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Credit goes to CorruptionSolid for the picture! http://corruptionsolid.deviantart.com/

WARNING!!! THIS IS A SEQUEL!!! THE FIRST FIC IS BY FRIENDLY UNCLE AND TITLED, "The Creature that Came to Ponyville". Do NOT read my fic, unless you have read Friendly Uncle's fic first, please.

This sequel takes place four months after the events that transpired in "The Creature that Came to Ponyville".

What's happened since "The Creature that Came to Ponyville"?

Celestia's feeling of unbalance has not dissipated, like she believed that it would when Scuttles was dealt with.

Fluttershy has become slightly, mentally unstable, due to the emotional scarring of Scuttles.

Equestria's relationship with the zebras has grown rocky, concerning coal. (A hint towards Fallout: Equestria's origins but in no way a fan's, unofficial prequel)

Twilight and Spike were called back to Canterlot two weeks after Scuttles was dealt with.

Princess Luna revealed to Celestia that Equestria's energy crisis might be averted with a deus-ex energy source on the moon.

A colony was established on the moon to extract said energy source, with Twilight as the director of the project which is funded by the company, Neighland-Yutani.

Four months later, contact with the colony is lost.

The mane five are assembled to rescue Twilight and any other pony from the possibility of another xenomorph infestation.

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Aww, look at the cute little xeno- AARG! You stabbed me in the fucking leg! Why?!

P.S. now that the bleeding has stopped, were can i find the creature that came to ponyvill?

648231 You'll want to google it or find it on fanfiction. PLEASE read Friendly Uncle's fic first. This is a sequel and you'll spoil the first fic if you jump straight to mine.

*fearmonger walks up to a fully grown Xenomorph. A Xenomorph. I thought we made your race extinct?
*The Xenomorph hisses.
*The Fearmonger laughs. Come, now. We both know you can talk. We have been at war for centuries, if you call bug extermination warfare.
Xenomorph: We have sssurvived. You have brought death upon ussss. You have killed usss all. You have releasssed him.
Oh? And what might have we released?
Xenomorph: The Darknesss.
*Fearmonger raises up his axe over his head. Time to finish the job. *Fearmonger brings down the axe on the head of the Xenomorph.

This is reading like ALIENS.:rainbowhuh:

649944 Well that's just great. That's just fucking great, man!

Love the story man, although it sounds a little bit too much like Aliens the movie.
Still good though

652391 Do you believe that that's why two people don't like it? BTW, new story image.

653273 Possibly. I like the story just try to take out some of the content that is referring to the Aliens script.

652391 653882 649944 I have updated The Arrival. Just scroll down to the end of the chapter and read the update as of 6/4/12.

Who knew ponies could be this badass! :rainbowwild:

742600 Strap in. We're gonna ascend to ULTIMATE badass!



I have revised chapters one and two. "Sulaco" has been pony punned, "Sulacolt". Which I find ironic because ships are suppose to be female. If it turns out that I missed one and it reads "Sulaco" instead of "Sulacolt", please tell me so that I may correct it.

822671I have nothing to do with this!

Like it so far, the quote rip made me :unsuresweetie:.
Two things:
"Princess Celestia responded, 'I’ll coax the crew into hastening their preparations. If you can get to the Sulaco through the cover of Luna’s night, nopony should see you.'
Princess Luna said, 'Under the cover of my night, one of the Sluacolt's dropship will land on the docking bay that you all landed on before...'"
Other than that and maybe a thing or two else, error-free!
I like where you're going with this, though the sudden headcanon dump was a little out of place to me. Just felt... Off. But a good story, seeing The Creature pop back up on EqD made me happy!
Journcy Out

873461 Thanks, I just fixed that error. And I appreciate your support! Hope you enjoyed "The Sulacolt", which is actually chapter 2, due to the whole prologue thing.

And which quote made you "unsure"? The famous, used in trailer Ripley quote, "You're going out there to destroy them, right? Not to study, not to bring back, but to wipe them out?"?

:rainbowderp: Oh god. Soaring' and Spitfire are flying the dropship -- and we all know what happened to the dropship pilot in the movie...
Good story, good story. It's coming along nicely!
Journcy Out

I guess I ought to go back to emoticon school...
Even though :unsuresweetie:'s text is, of course, "unsure sweetie," it just looks more like an I See What You Did There face to me.
Like I said, maybe I should go back to emoticon school.

Oh, and my comment where I use :rainbowderp: is using it as more like Oh Mah Gawd.
Like I said.
Emoticon school.

874117>>874107 Hey!:flutterrage: Read the description! This isn't a scene-for-scene translation of Aliens.

But in all seriousness, be ready for some twists. As soon as I send the draft of chapter 3 to Friendly Uncle, and he green lights it, you're jaw. It will drop.

Oh, I read the description.
But believe me when I say...img.ponibooru.org/_images/3560ac7655e885c2a29c5fdfd22827b9/135171%20-%20cranky_doodle_donkey%20got_my_eye_on_you%20pinkie_pie.png
I'll be keeping my eyes open, and on you, for this particular shindig.
And I'll be sure to have my Patent Pending JawCushion 9000 close at hand.

874221 You caught me off guard, I'll give you that.

Okay so... MAYBE I missed it when you mentioned it in the story, but whatever happened to the xenomorph that Celestia told Fluttershy to keep in the original "Creature that came to Ponyville?"

880401 You didn't miss it. I came up with this BEAUTIFUL way to kill Scuttles Jr. off AND further advance this story's plot all at the same time!

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but it really is a beautiful, non David Fincher way of killing off a character.

And when exactly to we see Scuttles Jr.'s death?

929652 In the next chapter, "The Flight". Which will be uploaded as soon as Friendly Uncle gives the green light for launch.

Like I said, It's about damn time!

Hmm.... long term waiting.... but this is a good read... I do however have issue with how some of the way you have the action written it seems at times like you're implying they're using hands or using their hooves like hands, and I dislike that a lot xP Granted it makes sense with a Unicorn, but the others, not so much.

Also, keep in mind that Shining Armors special talent is barrier magic, I would like to see that detail not be forgotten in your writing.

969785 Are you referring to the shotgun?

I don’t understand why Shining Armor used Mind Flay on that blue earth pony. I was under the impression that it was a mare that decided to use the energon that caused the explosion, and that that mare was killed. Was he just giving a warning to the crew to screw up anymore? If so, why did he call the engineer by name?

Was the "flay you alive with my mind" a reference to Mass Effect 2? i recall a scene in which Liara uses the exact same words that you used.

And now i finally know what happened to Scuttles Jr. Thank you for clarifying that better for me.

971702 In the last chapter, the pony that Spitfire spoke to over the coms completely and totally DISSED the mane five! And THAT('s how Equestria was made) was the straw that broke the pony's back.

Basically, Shining Armor was like, "Oh, you dis ma main force who also has the personal goals of saving my sister? COMPLETE AND TOTAL RECALL."

971966 1. Yes, it's all true.

2. No problem, it's what I do.

Well, that's not really clear. That happened last chapter, we didn't know the rude pony's name, and Shining Armor doesn't say out loud why he's doing it. Were you planning on revealing that fact in a later chapteras a shock?

973351 Erm, well, I admit that the section IS rather minute, but if you're giving the chapter your undivided attention, you'll read Shining Armor tell the mane five and Spitfire that he'll deal with the colt. I admit to making the error of assuming that since the mission was so crucial, he would know the names of his crew members.

This is you interpretation of project horizons

973623 Pardon? I can assure you that this isn't some fan made, non-bible cannon, unofficial prequel to Fallout: Equestria.

The only solid things that I drew from THAT universe were the battle saddle and glass bullets (A really fascinating idea, to me). I also made a reference to Xenith, as you'll read in The Flight, but I'd hardly count that.

Armor = badass?
Great chapter, and I appreciate the ETA for the next one.
I agree with the Unc, I had absolutely no idea what was going on at the beginning of the Cpt. Sprinkles bit due to confusing pronoun usage. But other than that, this chappy shines!
That is all.
Journcy Out.

980518 Hmm, yes, now that I see that multiple people are having that problem, I'll just have to do some revising.


Heh... there were some context clues which drew me to thinking otherwise. Its no problem. Besides I can enjoy a story

Great sequel so far, I had been planning to write a crossover but I made Rainbow more of Hudson. Need I explain....

1023661 Well, we could always build a fire and sing a couple of songs.

1024490 Wooooah, ton of support all of a sudden! Like, favorite, comment, AND a watch! Much appreciated.

Loved it :rainbowkiss: but I do have one question it's probably just me being lazy or I read over it but what happened to the xenomorph that celestia tamed at the end of the creature that came to Ponyville. Anyway great story loved it instant fave.

1095551 Now you're watching me as well? Thank you!

And yes, you read over it. You'll want to get to the end of the first half of the memory. Right when Shining Armor takes off running while Commander Sprinkles draws their fire.

I swear to every variation of a god I better see some pony that reminds me of Hudson or I might just be a little sad but otherwise this is one of the greatest fanfics I have ever read great job :rainbowkiss:

We're on an express elevator to hell going down

"He stuck the blade back in the soldier’s throat. 'Stick around'."

I take it as a reference to Predator, am I not correct? :derpytongue2:

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