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If you smoke weed from a bong or from a joint, then this is the group for you.

Basically, do whatever the hell you want, but just some rules:

1. Don't kill each other in the forums. Basically, just don't try to criticize each other, because it's no fun being around with a high jerk.

2. You can talk about basically whatever you want. Marijuana is just something that you happen to like!

3. You can post stories, but I don't see why you would you want to. Am'i right?

Lastly, though it is not required, talk about the stuff that should be legalized around the world!

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i wrote fic about EqG Fluttershy & Tree Hugger Equestria's Twilight and Sunset shimmer smoking pot and going to TacoBell. It is in the stories section of this group. Thanks for letting me shamelessly self promote!

Hands down funniest thread ever read. Everyone was too stoned to do stuff or write stories. Fantastic.

We need moar stories,


Wish I was you. I live in Canada, so I can't legally do it.

But I do it anyways. :pinkiecrazy:

I don't indulge in it myself, but I'm a proud citizen of the state of Colorado, and tourism is big business. Legal marijuana is just one of many reasons to come here, and we'd love to have you visit. :pinkiehappy:


weed erryday

Kid Cudi is the king of marijuana. :eeyup: :yay:

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