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Twilight one night found a crying pink blob, and she could swear it was a changeling...but changelings aren't pink blobs...so she takes the creature in.

Featured: 11/30/2015! (For like ten minutes XD)

Chapters (2)
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Twilight finds herself staring at a perfect replica of herself. It smiled.

It would be interesting to see if it kept the Ditto 'Dot eyes', as they usually do when transforming.

6665924 they dont usually keep the dotted eyes. that episode was about a woman's ditto who had problems transforming the eyes.

It was a nice read, but there wasn't much if anything in the way of a real conflict to tie the story together. Even slice of life fics have some sort of 'happening' that gives the story a reason to be there, you know?


Yes it is a conflict, but it is not one that really ties the story together. It would be interesting to see if you go anywhere else with this premise. Are there any plans on trying to get Ditto home, or is this going to be his life now? If so, are there any ramifications of him staying in Equestria? What if he goes and unknowingly impersonates the wrong pony, causing a string of hi-jinks and problems to arise?

There's much more you can do with this universe, and stopping it here leaves the story feeling kinda flat.



I see the potential, I just have yet to see it executed to its fullest. :twilightsmile:

6665976 i dont wanna mess the story up so maybe make a second chapter with said material?


Either way. Whatever you prefer.

2nd person

Doesn't that mean the story is meant to be written a bit more like this?:

You strolled through the streets of Ponyville, on the way back to your majestic castle from your usual stroll through the town. The moon was shining bright in the cloudless midnight blue sky, and the smell of summer greeted your nostrils. You had planned to go home to have another sleepover with all of your friends at the castle, but little did you know, you'd soon be adding an unexpected guest to the list.

6666157 :P Don't worry. Before I began using fimfiction, I had no idea what "2nd person" point of view was, only 1st and 3rd...


I'd say just either write a new story, or add onto this one

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie stood in silence in a dark room. The door opened, and in came Rarity.

"Ahem, ladies?" she asked. Rarity carried Twilight's once living body with a pillow stuck half way into her cut stomach. "So I see we are all safe?"


"Um... sure..."


"Hay yeah we are!"

The other mares replied. "Now, tell me, did anypony happened to kill Ditto one the way here...? No...? Then we still have a problem." Rarity stated before dropping Twilight's body upon the floor.

"Ohhhoho, real problem!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash sarcastically as she fiddled with the pillow that was thrown into Twilight hard enough to cut her open. "I've killed plenty of Changelings; those bug-eyed love-obsessin' scumbags, like you-- off!" Rainbow threw the pillow in the air, and it landed upon her head... purposely. "... no offense." Rainbow added with an embarrassed smile towards Rarity.

"I assure you that if those Changelings were that desperate than they are not like me. And nothing, nothing like the creature in this building!" said Rarity.

"What are you, president of it's fan club?" asked Rainbow Dash with the other ponies laughing behind her.

"No..." Rarity answered before she wrapped a folder with her blue magic. "But I am sure you would be for the Wonderbolts!" she finished before she threw the folder upon a table, purposely letting it's contents slide out. The four photos within the folder were- a picture of Rainbow Dash kissing her Soarin' poster; cuddling with a Spitfire plushie in bed; wearing a Wonderbolt mask while talking to herself in the mirror, and finally praying to all her plushies, action figures, posters, and costumes with candles all around.

Rainbow Dash stammered at the sight.

"Indeed," Rarity confirmed, "and now Ditto is here to make us bury this secret in our graves! So listen here, filly, a pornography of you and your action figures is going to be the second worse thing that happens to you today. He is lose in the castle, he has killed Twilight in the pillow fight. And worse of all, it can be any one of us! It can be you, it can be you, it can even be me--"

Rarity was hit in the face by a pillow.

"What? It was obvious!" Applejack stated. "She's the Pink DItto! Look, she's a-gonna flash white any second now... any second now... see?! White...! Wait... that's her coat..."

"So... we still have a problem...?" asked Fluttershy nervously.

"Yup, seems so," Applejack replied.

Rainbow Dash quietly plucked up a pillow and slowly levitated her way to the three remaining mares.

"Now t' find that little varmit..." Applejack said aloud. Rainbow Dash prepared to throw the pillow.


This reminds me a lot of Ponyville's New Pet, and I LOVE it. So much so that it hurts that this is only a one shot:fluttercry::raritycry::pinkiesad2:

That was weird, but kind of cute. I think I like the pinkgoopythingielings better than the blackbuggythingielings.

now you all know not to challenge me to a pillow fight

6667388 Well I'm gonna be making a second chapter :D
6667530 Not sure what those are XD
6667681 yes...never mess with Ditto!


Who will win?:pinkiecrazy:

I can picture this as a meme:

6673633 :D I saw what you did thrererererrrrerererer :D

And then it turns out to be Majin Buu!

Because MORE crossover! :pinkiecrazy:

I thought Pokémon could only say their names so why is Ditto suddenly copying Dashie word for word?

6674564 Ponies arent pokemon, so when ditto turned into dashie, it gave him the ability to speak

Comment posted by MaggotKing556 deleted Nov 27th, 2015

6674258 It was an odd little tale... but nopony died in gruesome fashion, so whatevers! :rainbowkiss:

6675511 dude...I've gotten 62 straight upvotes :D would thee like to contribute? XD

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