• Published 10th Jun 2020
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the Royal Knight of Miracles - NinjaMare

a Magnamon comes to Equestria, but has no memories of how he came to Equestria.

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Chapter 3: Request

Magnamon was floating above the city of Canterlot, scanning the vast expanse of Equestria that he can see. As the golden armored Mega looks over the landscape, he searches the depths of his mind for answers to his current, predicament. But still nothing of any significance was coming to him. He has tried to go back to the Digital World, but it seems that his teleportation powers between worlds is, gone! He’s tried several more times to teleport back to the Digital World, but every time he does it feels as if something was, pushing back through a door as he’s trying to step through it.

“It looks like I’ll be staying in this world for a little while longer.” Magnamon says to himself followed by a tired sigh.

While the Mega Digimon continues to just hover in the sky, his mind turns away from returning home, and to actually looking at the world before him. Unlike the Digital World, or the Real World of humans, this third world has a strange presence about it. It’s as if the very air itself is laced with some kind of energy, not as noticeable as it is back in his home world, but it’s still a sensation that is hard to miss. To the Digimon, he figured it must be the magic of the world. And as Magnamon remains airborne, and examining the landscape, a thought came to him. Instead of rushing back to the Digital World, the Mega should spend some time here in this world, see what it has to offer. Who knows, perhaps he’ll find something that will help him get home.

“Perhaps it wouldn’t be to much of a problem to explore a little.” Magnamon concluded as he un-crossed his arms and had them hang at his sides.

“Besides, if I’m unable to return to the Digital World on my own, and have to remain here until I figure out a way, then it would be good to have a lay of the land in case of danger pops up.”

Leaning his body slightly forward Magnamon started to fly off into the world beyond the castle. Not at great speeds mind you, just enough so he can observe everything at a steady pace, but so far all he’s been seeing was forests, meadows, a couple of small towns scattered about. So far nothing of great interest. But after a few more minutes of flying, the Mega eventually stumbled upon some larger towns, where he can see ponies go about their day. A little further out to the boarders of Equestria Magnamon has discovered several cities along, or near the coast, and each one had its own distinctive characteristics.

One of the cities has high building, fairly modern looking in over all appearance. Another city, while not as grand the previous, certainly had the most activity. The final city along the coast seemed to be a nice mixture of the two, but this one seemed to have bustling piers and docks, with ships docked and ponies trotting about.

Pushing a little further out, past the small sea, the Mega eventually came upon dry lands. But unlike Equestria, these newer lands seemed to be more, desolate, with hardly any form of vegetation dotting the land. All that seems to make up these lands are rocks of varying sizes and shapes, with steep cliffs, and cavernous canyons. Going in a little further the Digimon found various small and large volcanos, way to many to look stable without having lava and rocks, being shot into the sky, and come raining down with balls of magma or burning rocks.

But just as the Mega was about to turn around, and return to the more colorful side of the sea, streams of fire were being launched into the air, followed by the sounds of fierce roars and screeches. Now intrigued Magnamon flown to where the noises and fire streams were coming, and upon reaching a large empty landscape, he’s discovered two large dragons fighting one another. One was red in coloration, with hits of orange and hot pink, screeching and roaring at its adversary. The other dragon was teal in color, and was far more burly than the other, as well has dawning a large dark grey breast plate, and what looks to be a small head ornament of red crystals. Form what Magnamon could tell, the teal dragon is winning the fight, as the red one looks more worn and beat up, and seemed to be having a hard time to catch its breath.

“This seems to be a fight of dominance, and if it continues, the teal one will win.” Magnamon hypothesizes as he held his arms behind his back as he continues to watch.

Both dragon roared at each other with enough force to cause the ground to shake, before both winged reptiles unleashed their destructive flames. The two streams of fire collided with one another, creating a vertical wall of fire, but neither dragon gave an inch as they poured on more, and more of their fire breaths into their attacks. Until the flames were two much, and both dragons were caught in a fiery explosion! The deafening explosion caused both dragons to tumble backwards, but only the red one was sent collapsing onto his back, while the teal one remained standing.

“HA!” the teal dragon bellowed, his voice deep and fierce. “Looks like I win this contest Stoke, now begone from my sight, or I’ll really show you what a Dragon Lord is capable of!” the other dragon weakly got to its feet, and slowly and wobbly flew off. As the teal dragon roars into the sky of his victory, Magnamon decided to congratulate the dragon for his victory.

“Well done dragon, you fought admirably.” The dragon quickly turned to face the hovering Digimon.

“And who are you, you…tiny…” the dragon stopped as he began looking the Digimon over. “What are you exactly? Some kind of tiny, wingless dragon?”

“I’m a Digimon, and my name is Magnamon.”

“Well I am, Dragon Lord TORCH!” the dragon bellowed, creating a powerful gust of wind to rush past the Mega, who hardly budged. “And all those who trespass into my dominion, must suffer the consequences.”

“I’d advice against any form of confrontation Dragon Lord.” Magnamon warned as he drifted back as Torch reached out for him. “You maybe strong among your kind, but if you face me, you’ll only injure yourself.”

“A bold claim from one so small. But I doubt you’re of any challenge to me.” the Dragon Lord reached out to grab the Mega, but after releasing a small sigh, Magnamon held his left claw out.

“Magna Blast.”

The golden orb of energy connected with Torch’s claw, causing a small, yet powerful explosion! The Dragon Lord withdrew his claw, and waved it around as he groans in pain. His scales took the brunt of the damage, but the attack still dealt significant damage to the appendage itself. Growling in frustration now, Torch swung his other claw at Magnamon, in hopes to knock him out of the sky. but a simple sweeping kick from the Mega was enough to not only knock the claw away, but cause the Dragon Lord to topple to his side.

“I’ll say it again Torch…you do not want to fight me.” the dragon growled as he raises to his feet.

“If you think I’ll let you leave here because you knocked my claw away, then you have another thing coming!”

Torch then reared up onto his back legs, supported by his tail, before taking in a deep breath…and unleashing a raging fire breath that swept across the rocky terrain! The flames continued to travel across the desolate wasteland, as Torch continues to pour more, and more fire into his attack. All the while the corners of his mouth curled up as he thinks he’s taught the trespasser a lesson.

“Magna Blaster!”

A wave of golden energy then erupted from the cascading torrent of fire, piercing right through it, before it collided into Torch. And sending him flying backwards four whole yards, before he came crashing down, causing a small tremor. Meanwhile Magnamon still hovered in the exact same spot he was before, flexing his chest outward while his arms were coiled back, his chest plate emitting a dim glow before fading away. As Torch recovers from the counter attack, his own breast plate showing a massive dented hole in it, while he looks at the floating Digimon who just puts his arms behind himself.

“I believe that ends this little confrontation of ours.” Magnamon said as he turned away from the Dragon Lord. “As well as my little exploring of these lands.”

With that Magnamon flew off into the distance, leaving Torch to recover from the scuffle. And instead of pursuing the Digimon, the dragon instead decided to head back to his cave, and recover. Thinking that the Digimon was too much even for him to handle.


Celestia was sitting on her throne signing documents, and going over confidential papers that needed to be addressed, so far, it was a usual day for the solar monarch. As she was signing and examining papers, the doors to the throne room burst open, as a royal guard gallops into the chamber, looking quite flustered as he did so.

“You’re highness!” the stallion half-shouted as he skidded to a stop, before removing his helmet. “I bring news from northern Equestria.” Celestia dismissed her secretary, a dull light grey unicorn named Inkwell, before speaking to the guard.

“What is it guard, what’s the news?”

“I was told to simply tell you: IT has returned!” Celestia gasped in both shock and surprise as she swiftly turns to the stallion to her right.

“Find Shining Armor and princess Cadence!”

“At once your highness!”

The three stallions of the chamber then galloped at full speed as they search for the ponies. Meanwhile Celestia conjured up a parchment and a quill, and begins to write something down, but after writing a few words she stops. The parchment is then lowered slightly as Celestia begins talking to herself.

“Is Twilight even ready for a task such as this?” the alicorn mumbled to herself. “What if this is to much for her to handle, even with her brother and Cadence there to provide support?”

The solar princess continued to wonder and worry if her student is ready for something of this, magnitude. After all she is still fairly young, and even if she has studied a great deal of magic, Twilight isn’t a trained mage like she and her sister are…and for this challenge…

Celestia was brough out of her bubble of worry, when she felt something with great power fly into the castle. Judging by the power Celestia figured that it was Magnamon. That’s when an idea came to her, but will the Digimon agree to the request, he is a stranger in their world. So he might not even take the time to even consider, but the Digimon is probably the only one strong enough to defeat the threat that has returned. Since both, her magic and Luna’s have weakened over the years. Standing up from her throne, and teleporting the scroll back to her room, the alabaster alicorn then trotted out of the throne room and began looking for the Mega.

As for Magnamon himself, once he has returned to Canterlot he removed his armor, and just made his way to the dining hall for a small lunch. Afterwards he was thinking of heading down to the barracks, and maybe train the guards there. Ever since the little demonstration of his power, and speech about becoming better guards to defend their home, the guards have actually been asking the Mega to train them.

“Magnamon!” before the Mega could enter the dinning hall, Celestia came trotting up to the Digimon, with a very troubled looking expression on her face.

“Celestia, what’s wrong? You look distraught.” The alicorn came to a stop in front of Magnamon before she began to speak.

“I’ve just been informed that a terrible evil has returned to Equestria, and…I request your assistance in this manner.”

“My assistance?” Magnamon questioned as he gave a questioning look. Celestia just nods her head.

“Yes, and the reason I ask of you for your assistance, is because my power isn’t what it was back then when I face this evil. So I can’t hope to challenge this terror, without being gravelly injured.” The tone of Celestia’s voice held a small tinge of shame, as if she’s admitting to being weak. Magnamon looked upon the pleading alicorn with a neutral expression, weighing the decision of what he should do, but it didn’t take to long for the Maga to make up his mind.

“If you think I can be of any assistance in this matter Celestia, then I accept.”

“Really?!” Celestia said with a start, honestly surprised by the claim. “I would’ve thought you’d decline my request.”

“I may not be of this world Celestia, but as a member of the Royal Knights, we uphold our duties of protecting those that are in need of it.” Celestia gave a warm thankful smile as she gives a small bow to the Mega.

“Thank you Magnamon.” The Digimon waved a claw as he spoke.

“You needn’t thank me.” he said with a small smile before giving a more serious and dutiful look. “Now, tell me of this threat that you need my help with.” Celestia nodded before she guided the Mega into the dining hall, where she began telling her story of what it is that has returned to Equestria, and threat that Magnamon will face.