clear sense Captain Shining Armor…your guards are not even trying to better themselves.” All of the guards gasped, while Shining had a questionable look.

“None of your guards are taking their training seriously, except for maybe a small handful, but the rest…they might as well be playing games than training. And the fact that you don’t see it, or even noticed, makes me question your own abilities as a guard.”

All the guards in the training hall were, well, speechless. Sure most of them DON’T take their training seriously, because Equestria has very little in the ways of public disturbances or threats that require actual trained guards. But to here someone actually call them out for it, and mock the Caption for not even noticing…made them all feel bad. But Shining Armor, he was feeling something else. He was feeling a level of frustration and anger towards Magnamon, as in his mind the Digimon was mocking him for not being a real guards pony, or those that HE himself trains and oversees aren’t ones as well.

“…with all due respect, Magnamon.” Shining said, trying to curb his own frustration. “I think my guards have been working very hard, and the reason why they don’t sweat is because their efficient at what they do.”

“Really?” Magnamon questioned, to which Shining nodded. The Digimon then turned to face one of the unicorns at targeting range, before pointing at the blueish purple stallion in the middle. “You there, stallion in the middle. Attack that target with all of your power, don’t hold anything back.”

The stallion looked over to Shining Armor, who nodded in response. The stallion then looked back to Magnamon, before facing the target down range from him, where he gathered all the magic he could muster and fired the strongest blast he could. The target was knocked back a foot, and showed signs of indeed being struck by something. The stallions peers actually started to cheer, and saying that was probably that stallion supposed strongest blast. Shining then looked over Magnamon with a proud, yet smug smile, to show that his guards were not taking their training like foals playing games. But his smile faltered as Magnamon didn’t seem that impressed. The Digimon then made his way over to the range, and gently ushered the ponies to step aside, when they did so Magnamon raised his right claw and pointed at one of the targets, that hasn’t been damaged.

“Magna Blast.”

After uttering that quick phrase, the ponies watched as a high speed orb of light was shot out from Magnamon’s claw, and raced across the 125 ft. range in the span of a second and a half, and when it came in contact with the target…it obliterated it into splinters, and proceeded to race another 30 ft. and crash right into the far end wall. Leaving a large 12 ft. wide spider-web crack. All of the ponies, including Shining Armor, were stunned at the sight. Lowering his claw, Magnamon turned to face the stallion.

“How much of your power would you say you used in your magical blast?” the stallion didn’t answer right away, as he was still in shock, but after a head shake the stallion eventually snapped out of his stupor.

“Ugh…I think I gave it my all sir, so, a hundred.” Magnamon then looked over to Shining Armor.

“So what your guard just showed as his absolute limit of magic power, and he accomplished that.” Magnamon said before pointing at the wall that his attack just damaged. “…that was me at five percent.” All of the ponies gasped in shock as they heard this, but Shining Armor seem defiant.

“No way that spell you used was five percent of your power!” Shining Armor argued.

“Believe me Captain, if I used any more of my power…I could wipe this castle off the mountain, if not the entire city.” The guards begin to murmur among themselves, already believing the Mega. Especially the unicorns, as they could literally see the invisible waves of power wafting off the Mega. And of course Shining Armor can see this as well, but he still can’t believe that Magnamon used such a low power output.

“Alright then, then how about you show us just how powerful you are. I challenge you to a full on fight, the first to admit defeat wins!”

Every guard was surprised at what they just heard, but they all seemed really excited at the prospect. And surprisingly, Magnamon agreed to the challenge. All of the ponies immediate scampered off to the sides of the main sparing area, all of them staring at Magnamon and Shining Armor as they made their way to the main sparing area, and started to square off. Already Shining Armor was pumping himself up for the fight, standing tall and proud as he stared down Magnamon…who just stood across from the captain with that same neutral expression. One of the ponies, a rather bulky earth pony mare stepped up, and said she would initiate the spar, both combatants agreed and waited for the mare to begin the contest.

“Gentle colts, are you ready?” Shining gave a firm nod, while Magnamon just tilted his head before lifting it. the mare looked between both parties for a second before saying:

“BEGIN!” Shining Armor immediately revved up his magic, and prepared to strike at Magnamon…but the fight was already decided before it began.

Before Shining Armor could even fully build up his magic and strike, the stallions—as well as every unicorns—eyes went wide, as they watched a massive pillar of golden yellow and white light erupted from Magnamon, as if a volcano went critical! While the earth ponies and pegasi couldn’t see the pillar of light, they could FEEL the immense energy that was emitting from the Mega Digimon, but regardless of tribe, every member of the guard present in the training hall buckled, and either dropped to their haunches or onto their stomachs, as every pore on their body began sweating. As for the ponies of the castle, from maids, to the butlers, gardeners, kitchen staff, to even the princesses. Celestia bolted from her desk and looked around herself with a frighten look, while Luna was awoken from her sleep with a jump and a start, as if waking from a horrible nightmare.

Even the ponies in the city of Canterlot, they’re whole bodies shivered with fear as they felt the torrent wave of Magnamon’s power. from one unicorn at the station on the edge of Canterlot, she could even feel the Mega’s immense power, and when she turned to look at the castle…all she saw was a massive pillar of light completely engulfing the entire castle.

And as for Shining Armor, as he stared at Magnamon whose image in the pillar has been turned into a looming shadow, being obscured somewhat as the Digimon’s red eyes glowed with such intensity, that they could be mistake for rubies with light peering through them, as they glared down at the Captain. the stallion tried to regain his composure and tried to launch his initial strike, even letting out a battle cry as he galloped towards at Magnamon. But that would prove to be a mistake. As he was in a few feet from Magnamon, the Digimon ramped his power to its out most limit, fulling demonstrating the level of power he fully wields, which stopped Shining Armor dead in his tracks. Shining Armor was reduced to a quivering mess as he just stared up at the Mega, like a foal staring up at Nightmare as she glares down at them. the stallion then lowered himself to the point where he was kneeling, body shaking like a leaf in a monstrous storm.

“I…I y-y…I yield.” Shining admitted as he remained prostrated on the ground as Magnamon quickly lowered his power output, till it was at the lowest level it was at before the ‘battle’ started.

“Now you know the true difference between a guard like you…and a knight sworn to protect those at all costs.” Magnamon said in a leveled tone. Shining couldn’t respond, as he was still in the grasp of fear, so the Digimon turned his attention to the guards who were all still in their own grasps of fear, but were able to look up at the Mega.

“You all should strive to be the strongest you could be, for if you remain like this, they way you are now…then one day, you will loose everything and be unable to prevent it from happening. And then you will regret yourself for being so weak.” Magnamon said as he held out his arms, claws slightly clenched. “Do you wish to have that fate placed upon you?” all the ponies, minus Shining Armor, all slowly shook their heads.

“Then rise up, and really work towards to bettering yourselves, so that you may uphold your stations with honor and pride!”

All the ponies slowly rose to their hooves, where they all quietly whispered, before their hushed words become cries of affirmations. It would seem that Magnamon has sparked something in the guards, and from the small smile on the Digimon’s face, he seemed happy that the ponies will now truly live up to their stations. Rather than play the part.