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After a small mishap with a tracking spell, Twilight and her friends are sent to a strange, new world and get separated from each other. Will they manage to find eachother again with the help of this world's residents, or will they end up lost in this world?

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Which Digimon series is this supposed to be a crossover with?


Well, while it has the Digivices from season 2 of Digimon, this is crossed with a sorta Au Digital World. If it was crossed with one of te Digimon series, It would probably take place a few couple years after the events of Digimon Hunter...sorry. can't fully give ya a clear answer.:twilightsheepish:

seems to be a mishmash of bits and bobs from all of em so far. I would love to see a dna armor digivolution

5237142 Maybe. Though you might have to wait and see as teh story goes on

5237215 then wait I shall. I'll wait so long I'll start hallucinating again.

5238113 hello mr.pineapple is it time to save the world from azuhawa the nipplefish again? :pinkiecrazy:

5238119 0-o...ok. When someone uses Pinkamena..that's the cue to get the h-e- double hockey sticks out of there!*runs off in a blur*

5238127 I have issues. *frowns* and a burning desire to be hugged. Hug me :pinkiesad2:

5238175 *pokes head in*yes..but that's all your getting for now*pulls head back out*

5238193 More then enough my good pony. and let me say I am enjoying the story. :moustache:

Really want to see more of this, can't wait to see what Flutters and Pinkie get as partners, and YukiRena is perfect for Rarity

5249300 Thanks man. And don't worry, the next chapter will come out soon.

huh. nightmare rarity seems off. less evilish. oh to be certain still dark and malicious, but I don't really get a feel of evil. also and this is just me I hope flutters ends up with a really savage and scary partner just because it's funny

one of the better digimon crossovers out there :moustache::moustache::moustache:

I think you need a prereader. The premise and the story are good, but I've detected several typos, the most prominent being that you keep using "teh" instead of "the." It really takes the dramatic tension out of serious scenes. I wish you luck in the future, and I look forward to new chapters.

5296634 Thanks. With how long this story is possibly going to be, I'll need it.

5296566 I see...:twilightsheepish: also..ahem, the reason Nightmare Rarity was less evil here...well, let's just say something big is going to happen later on. Something really...reallybig...:pinkiecrazy:

Also, you made Applejack's partner LEOMON?! Leomon always dies, everyone know that! And it's Elecmon too, so when Leomon inevitably dies his heroic death, who will look after the Digimon Nursery?

5296661 ..Why says this version of Leomon is going to die? Also, as for who'll look after the Nursery zone if he does end up in a heroic death...that would be telling/spoilers.

5296673 Adventure, Tamers, Frontier... Any I'm missing? Leomon/Leomon variants always die.

5296677 That is true...Still, that might(keyword: MIGHT)not be the case in this story...

5296677 Let's not forget X Evolution. where he died in the first few minutes of the movie.

Nice use of Gratuitous Japanese, but then again, this is a Digimon crossover. I've forgotten about Nightmare Rarity. Also, I like how you portrayed YukiRenamon as a shinobi.

5304577 Thanks.:twilightsmile: Me and my aibous(partners) on fanfiction, Kamen Rider ZER0 and Overnerd03, do our best when it comes to stories.:pinkiesmile:

I do love this Digimon crossover. I may even give it a proper review sometime later.

5341710 Sweet. I hope to see it soon

Is PinkiePie already partnered with V-mon or is it some other digimon?

5341814 You'll have to wait and see for yourself what Pinkie Pie's Digimon partner is.

5341832 I am close. Right?:pinkiehappy:

So it maybe is a dragon type digimon... if not, then not many choices remain, red-themed digimon are not that common, and all of them are kinda well-known in the franchise, and there's also the fact that it may be the adult/champion form of Pinkie's partner, and we don't even know if they were flying... well, we'll know in time; also, good job on this chapter as usual:twilightsmile:

I see Guilmon in Pinkie's future, am I right? Plus he acted like a child in the show, so happy matches.
And yay, Salamon and Gatomon are so cute, can't wait for Angewoman or their armour digivolutions, keep up the good work :pinkiesmile:

Ooh, this incarnation of Tailmon is a fun one! I eagerly await more! Nyaa~

Atashi wa...Nightmare da

can somepony please translate for me:twilightblush:

this chapter almost killed me:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: oh my sides

Are we going to see any of the characters from the shows on here? Because that would be really cool =D

5354762 Maybe. Maybe not. You'll have to wait and see for yourself

Guilmon liking bread!? That's a Tamers reference.

5375623 it is. Keep an eye out as this story will have references to the older Digimon series form time to time.

Yah know what the funny part is? Last chapter I royally mixed up my digimon, when I said V-mon I was thinking of Shoutmon. :facehoof:

yes! pinkie has guilmon, that means my favorite mega might appear (hopefully this time he wont be replaced with a kinght form....well...i can deal if its chaosgallantmon i guess)

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