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This story is a sequel to A Day as Vinyl Scratch


My little sister Tara makes a wish, everyone starts to turn into ponies and others creatures, and the town gets quarantined from it. Suddenly, Tara is now the ruler of Ponyville, Alabama. At least she gave me the ability to change from my Vinyl Scratch form to myself as I please...

Only the form she sees as "myself" is a female human Vynil from Equestria Girls -_-

Story by Vinyl-ScratchDJ17 with the collaboration of Pinklestia

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K ill read this

I will descend from the heavens and read this story!:derpytongue2:

Ok so I like it
but their are some errors. Like forgetting indents and spelling errors.
Nice plot though

I hope that this story is going to be a good one.

Quarantined?More possibly "Make them burn".


Hence the big bold letters saying we are still looking for a beta reader.

Well this is..... Ehm..... Surely interesting? I'll see what it brings i guess.

:coolphoto: Hmm.. I seem have stumpled upon this... I shall not read it c: cause it does not appeal to meh

6365018 you have no idea how much I get that XD BUT I'm trying my best to better my writing. Although I've gotten a LOT better since I started the site.

Comment posted by eeveedude632 deleted Aug 27th, 2015

Im cool for reading this! Sign me up!



Then please go ahead and do it.

I will definately read this story. In fact, I even noticed a small mistake.

"Her best friends into the flower trio, Lyra and Bon Bon, ( She does not like the name Sweetie Drops) and Rose Luck."

Sorry but Lyra and Bon Bon are NOT part of the flower trio.

The actual Flower Trio happen to be Rose Luck, Lilly Valley, and Daisy.

Just pointing out that little corrective measure, simply due to the fact that they are completely different ponies. If you had misspelled one of them, I would probably let someone else have that spotlight.

I hope you don't make this a short story, because the concept of someone turning into vinyl scratch is awesome, and this story is one of the only ones to actually meet and exceed the expectations of the concept.

6376412 have you read the prequel? It was featured :D

I have, and it is the greatest human turned pony story I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I was sad when logan turned back, but when I saw that the sequel was up, I instantly added this to my tracking bookshelf so I could read the awesomeness that was 'welcome to the herd: quarantined.'

6376461 yerp, and I'm working with pinklestia on it. Well, she did a major chunk in this I've been brain dead for ideas lately.

I am SO GLAD I don't live in Alabama.

6386895 lol. Downvotes were at seven now they're at three. Hmmm. That also means the upvotes went from 32 to 36.

6386895 Dude, fuck you! I would KILL for a chance at Poneh! (Fuck you wasn't an insult, just an expelitive in surprise.)

6407917 if I had the choice, I'd want to be an anthropomorphic unicorn. I have my reasons :D

6407925 Same. Gender doesn't really matter to me. But, think of it this way. Wings with no magic, or magic and wing spell? There's really only one logical thing. I also have... Other... Reasons...

6407935 I'd like to keep my hands and not have to learn to walk again. And if I could use magic it would save me a lot of money

6407949 Magic would totally be the shit, though...

6407962 yeah, I guess. Then I'll be an earth pony. I'm afraid of heights, so a Pegasus won't do.

6407989 Man, Earthies can really do some kick-ass shit. Criminally underrated, right there.

6408027 Right! Or AJ. Super strength, extra stamina, extra durability, even a higher pain tolerance. As well as... BIGGER in other places, as well...

6408042 they use the same base, but with different colors, and styles. So, it's not actually.

6408063 I meant bigger DOWN SOUTH, as it were. Don't make me spell it out for you.

6408089 THEY HAVE BIGGER GENITALIA. Man, thick, much?

6408109 Actually, AJ is my least favorite of the Mane Six. But, who WOULDN'T wanna be just a little bit bigger, eh?

6408457 I wanna be a poneh!! I wish those PON-E pills were an actual thing.

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