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My parents are gone for the day, leaving me to myself. So I decided to make the biggest mistake of my life by letting my curiosity bring me to venture into the "forbidden" room. I had no idea that my plan to have a great day to myself and my girlfriend would be ruined just by turning the knob, and pushing the door open. Or so I thought it was ruined. (Rainbow Dash TF)

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Let's see how this goes XD


That was interesting :)

shoes with straps

Wow, this guy is revolting. :rainbowlaugh:

Well... *cough** cough* alrighty then.

5823406 I know. This whole story was a fail. Note to self: never write when high...


I kept waiting for him to mention how much he loves chicken tendies. That goes beyond fail, all the way around to win, I think. :derpytongue2:

I enjoyed this story strangely haha, I want more chapters

5827009 ignores ur comment do to ur very adorable pic of sunset shimmer

5829604 haha are we laughing at my comment or your comment?

this is the best one yet!!

Notice my cutie mark
Anyway about that story you have inbetween those nice strong hands of yours.
My family told me not to go into the Forbidden room because that's where all Dads experiments go. He takes the donated body's of dead people and cooks them up and eats them. When I was alone, well first I jack off to ponies the go down the stairs preceding the forbidden room's door. I went down the steps, it was real dark. I was real scared. But then there and behold, lay waste grasping my ankle. Was Rustle Brand? And his ideas!

5824503 there. I put in ur little request of love for chicken tendies into my story.

5832144 idk. but boy she looks so cute!!!

When shall I get a sequal

6018309 thank you, I really did like the story and would like to see how the parents react and what not, also, my sunset shimmer approves all comments you have given her.

6018472 she so fricking ADORABLE!! I'm sad she's not real and I can't hold, and hug and love her. I love kids.

6301266 Wait, you DON'T find that rude? Still, sorry for sounding rude.

6301477 I inadvertently offended Mythrilmoth after (Mis)taken Identity took 6 months to update. I try to be careful around pointing out false promises regarding updates.

6301537 oh, but why? And why now?

6301540 Because I'm bored, reckless, and well, I generally don't know either.

and a cup of milk, made by my loving mother

Are you talking about dry milk I tried that stuff and it was awful. I had to fish out my cereal from the dry milk cause it was so awful.

Short and silly, but sets itself up perfectly for a longer more serious story where you explain how they get the element back.

6315560 although it would be really interesting

Still waiting on mah sequal.

Clarice is a jerk. You've written stories where the girlfriend stays with the guy before, why not now?

6405909 don't wanna be repetitive
6327657 writers block

That's... :derpyderp1: actually a really legitimate reason.

......and he's just OK with it? MIND ALTERING magic confirmed.

Twilight's been screwing around with dark magic again...

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