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Well, I once had an idea: "My Little Pony and Power Rangers." Turns out, it wasn't original... But, here's my version. Note: Pony Rangers will be based loosely on the plot of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers at first, but it will trail off into its own plot, after a while. Characters (this and [SPOILER!] second season) will be: Rainbow Dash as Red Ranger; Rarity as Black Ranger; Applejack as Blue Ranger; Fluttershy as Yellow Ranger; and Pinkie Pie as *rolls eyes* Pink Ranger. OTHERS: Nightmare Moon as Rita; Zecora, Manticore (from Friendship is Magic part 2), Gilda, and Trixie as Rita's minions; Celestia as Zordon; Spike as Alpha; Twilight Sparkle as ???; Derpy as ???; Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, and Scootaloo as ???; Discord as ???, and that about sums it up. IMPORTANT NOTE: My ideas develop at a rate that I can't always control, so what you have read above (while I rather like it) IS subject to change.

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Comments ( 102 )

Spike should be green/white ranger and twilight as alpha
At first his element is greed then hope


I was expecting My Little Pony Rangers Samurai! But oh well.

I don't know what's worse. This, or the pilot version of the story it's based on.
Seriously. As cheesy as the original MMPR is, the pilot is worse.

*goes back to watched Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger*

to everyone who has commented so far... LISTEN!!!!! :derpyderp1:
the story will start slow, but it will pick up
also, i haven't done much "research" (as you may call it) so this will trail off soon
also... SPOILER!!!!!
derpy will be the green ranger, but not the white ranger... :rainbowderp:
i'll let you go insane over that while I get back to work on continuing this

they have hooves, how could they hold swords? :derpytongue2:

564254 Thanks! Oh my lord, that means the the Pony Rangers have to save Ponyville from the evil Muffinzord! The horror! Seriously though, what do you think of my idea of Discord being Ivan Ooze?


562806 :ajsmug:,:rainbowdetermined2:, and :yay: can use their mouths to hold them. :duck: and :twilightsmile: can use magic to hold them and :pinkiehappy:...well, Pinkie can do anything! :derpytongue2:

sorry, no muffinzord and no discord being Ivan ooze :derpytongue2:
yeah... no :trixieshiftleft:

567692>>567692 Dang, I wanted to see a muffinzord. :derpytongue2: I still think Discord would be good as Ivan Ooze, though.:pinkiehappy: Oh well,it's your crossover, not mine. I can't wait to read the rest of your story! :pinkiesmile:

You are an idiot. :facehoof: will be the white ranger.

The same way they hold anything else with hooves.

Personally I think Nightmare moon should have been green, because she already is a bad guy who yurs good. And becoming princess luna could have been like becoming the white ranger.

What ever, I love the story, just like I used to love power rangers when I was little. Too little to remember much about the series though.

Oh my god... spike is derpy's zord!:pinkiegasp:

720512Well if you decides to keep up with the actual mmpr show, even though you said you wouldn't, derpy is the white ranger, a little after she turns good.

Yeah... I ran into the "Dragonzord" problem, but it was a hurdle I just couldn't jump. Also, no, I won't follow the original MMPR. The differences are as follows: (SPOILERS!!!!!)

Derpy dies
Twilight gets the dragon coin
Discord steals the dragon coin
The white ranger is needed to defeat the super putties
There will be 11 rangers:pinkiegasp:

Oh, did I neglect to mention a certain group of canines also from the Hub will be included?

appleboom and sweetie belle as bulk and skull,Twilight as Green ranger,Scootaloo as the red rangers sister.

Actually, a few mistakes...
1: There will be no Bulk and Skull (that's my fault :facehoof: )
2: The CMC will play a... "different" role... :scootangel: (she's lying...)
3: For a time, :twilightsheepish: will have the green ranger powers, but she will eventually lose them and become the white ranger to light equestria's darkest hour... but you probably guessed that part.

1204933 XD well you need to fix theme...I mean bulk and skull are always a part of the power rangers and the green ranger and white ranger too....so yeah

I'm sorry for the inconvinence, but my fic is my fic. :moustache:

1206470 i know...but still bulk and skull are a big part...just saying

I realize that and I apologize once again.

cant wait untell the next chapter! grat set up!

hey agent cupcake ar you going to make this story through power rangers zeo, turbo, and in space. im pretty sure you can do it. it might take some oltercations but i have confadins in you. hop things work out.

Actually, I'm thinking of scrapping this and Mine Little Pony to make room for school, another project which will be unnamed, and Pierce the Netherscape. :raritycry:

dang it! i was loveing the story so far

Even if Derpy is evil, she's still best pony in my eyes! :derpyderp2:

Oh wow! I haven't seen this in forever! Amazing chapter, keep up the great work!
Pony Rangers forever!

Wow, another one already? Cool!

2528102 Uhh... thanks?:derpyderp1:
2528291 Meh, I had an opportunity to post, so I did. :derpyderp2:

Dashing, Darling. Simply, dashing!

Yay! Epic Final Showdown time!

And finally, we put an end to the whole Green Ranger VS Red Ranger stuff. Sad to see it go but happy at the same time.

*Clap* *clap* *clap* *thunderous applause* Thank you so much for not killing Derpy!

i have to say, im somewhat disappointed by this story. it has some fairly good points in its favour, but the execution seems...stale almost...

2571081 ええと :derpyderp1:
2572713 Yeah, probably... :unsuresweetie:

at least ur finally taking some liberties with the source material, while the Dinozords were good, they werent perfect in anyway. this new combination mode with Dragonzord is a very welcome relief compared to where u could have taken this by simply rehashing Dragonzord in Battle Mode. also, u might be able to have a little more fun with it if u were to lake a small lesson from Super Sentai, see, after transforming, every Sentai had their little role call sequence, complete with the occasional personal catch phrase, followed by a team catch phrase, followed by the obligatory pose with dramatic explosion in the background. the best example of this can be seen with Engine Sentai Go-Onger


this isnt the best example, ud have to watch on of the eppisodes for that, but it was all i could come up with...

2604876 Thanks. I'll be sure to use this. (Weather it be in the rest of this season or in next season. :rainbowderp:)

You sir, are Best Author simply for basing this of the greatest of all the Power Ranger's series. I grew up with this stuff and still remember dressing up as often as I could as my favourite rangers...

Ahh nostalgia...

2643950 Thank you. I'll have more posted in the future.
2655415 I already shared the beginning of the crossover doc with you, just so you know. It's on Google Drive under "Shared with me"

2663173 you'll have to forgive me if i'm a little slow in responding with you. I've never used this Google + stuff before and it's being a bit difficult with my computer.

2663627 Oh, sorry. Just send me a notification when you can access the doc, I guess.

a bit much on the fourth wall breaking, but still a good chapter.

Awe. thanks for that little bit at the end. Trust me, i will sort out chapter three before we finish the crossover chapter. I even bought an album of power rangers music on amazon for extra inspiration.
anyways, this was another very good chapter, can't wait to see what Twilight and Nightmare Moon have planed.

2720237 You're welcome. Also, you may be right on the fourth wall breaking. :pinkiesick: Oh well, good luck on your story.

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