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Mission Reassignment..(part 3)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic franchise (nor I intended to, even if it would bring me a good sizable profit and income), all those legal rights belong to Hasbro Inc., Studio B, The HUB, Discovery Networks, and finally Lauren Faust and her creative development team; This work is not intended for monetary profit of any kind nor its publication outside of the fan-sites authorized or published by the author, Neither the GI JOE or Transformers franchise, that belong also to Hasbro Inc., Marvel Studios, Sunbrow Studios and any other production company that currently works with the project.

Please support the original and licensed releases.

Diamond Edge belongs to Nonagon

Silent Jade belongs to Wander D

I just own this history plot and some Original Character (OC) if there is one in this history, and if someone would like to use something of this history, ASK ME FIRST in the form of a Personal Message before copy it and put me in the disclaimer if you use said part of my history or certain OC, or prepare for the consequences…


NINBUS Air Force Base, Equestria
1235 Hrs.

MEANWHILE, in THE BURROW’s COMMAND CENTER… (AUTHOR NOTE: Start playing the next song: 213 Refrain-Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Original Sound Track- CD 2, or Dystopia- Ace Combat 2: STFS: SCARFACE Original Sound Track, or: 14 Cool Edge – Night- [Sonic.Unleashed.OST].Planetary.Pieces.-.Sonic.World.Adventure.Original.Soundtrack CD 2, or definitely: 02 – Introduction- 1998 Metal Gear Solid by KCE Japan Sound Team - OST)

One hundred meters below the surface, lays one of the best kept military secrets of the Kingdom (reads Principality) of Equestria, If the NINBUS READF Air Force Base was already secretive and excellently hidden from the world, this base is way too far more secretive than that; because is what it have bellow all the NINBUS complex what it really matters the most , just below the base there’s an incredibly large underground facilities in various levels of profundity, Training grounds, Motor pools, Hangars, Armories, Living quarters, Control facilities, Mess halls, Kitchens, Communications bridge, Test grounds and facilities, Research centers, Launching/landing deployment tunnels with numerous exits hidden in many places around the vincity of the already well hidden NINBUS air base, the Everfree forest, Ponyville itself, Dragon Mountain, Froggy fog bottom, White tail forest, and many other classified secret access points; Naval deployment ports connected thanks to an underground river wide and dept enough to the largest ships such like Carriers and Submarines being able to cross it without any problem, Medical wings, War rooms, Command center, Defense systems (both magical and technological), everything a fully state of the art high-techno-magic military base/bunker would require to hold on its own heavy warfare under the most dire circumstances for at least a thousand years if the situation is remotely favorable enough for the survival of the personal of the base, this underground set of at least one hundred levels down the base is actually called THE BURROW, and is three times larger than Ponyville itself just in radius; Among the main purposes this secret base was built was to serve as a refuge for the populations of Ponyville, Canterlot, and Cloudsdale should a cataclysmic event (Celestia forbid it) somehow managed to happen…

“Ma’am, we’ve got an incoming message from Wonderpbolt” Said a young Unicorn Stallion among the many other ponies operating the communications consoles and many other systems in the Command Center; said stallion was the Corporal Preceptor, a dark blue furred, brown maned and tailed stallion with light brown eyes and a radar antenna, a rocket and a tube of TNT with a short fuse already lit for cutie mark, codenamed Short Fuse, why he’s codenamed like that?, let’s just said that is because of a certain incident that involves a very bad prank pulled by some “wiseflank” soldiers who thought that they could prank anyone and get away with it due to their family connections in his previous unit that involves a cupcake, three buckets of tree sap, a rope and many sacks of feathers, that and his retaliation consisting with extremely fast acting laxatives put in the pudding of said recruits and high-grade plastic explosives hidden in the toilet of the barracks… if the Royal Encyclopedia would have a definition and a picture for “Disproportional Retribution”, His photo would be there.

Then again usually this kind of retaliations (or any kind of conflict and misconduct for the matter) among military personnel are heavily punished with large sentence in Military Prison, but fortunately for him, instead of being court-martialed he caught the attention of the Commander In Chief Flutterbolt who requested his transfer into her base… whatever she saw of special on him, he was in gratitude with her for saving his flank (literally) from being court-martialed and giving him another chance, although this chance it looks like it was more like promotion into Special Forces, no matter what, he will do his best in this unit like always although he’s banned from the armory and not allowed have any kind of explosives in his hooves and now he’s stuck in the command center monitoring the communications along with other ponies that are doing their own duties, nice going for somepony whose special talent involves calculate trajectories of projectiles and explosives of any kind…

“Order: Put it on the screen Corporal Short Fuse” Said an Alicorn mare in a monotone voice(AUTHOR NOTE: Think she sounds like Raven from Teen Titans…but with the behavior of and synthesized generic robot-like voice of Soundwave from Transformers G1, or if you want a more accurate example think of it like Sweetie Bot voice from “Friendship is Witchcraft”) at the center of the room looking at each and every screen in the Command Center in a “Golden Wonderbolt” full Bodysuit but unlike the regular yellow fabric that easily could be confused as golden that it’s used in the Wonderbolts regular outfit, this Uniform does really have a golden fabric for the Thunder decals and a Customized Wonderbolt Insignia where the Cutie Mark should be, this Insignia is a stylized thunderbolt with wings, but unlike the regular insignia, the thunderbolt was actually golden with some pink streak in the right outer rim of the thunderbolt and purple one in the left, around the usual insignia was also a pair of Silver olive branches adorning the sides of it, behind the silver wings, and on the top of the insignia was Celesita’s crown in all its splendor. This insignia was just inside of a stylized background simulating the mix of both legendary Princesses cutie marks, the golden sun being the main background part, with the silver moon section over imposed inside of the sun, and the customized Wonderbolt Insignia previously detailed was just in front of all of it; That’s right, this Wonderbolt in particular is a high ranking officer in the whole flight, In fact she’s actually the Second in Command and Executive Officer of the whole Flight; from the looks of it, she is apparently a Lavender Alicorn with a dark purple mane and tail with two streaks of light purple and pink in her mane and tail respectively, her eyes were covered, unlike the rest of her squadron mates with a special golden rimed, mirror reflective glassed flight visor instead of their standard flight goggles, but the most particular detail that distinguish her was the lack of emotion in her actions and expressions (even in her speech), her cold and calculative nature and sometimes ridiculous time that she can still stay working without eating nor sleeping and still fly, fight, and work such conditions in a really prolonged period of time as if nothing had happened to her, even with injuries which she somehow ignores she has or as if she doesn’t feel pain at all, like as if she were some kind of machine or something, her nature is very secretive and she tends to eat in her personal quarters, which they are always locked unless she’s going in or out of them and then they lock themselves away immediately as she gets out, some even nicknamed her: The Iron Mare.

Back into the present... following the orders of his Superior Officer, Short Fuse proceeded to display the message in the main screen which was showing at the moment the Wonderbolts Insignia spinning slowly to the left with the message of “INCOMING TRANSMISSIOM” indicating that there’s a video-fed transmission on hold and waiting to start, the speakers of the room and also the ambient microphone that was positioned in the ceiling of the room activated themselves immediately in order to reply in real time, in the screen now appears the masked face of another High Command Wonderbolt; This one it looks like a gray furred, blonde maned Pegasus with the usual golden rimed, mirror glassed goggles characteristic of this squadron covering her eyes.

“…This is Wonderpbolt to HQ, Mission accomplished!, the Red Team has *Buffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-ed all enemy M-COM stations ... err… Sparklebolt… umm… also… I accidentally *Buffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-THE WHOLE BASE! Is that bad?” Said the newly identified Wonderbolt, although somehow, despite the proximity of her point of communication with the Command Center, there’s a lot of interference…

“…Query: Major Wonderpbolt, we couldn’t hear you right, there’s some interference in your transmission, Request: Repeat your transmission” Said the Executive Officer now somewhat confused while everypony in the command center were now quizzically looking at each other in sheer confusion about what has their superior officer has done this time at the surface level of the base.

“I said, I accidentally *Buffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-THE WHOLE BASE! Is that bad?” now everypony are more confused about the situation up there, some even started to fear that the Muffingeddon (Acording to Wonderpbolt) has finally come.

“…Status Report: We still have interference, Request: repeat the message once again Major” Replied Sparklebolt once again while keeping her monotone voice pattern.

“That I said that I accidentally *Buffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-THE WHOLE BASE! Is that bad?, oh wait *Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- that, I SWEAR IF THAT *Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-DOING IT AGAIN, I’LL RIP THAT *Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-FROM HIS-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*- AND THEN I’LL SHOVE IT INTO HIS MOT-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-ING *Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-ANK” now Wpderpbolt has finally loose it!, she really got tired of this pile of horsefeathers that one motherbucking featherbrain of a nugget is pulling with this, she quickly got off camera and now the only thing that they could do was listen what’s happening behind camera with the supposed “communications specialist” even with all this interference…

“Er… ma’am?, why are you looking at me like that… I swear I’m not doing anything!... No… NO!, WHAT THE-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-ARE YOU DOING!, NO!... PLEASE THAT MUFFIN DOES NOT GO IN THERE!, DEAR CELESTIA, DON’T!-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*” what it started like a male nervous voice was now filled with panic and pain… much pain, enough to make everypony but Sparklebolt cringe when listening to him in the command room.

“STOP BEING SUCH A CRYBABY AND TAKE IT LIKE A STALLION!, NOW STAY STILL, BEND OVER AND BE COPERATVE, SO THIS GETS GOING QUICKLY-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-IT NEEDS TO GO IN THERE SMOOTHLY, GIVE ME SOME LU-”*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* now everypony was panicked, nopony knew that Wonderbolt was actually into this kind of things as punishment, some even began to cower in fear, if this was Wonderpbolt, the one who has the reputation of being the most easy-going and forgiving of all of them… Celestia help them if they do something stupid in front of her or any other of the high command, besides what in Tartarus requires something that its name start with Lu- better not think about it, let’s just hope is not what many are thinking…

“-ar Celestia, this is so wrong in so many levels… I’m sure I’m going to Tartarus for thi-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*” Said a female voice that doesn’t belong to Wonderpbolt near the camera but still behind it with sheer disgust and completely freaked out, whatever was going on, it wasn’t something for the weak stomach or bowels for the matter, definitely not the prettiest thing in the world.

“Is not that bad…ok this is worse than I expected how the-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-did you managed that anyway!, this-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-is so-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-in so many levels-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-is supposed to work that way!” everypony heard that Wonderpbolt was now somewhat amaused, confused and disturbed at the same time, seriously what the Tartarus is going on there!

“…maybe if we relocate the muffin a little on the right we may-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-the-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-ere, we’re going to need a toothbrush for this…” WAIT WHAT?!, DID EVERYPONY HEARD RIGHT?!... what the hay is she going to do with a toothbrush!!!.

“…NO!, IT HURTS… A LOT!, PLEAE STOP THAT TORTURE!…WAIT!, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT SPORK!, NO, NO!, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'O-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*OOO!, NOT THE PIE, NOT THE PIE!” by now many of the command center were now trying to find their “happy place”…

‘~Cupcakes!, so sweet and tasty, cupcakes!, don’t be too hasty, cupcakes!, cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!~’ Something inside one poor Sergeant’s mind just snapped, Sprinkles will never be the same ever after this…

‘W-what the hay are they doing out there?!’ a young Mare ponning the central console in front of Sparklebolt thought.

‘BUCK THIS!, I didn’t sign up for this kind of Manure!’ Short Fuse said in his mind.

‘T-that must hurt… a LOT!’ though while shuddering a young stallion ponning another console at the opposite side of the room at the left of right of Sparklebolt.

‘Aw Come ON!, he’s whining as if that where his first time!... ~which probably is…~’ thought a mare-looking stallion with “her” mouth wide open of listening this in public ‘…there’s time for THAT at the night on the graveyard shift, not in the middle of a battlefield!, now that’s daring and kinky!’.

‘Wow, it looks like she’s inserting it in him…DRY!...’ the Stallion-looking mare besides the Mare-looking Stallion that was at “his left” couldn’t help of thinking about that. ‘I can’t help but think that in a way this is somewhat arousing and disturbing at the same time!’ at least according to “him”.

‘Find your happy place, find your happy place, find your happy place, WHERE ARE YOU HAPPY PLACE?!?!?! cried desperately in her mind a purple furred pink with lighter pink stipes maned/tailed mare with a cutie mark of three white flowers with yellow happy smiling faces at the center of them.

‘…I’m going to need a drink after this…’ a dark pink furred light pinkish-purple maned mare with a cutie mark of grapes and a strawberry thought while ponning her station that was at the left of the Stallion-looking mare.

‘In all my years of service I’ve never seen or heard something like THIS! The old white furred, blue maned Pegasus stallion who sat besides Short Fuse at his left closed his eyes shuddered at the thought.

‘Menu… Control Panel… Configuration… Options… System Check… Start System Check? (Yes/No)… Yes… ERROR: System check unable to start at the moment, please try again later…’ guess who…

…without any kind of success.

“…Ma’am, don’t you think that this is kind of such overkill with the la-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-it looks like it’s going to need some duck tape for this-*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-to get it right…” now they’re going to need therapy after this, Psyche-Out is going to have a busy week after this in her office…

“*Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*-and because of that there’s no such thing like overkill, let this be a lesion about impromptu field repairs of equipment with things you have at hoof, and NOW YOU KNOW, AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE! ...There, I fixed it!” The camera stopped shaking, and Wonderpbolt peacefully trotted with a little hop of happiness in her pace and a smile in her face back to the front of the camera like absolutely nothing had happened at all.

“…b-but that’s so wrong in so many levels!, HAY! I didn’t think that it was even physically possible to do such thing with spork, duck tape, one lucky bit, a toothbrush, an apple pie and a muffin…” a voice of the same out of screen mare soldier of a while ago was heard, her tone shown how much disturbed, yet awed about what actually happened in there she was.

“Well it wasn’t easy but not impossible, all what we need now is just one rubber band and a small plastic bag and we’re ready to rock!” said another impressed yet energetic high spirits stallion soldier out of screen about the field repair.

“My Saddlebag communications station… my beautiful S-COM Station!, ruined, RUINED!” the same whining soldier… well, whined for the lack of a better term towards Wonderpbolt who turned her head towarfs his direction (A/N: Yes this is by far my most annoying concept of a OCPony and will hopefully will remain as an unnamed background unless anyone of you will bother to suggest names, codenames and possible background for it if I ever decide to give it some kind of screen time any time soon, even if I don’t get any kind of feedback about this I’m ok with that anyway)


“…I have no respect… NO RESPECT I TELL YOU!...” the whining guy strikes again…

“WHAT DID I TOLD YOU ABOUT WHINING?!” Wonderpbolt snapped in rage back at the whining soldier with a sneer in her face, before getting a hold of herself and slowly turning back to face the camera “…*E-hem*, sorry for that, we’ve got some minor technical difficulties with the communications system, but like I was trying to say before the whole system went to fritz is that I accidentally damaged THE WHOLE NINBUS BASE!, is that bad?”

“ …Doubtful Statement: As long as is not sustained critical damage, blown to pieces, collapsed on its own weight and/or set on fire or all the previously mentioned at the same time again like the last time, negative, is acceptable enough” replied Sparklebolt before anypony else managed to snap back from the disturbing transmission.

“Err, is not like the last time Sparklebolt, let’s just say that somehow there’s muffins in places where there shouldn’t be in addition to the usual, if that’s the cases then Rodger that, this is Wonderpbolt, over and out! *Bufffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* Screen shown back the Wonderbolts Insignia spinning slowly to the left with the message of “CONNECTION TERMINATED” showing that the communication was over.

“…That…. was… the most disturbing transmission that I’ve ever heard and seen on screen in all my entire life….” Short Fuse commented out aloud catching the attention of his commanding officer.

“…Confirmation Statement: You and I Corporal… you and I, Query: Any news of Diamond Edge respecting the recent situation at hoof?” Sparklebolt replied and asked Short Fuse in her own unique way.

“No Ma’am, apparently only General Uniquebolt was the only one capable to constantly communicate with her as far as I know, nopony knows anything about any of them since her deployment to her mission, if Uniquebolt hasn’t said anything about her it probably means that she have yet to make contact or hasn’t got any findings about that yet Ma’am.”

“Acknowledge Answer: Understood, Query: any news about Silent Jade yet?” that answer doesn’t please Sparklebolt one single bit, unfortunately she can’t do anything about it but wait for updates.

“No Ma’am, not yet, she hasn’t sent us any encrypted message yet or made any kind of attempt of communication other than she hasn’t found anything solid yet and she will update us as soon as she finds something Ma’am” That doesn’t help the situation at all, as far as she’s concerned they’re running against the time and not even Celestia knows how much they have left.

“Answer: Acknowledged Corporal, Request: Please update me respect of the situation of said mentioned agents as soon as they report any of their findings, Statement: is imperative that we gather all the information we can before developing a way or a viable strategy to deal with the issue without any collateral damage or casualties involved.”

“Understood Ma’am… Ma’am?, something has breached the second wall… they’re reporting us that it’s Commander In Chief Flutterbolt who has returned from Canterlot, she’ll be here in a few moments Ma’am” Indeed, NINBUS and THE BURROW works with a weird defense and surveillance perimeter system developed and implemented by Commander Partybolt, this system is based into creating some kind of an imaginary “circular square zone” and each zone will be referred as a “wall”, the northern zone is the First wall, the Eastern zone is the Second Wall, the Southern zone is the Third Wall, and the Western Zone is called the fourth wall, each and every “wall” maintain a specially designated location area of high priority defense and surviliance, the First wall keeps watch to Cloudsdale… even if is a floating city itself in which not so man threats could get into it they must keep an eye on them, the Second wall to Canterlot for obvious reasons of national security and fast response in case of emergency, the Third wall to Ponyville and White Tail Woods due to its closeness to the base itself, and the Fourth Wall covers the entire Everfree Forest due to the same reasons than the Third one and also due to the fact of the high risk this forest in particular represents to the population of the nearby towns

“Answer: Acknowledge Corporal, please keep me kno-” Sparklebolt was interrupted by one of the door guards alerting everypony about a commanding officer entering into the Command Room, and not any of your run-on-the-mill officers…

“THE COMMANDER IS ON THE DECK!” and as if in cue, Commander In Chief Flutterbolt trots into the Command Center in Direction to Sparklebolt, and her detecting this turns towards her commanding officer and then she salute her as military protocol states.

“Welcome Back Lady Flutterbolt, Query: How was your meeting with Her Royal Highness?...” looking at the expression in the well hidden face of her commanding officer Sparklebolt made immediately another question. “Unsure Question: Is something wrong Lady Flutterbolt?”

“I need all the high command for an emergency meeting in my office in three hours from the end of the simulated general maneuvers from now on, please relay the order to everypony else in HIGH-COM now.” Nopony liked the extremely serious tone of voice Flutterbolt used to address her order to her executive officer, she usually was calm calmly serious, not dead serious, something wasn’t right if Fluterbolt was this serious right now, there’s no doubt that the base’s gossi-I mean Rumor Mi-I mean “Internal Intelligence Network” is going to be working over additional shifts to gather the enough information on what’s going on.

“At once Lady Flutterbolt” replied Sparklebolt immediately

“Good, I’ll be in my office in the meantime, I need to gather some materials and my thoughts on this before the meeting…” With that Flutterbolt retired from the command center towards an undisclosed location within the base where her office was located.

“Serious statement: You heard the orders Short Fuse, Order: Contact me with Partybolt, Applebolt, Uniquebolt and Wonderpbolt, we have a message to relay to them…” Sparklebolt said to the corporal ponning one of the communications stations on the room

“Right away Ma’am” replied Short Fuse without hesitating a second while preparing the transmission to other Wonderbolts High Command squadron in their special channel….



Hello everyone, I am Wing Zero 032, First I would like to apologize for the delay of publishing this chapter but I just got hit by a writer’s blockade (Naval blockade size Writer’s Block) composed by the Missile Destroyer: menial chores, The Aegis Class Battleship: University assignments, and three frigates called: Battlefield 3(Flash promotion from Second Lieutenant to Colonel thanks to Team Deathmatch servers) and Gran Turismo 5(Scoring 236th of the Best 250 best Mexican drivers on GT Academy), and the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers H.A.W.X.(Current Rank: Colonel), H.A.W.X. 2(Highest Rank of Colonel) and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon(Promoted to Level 8 and scoring among the best 1500 of the world!), but I’ve managed to evade them under heavy fire but I would like to sent a shout out and many thanks to Wandered D and Nonagon who had actually gave me permission to use their Quasi-OC’s Silent Jade and Diamond Edge from the stories “The Empty Room” and “Death Note: Equestria” respectively, Even if they are just being mentioned in this chapter they will have a very important development in the future.

Please, Read & Review!

This is Wing Zero Singing off!


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