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Slightly insane, but then again, who isn't?


While trying to get their cutie marks near the border of the Everfree Forest, the Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter a strange creature. It follows them back to Ponyville where the other residents of Ponyville each get to encounter this gelatinous blob. How will these encounters turn out?
Lets find out.

Takes place between seasons 3 and 4.
Warning: May contain moments of extreme D'aww.
Learn more about SCP-999 by clicking on its name.
This is my first story; sorry if it isn't that good.

Featured on 6/7/2014

Chapters (13)
Comments ( 340 )

Isn't this the tickle-blob?

I just randomly found this. This is wonderful. Not much else to say except for the fact that I would like to see where this is going. How will they react to a big blob of peanut butter flopping around town? I would love to see.

I'm more concerned that the Foundation exists in universe. Oh crap. :rainbowderp:

I just saw this while browsing "Comedy" and love it. But what is the crossover?

Oh God, an SCP crossov--oh wait, it's the cute hnnnngg one.

wow...good job, i am defently faving this, can't wait for more....

In the next chapter, SCP 999 will [REDACTED] all of the [REDACTED], resulting in all of the [REDACTED] being [REDACTED] by [REDACTED]
Please, stay [REDACTED]

fuck oops i mean BUCKING HELL THE CHAPTER ENDED TO QUICKLY MOARRRRRRRRRR:scootangel::flutterrage:

Comment posted by Bubbabob deleted Aug 7th, 2013

Glad you like it so much. :twilightsmile: Don't worry, I'll try to get the next chapter out by tomorrow.

I want 12 of SCP-999. He's just so....HNNNNNNGH.

3005775 So, no [DATA EXPUNGED]? I think we're safe then :twilightsmile:

3006523 Yes, fortunately [REDACTED] won't be in Equestria to [DATA EXPUNGED]

I came, I saw, I d'awwed like a little girl seeing her first pony. Good work.

Don't forget the time the keter with [REDACTED] had █████ and initiated an XK scenario.

No problem. The Foundation is my trade.

3008277 Good news. We sure don't need to receive another incident log like Document ███-07; losing Site-0█ was bad enough once, a repeat would strain the Foundation's coffers a little. Not to mention Clef's still pissed off about his coffee mug.

Though in all seriousness, I was talking about [DATA EXPUNGED] as it being that "Oh God give me some Class-A amnesiacs FOR GOD'S SAKE I WAS NEVER MEANT TO KNOW THIS!" kind of information. Since [REDACTED] is used most often to eliminate the need for filler information in the SCP's flavor text and all...

3009517 Errr... :unsuresweetie: I think you need to touch up on your syntax a little. Your comment makes no sense.

Excuse me, Dr. Gears.

XK class end-of-the-world scenario.

3009594 Not what I meant, Agent ██████.

"Don't forget the time the keter with [REDACTED]"

What did you mean by using keter as an object? if you're referring to an SCP, you have to say Keter-class, upper case and everything, or people will think you're talking about a fancy new crown... though Clef might like that. He's due a photo to Bright, last I heard. Why? Hell if I know.
Anyway, at least put Keter with upper case so we can differentiate. Remember that the Foundation has standards for internal messages, as loose as they may be.

BTW, I'm using the lower font size for "meta" messages.

This is interesting please continue! :twilightsmile:

Clicked the wrong button, right? Gosh, if Hasbro gave away a pony toy every time somebody hit Publish instead of Save...

Comment posted by Bubbabob deleted Aug 8th, 2013

OMG! It's the tickle blob. The only thing that can make SCP-682 act "cute".

Gonna put this on the definitely read later pile.

Well... that was cute.

3012143 Well, that one SCP that is a living tank is kinda cute.... well... I have a weird meaning of cute.

I just hope that 999 is the ONLY one in Equestria... Oh God. 173 is right behind me isn't it? WHERE'S 131A AND B?!?!?! OH GO-XSDOGFCHHSFEDGTJVBJVGCFX GFV DHFQPI PHIPFQ DWH PJWIWd oug hfvh

3012385 Show me the link to the living tank!

This is actually specifically referenced on SCP-999's page where they introduce it to SCP-682. Think about it, a lizard creature that is not only hideous to our eyes but hates everything in our universe could laugh like a child when the tickle blob plays with him.

About to read, saw the pic and thought "Earwax monster?"

LOVE IT DUDE, Continue please. :pinkiesmile:

An SCP story? About one that ISN'T about 173, 682, or something else that can destroy Equestria or mind-rape the ponies?


Hey! Look at that, another SCP that doesn't cause death/destruction/misery in some way shape or form!
Bringing the positive personally known SCP count to... four... Well, that's what makes the nice SCPs so much more precious.

How nice SCP-999 is indeed! :D I look forward to future chapters.
And the writing is not bad for a first timer! Nice work.

Looks like Pinkie has some competition...
And by competition, I mean a new overlord in the buisness of making ponies happy.

Yeesh... ponies already seem to be enormously joyful and pleasant before in comparison. Peanut Butter is going to make them gag reflexingly cheery.

Wonder where this story is gonna go, still that was a fun read! :pinkiehappy:

Very much like this story. Great Job! Looking forward to reading more.:duck:

Gonna read it soon. No scp-682 in Equestria, right?

Then motherfucking Dr.Bright came through the mother fucking wall riding SCP-044 laughing like a mad man with SCP-261 tied onto it being dragged along.

Oh my sweet Celestia. SCP-999 looks so cute in the cover art.

Now, on to the story.

From what I have read so far, it is a good idea. A reference to the dictionary joke from the show makes it seemingly set after the episode that contained the joke. This gives it a sense of a time "space" that this story took place in.

The descriptive writing is very much descriptive and the words seem to flow effortlessly as SCP-999 is apprehended.

Blah Blah Blah fic Blah blah blah SCP-999 I just enjoy this story overall and don't want to spend more time over-analyzing it. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:/5 mustaches for you, sir.

Dr.Blitzer: Recording is now live.

Guard: Noted. Continue with your research.

A whoosh is heard; presumably from a closing airlock.

Dr.Blitzer: Hm. *Shuffling papers* SCP-999, you are now under the jurisdiction of the SCP foundation. Whatever you do will *squelching sounds are heard, possibly from SCP-999.* Hey, what the-"

More squelching as video feeds show SCP-999 tackling Dr. Blitzer.

Dr.Blitzer-HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my sweet Celestia! Please, 999; stop!

999 heeds Dr. Blitzer's request as more squelching is heard and SCP-999 rolls off of the researcher.

As Dr.Blitzer recovers, he writes in on his clipboard; still laughing moderately.

"SCP-999 will be reclassified as *heh heh* Safe. Classification may change as it may show signs of hostility."

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