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I wake up, go to school, and discover my friend has turned into his favorite MLP character. Would somebody mind filling in the details for me?

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Tastless Cheerios and cheap coffee

I had that this morning, I feel like you're stalking me... :moustache:

6764487 No, I just know a bit too much about life. Like Misletoe is actually poisonous

Why do they have school on Christmas eve


Probably takes place in Geneva. School ended on the 23rd, pretty close to the 24th. Either that or some other country that does that. Maybe a country where the dominant religion isn't Christianity.

Or, I'm just overthinking things. Cool story, I hope Micheal liked it...

Pun is not a verb. :ajbemused:

You're not supposed to explain what you're referencing. :ajbemused:

It was an okay scene, with decent enough dialog. :ajsmug:

6808834 It was something i had to quick dish out in one night, so its okay if you say it sucks. I dont think i did good on it really

(My inquisitive look slowly increases until my one raised eyebrow shoots off of my face and through the ceiling, never to be seen or heard from again. Although it is spoken in legend that it will cause the end of the universe) WWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHT?! :rainbowhuh:

What? WHAT? ._. Waht? Wat? Que?

Ok I'm better.

This was... Interesting. The dialogue was... Odd to say the least. If one of my friends suddenly transformed into an anthropomorphic animal, the last question on my mind would be "can I feel you up?" XD.

I think I'll have to re read this just to absorb whatever was going on XD although I will say that girls can wear boxers. No one minds that.

Ok went through it.

Girls wear bras for a reason, they bounce around like motherfuckers. It's hilarious and very noticeable.

This is a very optimistic view on how someone would react changing gender, species and voice.

Maybe I'll write a counter view of this. Im trying to make a name for myself as The One That Does Those Depressing Stories ^.^ I love it.

Overall... Odd but nothing outright terrible. Give it a like for its outlandishness alone.

6830359 no problem. I enjoyed the oddness.

6830491 I have the second chapter done on google docs, since Michael asked for more. Should I add it on here?

6830507 I don't see why not.

Bring it!

6830507 Bring it! Bring it good!

Fun story. :facehoof:

I don’t care I would be the opposite gender, because just being a pony would make up for that!

At the start perhaps but he would be eating those words after a while unless there's more to him than meets the eyes. But I guess I'm just reading to much into this.

Girls wear bras for a reason, they bounce around like motherfuckers. It's hilarious and very noticeable.

And painful for some.

....Woah, that was odd...

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Aw, that's so cute, Tex. You're becoming a brony!

Idk xD

6956624 Which part: The outburst or the realization?

>> Doctor Tex Both!

I sthere gonna be a sequal?

There was nothing bad with this story, it was perfectly decent as a gift for your friend, but other than that it was mostly unremarkable.

Though there was plenty of potential to be had with this setting and characters. I was left wanting to know more about them, as only a little of who they were as people came through their behavior and dialogue, teasing us of their true identities in life.

I hope you'll consider further exploring the pieces you set up in this fic. I'd like to see if that potential I mentioned can be molded into something grand. :)

liked it but felt like it was unfinished or it felt like it needed a sequel

She glared at us an evil glare. "Quiet!"


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