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In an alternate Equestria where technology thrives, Twilight attempts to recreate the Crystal Palace's mirror portal using the most powerful supercomputer her royal stature can buy. It seems she succeeds, but the world she and her friends find on the other side is one they don't expect and can't imagine. And there are six small creatures waiting for them, knowing them by name and claiming they've waited their entire lives to see them.

But when a dark force takes hold and old enemies join with new ones, the girls learn that they were called to this world for a purpose... and that the Elements of Harmony alone might not be enough to stop what's been put in motion.

Collab with a handful of other authors, who I thank for their help and support.

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This story is a sequel to The Retribution of Chrysalis

Queen Chrysalis has spent the last few weeks living with Twilight Sparkle, hiding from the public eye and awaiting news of Princess Celestia's changeling relief effort. When Shining Armor discovers a critically injured changeling on the outskirts of Appleloosa, to Chrysalis' infinite delight, her hope for her race's survival is instantly reinvigorated.

But then the Canterlot hospital refuses to properly care for the changeling, leaving Cadance to provide the love he requires. The publicity forces Chrysalis to reveal herself to a fearful populace, driving her into the hooves of a fellow outcast. And perhaps worst of all, the awakened changeling has forsaken his queen. In his eyes, and in those of all of Equestria, Chrysalis must once again redeem herself.

Cover art by Nocturnal Melodies (No_M), drawn at my request for the story.

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With the population of the changeling race crippled by their expulsion from Canterlot, and their queen powerless to salvage it on her own, Chrysalis requires outside help from Equestria to get them back on their feet. But reaching out to Princess Celestia proves troublesome, as she cannot risk returning to Canterlot, and the one pony outside the city with a direct line to her is also the least willing to trust her. The salvation of her kingdom may rely on her making amends... and perhaps making friends as well.

Now has a sequel!

Cover art by Nocturnal Melodies (No_M), drawn at my request for this story.

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