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My name is Jenna May, I am fourteen years old. I can't walk, due to a car accident when I was five. I was permanetely paralyzed from the waist down, and I've been in a wheelchair for nine years. Today, my childhood friend, Tony, gave me my legs back, along with an extra pair. I can't thank him enough.

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Great story, but one question.

Why was this made tomorrow?

6305934 what do you mean tomorrow?

6305940 The date this story was posted is August 11th. It's still the 10th (at least where I live).

6305981 Other than that, this was a great story! I'd like to see more of these.

6305990 I have many more tf one shots

Kinda like this but different.

i just took a quick look right now, and it sounds interessting, if she is going to stay a Pony, then i hope there is a sequel, one - shots always have something missing, even if some are pretty good.

I think i still read it later, but i still would like an answer.

6307470 I think I'll make a sequel sometime

YEAH! Another work by you! I REALLY enjoy your works, and can't wait to get to work!

Well that was a sweet story a bit better than the other ones (you made a mistake about the main character saying the pill lasts for 12 hours rather than 24 like the note, I think that's the only critical mistake in there) I really like how it ended though. I wonder if you can do one-shot TFs of Diamond Dogs and... wait I'll be making a request nevermind.

I think Sniper knows a better story about a series of events that never happened.

6307949 I didn't even realize it lol thanks for that I Will fix that

6307949 the note doesn't say it lasts for that long it says not to use more than one in that period of time. :derpytongue2: read the original story 'Pon-E'

Huh. An illegal drug that turns humans into ponies? This is something I want to explore.

I think the phrase "what are you smoking, and can I have some" works quite well here.

Oh, you'll want to go back and hyperlink Pon-E in your author's note. It's just some simple BBCode. Lots of people (including me) who haven't read it will appreciate that.

6308190 sadly I can't do that with my android. I can copy links but it never pastes them. and in case you were thinking, I don't have a computer or anything else to use. Besides, it can't be hard to put the name into the search bar and hit enter. Also, if you enjoyed the story,please leave a like :D

"I wish this would last forever! I can walk!"

Next time, take 2 pill's, there you go:twilightsheepish:

Is there, like a whole fanon to this? I can't seem to find anything besides the original story. If there is more, please show me to it. I really, really like this idea.

6308881 there's another one related to it, other than that, min, the original, and the other are the only ones.

Reading sorry i did it late!!! i was in Ohio !! home now time to read

And that time is now.

Ok, right off the bat this story suffers from... (with lack if a better term) Snowdrop syndrome. It's where you make a character as pathetic as possible in an attempt to make that character loved by the reader. I for one, don't really care about this tactic. Meaning I'm not for it, or against it.

Ok apart from the certain lack of a freak out (that is required in these stories) and a consequence, seeing as the drug is ILLEGAL, it was ok. It wasn't one of your better stories... But it certainly wasn't your worst.

(Joke) Time travel, duh.



I am legally blind myself, and I hate Snowdrop. She's such a pathetic excuse for a blind person. This story isn't anywhere near as bad.

I can say from experience that this is not how a disabled person acts, especially if it's something they've been dealing with for a long time. It's depressing, yes, but you work around it

The character in this story isn't too bad. She hasn't reached the degree of Snowflake syndrome that Snowflake reached. It's tolerable.


I'm not totally blind. I can still see enough to be on here.

I didn't mean tha- them BOTH being disabled was not taken into account. It's just trying to make the character as pathetic as possable. That's what I ment

I don't see how you can say this story sucks.It's pretty good

6314226 because my tf storis never turn out good lol

6314511 thanks. I recently submitted a new one shot earlier called Imprisonment, so look out for that one :D

Best... Story... EVER! :D

Good lord.... I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOORE :flutterrage:

Although seriously this fic was pretty dang good.

Aww, I wanna be a pony! :fluttershysad:

6354189 don't we all? Well, I wanna be an anthropomorphic unciorn to be exact. I have my reasons :3

6354217 what reasons would that be? :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

We need more of these Pon-E stories.

Also, best alternative to regular drugs. Especially for bronies.

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