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I have officially left Fimfiction. Thanks for the great 2 Years, Guys!


Serena and the girls after defeating the Cassenian Blossom are teleported to Equestria by an unknown force. This story takes place in the same as MSAIE so if it doesn't make sense with the story you'll know I haven't updated that story. Mainly 4 points of view will be here: Serena's, Geo's, Twilight's and Celestia's. Luna's may also be included but you'll have to wait and see.

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short but it improve... I hope.

it will I've got big plans for this story

How does Geo Stelar have to do with Sailor Moon? I mean... not to be a troll, but how Geo is in the story is not explained.

This story is meant to be a spin off of my main story, MegaMan Starforce Adventures in Equestria in which Geo and Sonia go to Equestria . To your question of what does Geo Stelar have to do with Sailor Moon, absolutely nothing!

:ajsleepy: Sorry. I just can't get into this. And I love Sailor Moon Crossovers so much.

I am cringing in metaphorical pain at reading the dub names of the senshi, so i shall just have to pretend to see their proper names XD That aside interesting concept

4603512 I completely understand your judgement on that being a Purist myself, but I used the other english names so I'd have to do the same for the Sailor Moon characters. But thanks and again completely understand fellow purist.

After they got back the Eternal powers were gone from them. They could only last in Equestria,

get your facts straight please this quote is directly blown away by the manga and Japanese anime, as it was shone that at least Sailor Moon could get to Eternal level as well as Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn

6587195 Why do you think I never want to hear from this story again? It's complete utter sh*t. Though this was back when I first started. Either way, just don't read it, there's more bull poop here. Go read a better story like I don't know even a Godamn FNAF crossover, just something other than this complete utter garbage!

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