• Published 10th Jun 2020
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the Royal Knight of Miracles - NinjaMare

a Magnamon comes to Equestria, but has no memories of how he came to Equestria.

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Chapter 1: Simple Greetings

Eyes slowly opened as the sense of awakening dawned on Magnamon, as he twists and turns while lying on the bed. As awareness slowly percolates the mind, the eyes of the individual blinked the sleep away, while also trying to get used the blinding light of the world. Giving off a cumbersome groan of tiredness, the Digimon brought a hand to his face to rub the remainder of his sleep away, and once fully awake Magnamon examined his surroundings, noting that nothing looked remotely familiar. The Digimon then noticed that he was actually in a bed, which was unusual…at least he thought it was unusual, as he distinctly remember not needing one to rest…and yet he wasn’t sure if that was true.

It was strange. Magnamon’s head was, foggy, foggy in that he couldn’t think properly about his past. It was like walking through a misty road, and unable to see no more than a foot in front of you. slowly emerging from the bed Magnamon noticed another odd thing, his armor was gone. Peculiar, he doesn’t remember ever taking it off, or the need to do so. A full body mirror stood just a foot from him, shuffling over to it Magnamon got a good look at himself, looking like a tall blue skinned creature with a white underbelly & a humanoid body. After looking himself over Magnamon began looking around for his armor, but not even a second had passed as he searched for his armor, before it just, appeared, on his body.

“What the—?” Magnamon said in slight surprise, before calming down. He then thought about not needing his armor—which made the armor vanish—and when he thought about his armor, it reappeared on his body.

“Interesting. I defiantly don’t remember ever having this ability.” The Mega said as he kept his armor on, and continued to look around the room he was in.

First off the Digimon noticed that the room was quite spacious, and seemed to be very clean and well kempt. But that could be from how brightly colored everything in the room looked. the left side of the room had a fairly big desk, rather low to the ground though, and flanked by two large book shelves. Walking over to the right shelf the Mega reached for a random book, and flipped through a few pages, seeing strange symbols. Neither human made nor digital scripture. Placing the book back in its place, Magnamon continued to explore the rest of his room, noting the fire place on the other side of the room, with a small table with what looked like sitting cushions. Exploring some more the Digimon found the rooms washroom, and a small balcony that showed the Digimon a vast city, nothing that looked like anything within the Digital World or the Human World.

Just then as Magnamon re-entered the room, the sound of clopping hooves could be heard from the still cracked open door, and once Magnamon turned towards the door, he saw it open up fully and see a large white very slender white unicorn with wings, and a mane & tail that look like a piece of the aurora borealis entering the room. After the tall winged unicorn stepped through the door, three more equines that appear to be the same species entered, each with their own color scheme. Then behind those two was a collection of other equines, who were mostly half the size as the taller winged ones, except for a broader white unicorn.

“Thank goodness, you’ve finally awaken!” the tall white winged unicorn said in a very feminine voice. As she and the other equines trotted over to the Mega, he noticed that the white mare was actually a foot-n-half shorter than he was.

“How are you feeling, do you feel ill, any pain anywhere?” the mare asked again, sounding a little concerning. A moment has passed, and Magnamon didn’t say anything, as he was unsure, how to actually react to these, creatures. They clearly weren’t Digimon, that was fact, but…they weren’t creatures from the Human world.

Something strange is going on here.’ Magnamon mentally commented to himself. ‘But, these creatures seem harmless enough. They did appear to bed me, and the white one seems concern for my health.’

“Sir?” the mare said, brining Magnamon out of his thoughts.

“I…am feeling well enough, thank you.” Magnamon said to the assembled equines before him. “Can you tell me where I am, and who, and what, you all are?” Magnamon asked the equines, to which the tall white mare seemed eager to respond.

“Of course!” the white mare said happily as she gives a polite nod. “You are in Canterlot Castle, in a land called Equestria. And as to what we are, we are all ponies. I am Princess Celestia.”

The mare, Celestia, said before starting to introduce the remainder of the group, who all greeted Magnamon in their own way. The most odd of the group was the pink one, as she bounced in place like a bouncing ball, while talking at a high pitch & speed, she talked so fast that Magnamon could only catch every other third word. Something told Magnamon that dealing with this, pony, would test his patients…greatly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” the Digimon said politely to the ponies. That’s when the winged pink unicorn, who was called Cadence spoke up.

“Could you please tell us your name sir?” she asked as her eyes scanned Magnamon’s physic, examining his bipedal form, and his impressive golden armor.

“My name is Magnamon.”.

“Magnamon?” the pink unicorn said, sounding as she was rolling the name in her mouth. Seeing how she liked it. “That’s quite a unique sounding name.” that’s when the white stallion standing beside her stepped forward.

“My fiancé, and sister, told me what you did at the altar, and how’d you got rid of all the changelings in the city. And as captain of the royal guard, I thank you for your help.” the stallion said as he bowed his head. Magnamon just looked at the stallion as he remained in his prostrated pose.

‘This stallion is the captain of the kingdoms army?’ he mentally stated as he quirked a brow under his helmet. ‘He doesn’t look like captain material, maybe that’s because of how these ponies generally look.’ Magnamon thought before speaking up.

“It’s no problem…however I don’t quite remember what exactly happened.” Cadence then started to explain everything that happened the day prior, from Magnamon’s entrance, to how he effortlessly removed the changelings from the entire city. Literally stopping an invasion all on his own. “I see. Well, I’m glad I could help you all.”

“Help doesn’t begin to describe what you did sir Magnamon.” Celestia said to the Digimon. But before the pony could say anything else, Magnamon placed a claw over his stomach as it gives off a rather noisy grumble. The ponies couldn’t help but giggle as they heard the Digimon’s stomach grumbles. “Why don’t we continue our conversations within the dining hall.”

The group all agreed and proceeded to leave the room, with Celestia waiting at the door for Magnamon. The Mega followed the group and left the room behind. now venturing through the halls of the castle, Magnamon examined and studied every inch of the castle, and so far the Digimon wasn’t that impressed with the structure. Five or so minutes later the group eventually made it to the dining hall, and after taking their seats servants emerged from a side door, and began asking what the group would like to eat. When Magnamon was asked what he would like to eat, the Mega thought about it for a moment. Ramen was always his favorite meal, especially with an egg and soy sauce on top of the pork and vegetables, but these ponies didn’t seem to have the same capable of making ramen. So the Mega opted to have the next best thing, pancakes.

“Magnamon, if I may ask, could you tell us what you are?” Luna asked inquisitively.

“I am a Digimon, and I am from a place called the Digital World.”

“What’s a Digimon?” the cyan pegasus of the group, Rainbow Dash was her name, asked confusedly.

“It stands for Digital Monster.” The ponies seemed confused about the term that Magnamon gave, which didn’t surprise the Mega too much.

A few minutes later and the food that the group ordered finally appeared, and they all smelled pretty good, at least the cooked dishes did. The stack of pancakes looked very fluffy, and were topped with maple syrup, what looked to be powdered sugar with some strawberries on top with a small dollop of whip cream. Removing his helmet Magnamon took a quick whiff of his food, which also smelled really good, before picking up the fork and knife and cutting into his stack. As Magnamon carved his stack, the ponies watched him carefully, mostly to see if he would like the food. And after taking the first bite, the ponies heard Magnamon give off a delightful hum.

“Not bad. Not bad at all.” Magnamon said before taking another bite of his food.

“I’m glad our chef’s were able to make something you like.” Cadence said before eating her own breakfast. The rest of the ponies also started to eat their meals, but it would seem that one of the ponies had a question on their mind.

“Magnamon can I ask you something?” Twilight asked the Mega, who responded with a simple nod, and a hum. “How did you come to Equestria from your world?” Magnamon stopped in mid-slice of his stack, and thought about Twilight’s question. The rest of the ponies noticed the uncertain look on his face.

“…I’m not sure. It seems that I can’t recall, anything that happened yesterday. Everything is just, fuzzy.” Magnamon said as he brought a hand to his head, gently rubbing his scalp.

“Do not worry Magnamon.” Celestia said to the Digimon. “I’m certain that your memories will return in time.” Magnamon thanked Celestia for her kind words, before going back to eating his breakfast. With the ponies doing the same.

Once breakfast was over with, the alicorns departed from the group, Celestia needs to get ready for Day Court, and Luna has to rest up for her nightly duties. As for Cadence & Shining Armor they left to go visit Shining’s family, leaving Magnamon alone with Twilight and her friends, or at least just Twilight. Her friends had to return to their home town called Ponyville. for the next hour or so, both Twilight & Magnamon have been asking each other questions, and answering any questions they could, this was mostly so both parties could learn about the other. and while Magnamon found everything Twilight has told him interesting, Twilight was simply enamored with everything that Magnamon was telling her. so much so that the unicorn was documenting everything.

Once Twilight was satisfied with everything she has learned so far, Twilight guided Magnamon back to his room, so he could rest up some more. While she goes over everything she’s learned to day. Now that he was back in his room, Magnamon diss-armored himself as he makes his way over to the bed, and as he sits on the mattresses edge Magnamon tried to recall anything from yesterday to tell him what happened. But the act only caused the Mega to quickly developed a small headache. Deciding to let the fogginess of his mind recover on its own, Magnamon shuffled under the covers of the bed and decided to follow Twilight’s advice, rest up and recover some more.


Back in the Digital World, in a rather foreboding looking castle deep in the mountains, something was going on. Through the winding halls of this castle, in one of the many chambers scattered throughout…two figures stood in the dark, talking to each other. They’re appearances were obscured by the shadows of the room, neither being able to see the other properly, but it didn’t bother the pair at all. As they know full well who they were speaking to, and plot they both came up with.

“It would seem our plan to rid us of Magnamon was a success, don’t you agree?” the more bulkier armored figure of the shadowed beings, said to his compatriot.

“Indeed, but Magnamon is no slouch. we must remain vigilant if our plan is to be fulfilled my friend.” The second figure said as they held a crystal orb, which has a misty interior, but is occasionally showing the image of the sleeping Magnamon. “I wonder where it is we’ve sent him to?”

“Who cares. So long as he stays out of our way, I could care less.” The first figure said. “But I agree that we should keep an eye on him, especially if he attempts to thwart our plan.” The second figure nodded before crushing the orb int their hand.

As the dust and shards of the broken orb vanished into thin air, the two figures left the darken chamber via the only door, but their forms were obscured as the light of the halls and the daylight washed over them. obscuring their forms enough for the doors to close, denying the visage to anyone. Just who are they, and why are they so contempt to be rid of one of the Royal Knights of the Digital World? hopefully we’ll find out before whatever plan they are scheming comes to fruition.

Author's Note:

Magnamon better watch himself, cause it seems that their are two deviants who are looking to get rid of him, but why?