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This story is a sequel to Night of the Werewolf

After fully harnessing their powers as werewolves, Vinyl and Octavia open a stand by the town hall, biting paying ponies who wish to be werewolves. What can go wrong?

(here's da sequel dat ya'll wanted)

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Comments ( 59 )

Lighthearted and funny. Like.

biting paying ponies

That sounds oddly familiar...

That was not a good idea on their part. But it made for a funny story so all is well. I liked it.

6559435 you liked it, but did you like it? XD if you know what i mean, and thanks :D

6559448 Yep I did. Was the first one too

6559485 i see. what was your favorite part of the story? and i assume adding Doctor Whooves was a good twist, right? did i play him correctly or naw?

Awwww,. Great story!!

6559656 watt is a form of power represented in joules.

and thus the werewolf apocalypse began

6559780 yusss. and was the Cia thing a funny plot twist or what?

This kind of reminds me of a story where it turned out that everyone was a changeling all along. Weird, but enjoyable.

6559821 that sounds like a very large cliched idea XD but did you enjoy it

And thus the entire infrastructure of the government had to be changed to commadate all the new werewolves the end

Might want to not put "sequel to the night of the werewolf" in the title unless that is literally the title of your story.

There's a sequel function for a reason. I suggest you look it up on this site!

6560169 again with the literal title thing XD you're like CromeMaqurade, except he spams that fricking youtube video on everybody's stories XD

6560188 I'm trying to be equally helpful and humorous.

Just make sure to remove the sequel part from your title, because I see you added it as a sequel now so kudos :3

just do it!" Said Sweetie Belle with a voice of encouragement.

someone make a meme of this!
Also make another sequel please :pinkiehappy:

6560278 XD maybe i will. look at me the show is called "My Little Pony" im changing it to "My Little Werewolf" XD

What about "My Little Wolfie, My Little Wolfie, Ah ah ah ah aaaaaah"

Lol this was definitely a change of pace, and I loved it.

6560769 thanks mon :D i had a few twists in there, which one did you like the most?

Wow, do I have to pick? :D
I guess it would be the Celestia one, if you could do maybe another oneshot chronicling the noble's/guard's reaction to hers and luna's, that would be awesome I'm sure.

Especially Blueblood's freakout.

6560793 I was planning on doing that, but these fics are aimed at vinyl and octavia

Well, I'm sure you have some kind of plan, so good luck, and may it come soon-ish!

6560822 maybe tomorrow, and maybe this will be featured still and the new one gets featured as well along with the first, meaning i will have three featured stories since this one and night of the werewolf are currently in the feature box

Definitely one of the best endings I've ever seen on this cite. I applaud you.

What was the song that was mentioned at the end?

6559500 The ending part where Vinyl and Octavia said it wasn't such a good idea. Just imagining their faces when they saw Ponyville the next morning had me laughing my head off. The part with Luna and Celestia was funny as well.

Lol imagine a displaced landing in this Equestria!

"Sorry mr displaced but you really aren't needed to defend Equestria because everyone is a kickass werewolf! Oh you don't like dogs mr displaced? Don't worry mr displaced, we won't bite!" Then mr displaced runs off to the everfree where things are less insane.

6564247 *Poof* (Fictional Fanatic appears.)
"I'll be stealing that idea, thank you very much."
*Poof* (Fictional Fanatic disappears.)

(Not really, I'm just kidding.)

6566267 idc, make a knock off if you so wish. i would love to see it :D

6566290 Might do in the future, but right now, I have far too much to do.

6566301 i see :D and im running out of ideas for night of the werewolf, so do you have anything you might want to see in the next chapter? (I still cant belive that story and this one were both featured :D night of the werewolf was featured for five or six days :O)

I see flaws in this story... Like... AJ didnt have to pay for AB to get bit... Or herself... Just make her brother bite then both, they save bits and and everypony is a werewolf! Same with Tia, She would just bite her own sister; no need to pay Octi or Vy to get bit she could do it herself... And then the hole thing would fall though once other ponys figured this out and in the end they would make no more bit from biteing others...

6567980 that would have made this story really complicated if i did it that way. i thought of that too, but it was a lot easier this way.

6568000 I completely understand... I just thought I'd point it out LOL... I can totally see the ponys not thinking of it until later on, And then being like DOH! lol

6568042 Oh horse apples i could have been a werewolf for free...XD

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