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Not many may know this, but the most famous and aclaimed aerial demostration stunt unit the Wonderbolts are actually an elite special forces of all the Equestrian military branches not limited to only Pegasais or the Royal Air Force conbining the Best of the Best of all of them, THE G.I.BOLT.

G.I.BOLT is the codename for Equestra’s sterling highly trained special mission force, its purpose, to defend pony freedom against NIGHTMARE, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world!

Follow Rainbow Dash in all her attempts to achive her most desired dream: to join the most prestigious and famous aerial stunt flight sqadron: The Wonderbolts!

... and the reality that revolves around the STFS: WONDERBOLTS (Special Tactical Fighter Squadron: WONDERBOLTS) Also Know as the G.I.BOLT! and their duty to Protect Equestria from any kind of threats that looms inside and outside of its borders...



DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic franchise (nor I intended to, even if it would bring me a good sizable profit and income), all those legal rights belong to Hasbro Inc., Studio B, The HUB, Discovery Networks, and finally Lauren Faust and her creative development team; This work is not intended for monetary profit of any kind nor its publication outside of the fan-sites authorized or published by the author, Neither the GI JOE or Transformers franchise, that belong also to Hasbro Inc., Marvel Studios, Sunbrow Studios and any other production company that currently works with the project.
Please support the original and licensed releases.
I just own this history plot and some Original Character (OC) if there is one in this history, and if someone would like to use something of this history, ASK ME FIRST in the form of a Personal Message before copy it and put me in the disclaimer if you use said part of my history or certain OC

Image used: The Mane Event by maximilianveers: http://maximillianveers.deviantart.com/gallery/30459708?offset=72#/d3nlc03

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Comments ( 9 )

Ah, with a name like Wing Zero, that explains the pony version of Char Aznable.

personal i allways liked deathscythe hell more

250649 Indeed, but blame the idea of it mostly thanks to certain vectorized fanart of MaximillianVeers of a certain red stallion as a Pegasus Royal Guard

258068 Indeed, Deathscytche Hell Custom is also one heck of a mobile-suit but I still prefere the customized version of the prototype of all After Colony Gundams

ok love the song bit as i was reading the lyrics the old g.i.joe movie song popped in to my head you are 20% cooler then most writers

love the concept of the story just a few suggestions to help
1. commander is a naval rank air force has captains majors, and colonels
2 In bed your music selections
keep up the good work

Will there be PSA moments just like in the cartoon ? :pinkiehappy:

Ya misspelled "Hero" in yer title.

so when are you going to make chapter 4?

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