• Published 16th Apr 2022
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Valhalla - DanishDash

It's been four years since Thor left Equestria and Applejack. Missing her beloved, Applejack decides to find a way to get to his world! (Not connected to the marvel universe)

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Chapter 7: Reunion

Her heart was pounding fast, she had to hurry, she had to reach him. Applejack ran and ran, but it was like she didn't get any closer, as if she was running under water. All around her there were shapes, shadows of huge creatures on two legs. They were bulky, fat, strong, and disgusting. She couldn't make out the details of their faces, but she knew what they were.

She ran between them, trying to move forward before it was too late. She could hear music, music playing from all around. The more progress she made, the stronger the music became. She called out a name, but she couldn't hear her own voice.

Panic overtook her, and she willed herself forward!

It was then that she saw them, Thor, and some old mare she had never seen before. However she felt cold whenever she looked at her. She had a gray coat, a silver colored mane and a tail. She was thin, almost just bones, and she was surrounded by a dusty brown cloak.

The mare was smiling, dancing with Thor, who looked jolly as he swung the old mare around. Something was wrong, Applejack knew it, and she tried to call out his name, but she had no voice, and the music only seemed to grow louder.

Applejack pressed forward, but the creatures stood more closely around the clearing they had made for Thor and the mare. The closer she got, the more difficult it became to get past the many legs. The music started to pick up, and Applejack felt colder and colder, as if a chill was in the air, sucking up the warmth all around her.

When she looked up towards Thor, she found to her horror that the muscular stallion looked thinner. His blonde mane and beard was turning gray, and his eyes seemed to widen as he seemed to realize something. Thor tried to move away, but the old mare just smiled, holding Thor tighter. With each passing second, Applejack watched as the stallion grew older right in front of her.

His legs started to shake, his muscles vanished, his beard became longer, losing its color as it did so. Gently, almost motherly, the mare laid Thor down onto his back. He just looked at her, his mouth hung open, and his eyes filled with terror.

Applejack cried out, as she tried for one final push to reach him before he lost his life, but suddenly there was no floor. She started to sink, and looking down she saw there was no longer any floor beneath her hooves. Instead there were hundreds of golden shining apples. She screamed, trying to swim out, but she just kept sinking, the apples overtaking her, and finally swallowing her...

With a gasp Applejack's eyes shot open, it was as if she had been under water, gasping for the much needed air. Panting, Applejack sat up, her mind just waking up, trying to order her thoughts. Her heart was pounding, and it felt like she had been running a marathon.

She tried to recall what she had seen, but it was like the images she had seen were floating away. She knew she had seen Thor, and something bad had happened. She couldn't recall, her mind couldn't reach them. As her heart calmed, she let herself drop onto her back, staring up at the ceiling.

It was morning, the sun's rays were shining through the small window, casting beams of light that lit up the room. She didn't even remember going to sleep, or how she got to bed. Closing her eyes, she went over the events of yesterday. They had been traveling, got caught in a storm, they were attacked, and...


Applejack opened her eyes as she sat up, looking to the bed next to hers. It was empty, no Mac. The bed was made, but the bucket with bloody bandages was still there. She let out a sigh, rubbing her head with her hoof as she tried to recall when she had fallen asleep.

She was just about to get up when she heard a gentle knock on the door. "Come in," she called, her voice feeling a little sore.

The door opened, and in trotted Rainbow Dash. She looked tired, probably still exhausted from the day before, but otherwise she looked like she was in good health. "You're awake," she said, trotting over to Mac's bed and sat down on it. "How are you feeling?" When Applejack looked confused, she continued. "Mac said you just collapsed yesterday. So we didn't want to wake you up."

Applejack sighed. "I don't even remember..."

"It's cool, I think we were all just exhausted." Rainbow Dash chuckled. "Mac and Apple Bloom are downstairs eating breakfast, Pippin went out to see if our things are still in the wagon." At that moment Applejack's stomach decided to make its hunger known. The growl made Rainbow Dash laugh. "Hungry?"

Applejack smirked. "Starving..." She got up, and so did Rainbow Dash. They made their way to the door, when Applejack suddenly stopped, putting her hoof on Rainbow. "Dash, about yesterday..."

"It's fine," Rainbow Dash cut her off. "You don't have to say it." She didn't look at her, she looked at the floor drawing an invincible circle with her hoof. "What happened was no one's fault. We got attacked, Mac was wounded, and we were all scared..." She let out a sigh, looking up at Applejack. "I don't blame you for that, neither does Mac. Okay?"

Applejack was a little taken aback, not sure how to respond. "I..."

Rainbow smirked, nudging her friend. "Come on, Aj, don't go all pity party on me. Let's get down and get some food." Smiling, Applejack nodded and followed her friend downstairs.

The main room of the inn was not very busy, only very few ponies were there, and most of them were eating breakfast. It was pretty quiet, but was still cozy. The fireplace was not lit, and neither were the candles. The only light was the light coming in from the sunny day outside.

Rainbow Dash led Applejack across the room, and it didn't take much searching before Applejack spotted her siblings. Mac looked much better, as he wolfed down small mountains of pancakes. Apple Bloom in the meantime, munched on some toast. Her eyes lit up as she spotted her sister, and she waved at Applejack as they approached.

"Morning, Applejack!" She smiled.

Applejack smiled, happy to see her little sister in a better mood. "Morning everypony." She greeted, and sat down at the table with Rainbow Dash following.

"Mawnin'" Mac said in-between bites.

Looking up at her older brother, Applejack's smile did get a little smaller. "How are you feeling, Big Mac?"

He swallowed, wiping his mouth with a napkin. "Don't you worry none. My leg still hurts a little, but I feel much better today."

Her smile widened again, mostly of relief. She was happy to see her brother was doing much better, and it was good to see him eat. The conversation they had yesterday still lingered in her mind, and she did want to talk about it. However she didn't want to worry the others, and she much rather enjoyed the moment of peace for as long as they had it.

Normally Applejack wouldn't have touched the food before she knew who was paying for it, and how. However, she was too hungry not to take a plate and start eating. If they could not pay, she would work off any debt they might have. As they ate, they started some small talk. It wasn't about Midgard, Asgard, gods, giants, or the wolves, it was just everyday stuff. It helped take their minds off the events of the last few days, and the fact they were in a different world.

It was not to last though, as Applejack saw the door open, and Pippin Apple stepped inside. He spotted them, and smiled. Applejack was just about to get up and greet him, but he gestured with his hoof for her to sit down. Pippin made his way over, greeted them, and sat down.

"By the gods, do I have some good news for you all." He said, his grin as big as they had ever seen it.

"What is it?" Asked Mac before he swallowed his last pancake.

"Well first things first," Pippin clarified. "The wagon is gone, it will be too much of a hassle to try and get it anywhere, so I made a deal with the local grocer. We made a deal, and I sold it, along with a few other items. I paid for the healer, and our stay at the inn."

"Sorry about the wagon..." Apple Bloom said, looking a little guilty. She felt as much at fault as any of them, but it wasn't her fault, or anypony for that matter.

Pippin knew this, and waved off her comment with his hoof. "Not anyone's fault, and it is just a wagon after all. Been much worse if it was any of us." He shot Mac a look, but then continued. "In any case, we are on Apple territory now, so we have a few relatives living in this village. I asked a cousin of mine for some help, and he would be willing to take us to Apple Hall after breakfast."

"That's great news!" Exclaimed Applejack, but once again, Pippin held his hoof up.

"When I told him about everything that happened, and who you were, and what we were doing, he told me something more important." They all leaned in, as if he was about to reveal a great secret. He smirked, "I told him the name of your grandma." They held their breath. "And he believes he knows her."

Apple Bloom almost flew up from her seat, her eyes as wide as dinner plates. "REALLY?!"

Pippin chuckled. "He believes so, yes, and the best thing is, it is on the way to Apple Hall, so we can go there after we're done eating." He grinned.

The table became full of smiles and hopeful eyes. Applejack looked happily at her sister, who seemed excited beyond belief. Applejack herself knew exactly how she was feeling, because she could hardly believe as well. Looking at Mac, she could tell he was just as excited.

"I will warn you though." Pippin then said. "There is a chance that it may not be her, however, I strongly believe it is. From what you have told me, I am pretty certain. However, just be prepared that it might be another relative that has the same name." They all nodded, but they were nonetheless excited about the prospect.

"Right then," Pippin said as he stood. "I'll go to my cousin, pick up his wagon, and I'll meet you back here. Mac, you can't fully trot on your own, so you will sit in the back while me and Applejack pull, alright?" Mac made a face, but didn't object, he was hardly in a position to do so after all. "Then I'll see you in 15 minutes."

Pippin left the table, went to the innkeeper, paid for their stay, and trotted out the door. Applejack leaned back in her seat, the prospect of seeing Granny Smith again, it was almost too good to be true. If she was there, would their parents be there too? Looking over at Big Mac, he was clearly thinking the same.

Apple Bloom was more energetic, she had been close to Granny, perhaps even more so than Applejack or Mac had been. She had never known their parents, she barely had memories of them. Applejack wasn't sure how Apple Bloom would react, she could not blame her if their reunion would be a bit awkward.

Breakfast was a bit more quiet after that, Apple Bloom being the one to do most of the talking. She was excited to tell Granny Smith about everything that happened back in the living world. She wanted to tell her how much she missed her, and almost asked if they could stay with her for a few days. She didn't though, knowing that time wasn't really on their side.

Once they had finished eating, they all went outside. Applejack and Rainbow Dash helped Mac to stand and trot outside. Applejack was happy to see he was doing a lot better, but he could trot a little. His leg still hurt though, but he was in good shape otherwise.

They didn't have to wait long for Pippin to show up with the wagon, he came down the road a few minutes later. Once they had gotten Mac up, he and Applejack hitched themselves to the wagon and pulled. Rainbow Dash flew above the wagon, while Apple Bloom was content with trotting beside her sister.

It was a lovely day, a clear blue sky, with only a few fluffy white clouds here and there. One would barely know it had rained heavily the day before, only a few puddles revealed it. The birds were singing happily, and there was a cool and gentle breeze coming from the south. Had this been back home, it would have been the perfect day to work outside.

With the weather so clear, it was their first real look at the village, and the landscape around it. The village wasn't big, much smaller than Ponyville. The biggest building was the inn itself, which faced the main road. The main road cut through the village, which the majority of the buildings were facing. Then there were the smaller roads, which led to smaller cottages. There was a blacksmith, and a woodcutter.

The woodcutter used the river next to the village to move a watermill, which moved a large saw blade that could cut large tree trunks. There was a small shop, and a collection of small gardens next to the cottages. There were a few ponies out and about, most of the adults doing work, while a few foals ran around and played.

The landscape opened up once they came out of the village, large fields, and spread out farmsteads. Pippin explained that most of these farms were run by Apple family members, and they earned good coin in shipping the food to the capital. Applejack would have lied if she said she wasn't impressed, and she never lies.

The main road moved between the great fields and orchards, and it was interesting to see that not all orchards were apple orchards. Pippin explained that after many years, some apple family members liked to experiment with other fruits, and it never hurt to have other things to sell than apples. Pippin was quite proud of the fact that the Apple clan basically had their own lands, and the villages and towns within their borders basically paid their family tax.

It could be a bit confusing, as the Apple clan was big, and there were a lot of family threads and branches. It could get messy when the Apple family had family disputes, as lands, titles, and other such matters could be difficult to figure out, even after a hundred years of trying.

The larger farmsteads were for bigger families, and how long they had been here. Apple Hall was the biggest farm of them all, and was more like a town than an actual farm. Other families lived there as well, as it was a good place to trade. However most inhabitants were from the Apple clan.

They came to a crossroad, and after thinking about the directions for a few seconds, Pippin led them down the west road. As they kept trotting, the quieter they all got, even Apple Bloom had stopped talking, and a sort of hush had spread amongst them. About ten minutes later, they saw a small farmstead. Well, small compared to some of the other farms they had seen. Compared to their own, this farm was quite big, about twice as big as their own, if not a little more.

Applejack glanced at Pippin, and he smiled, giving her a nod to the question she did not ask with words. This was the place...

They moved a little farther up the road, then moved right and passed the wide gate in the white painted fence. Up the small road leading to the farm, the group kept quiet, and their ears up, listening for any familiar voices.

"Well howdy there," A friendly voice said.

The group came to an instant stop, and their heads turned towards the source. A stallion came out of a small shed, he was big like Mac, with brown coat, and red hair like Apple Bloom, although with a few lighter streaks here and there. His cutie mark was of three eaten apples, and his eyes were as green as a spring meadow. He wasn't old, but he wasn't young either, he was however still very much in his prime. Quite handsome, and strong too.

None of them spoke, as they just stared at the stallion. He raised an eyebrow, but still smiled. "Well, you folks aren't from around here, are you? But you're Apples, that much is clear. Well, how can I help you?"

Mac looked over the side of the wagon, stunned like the rest of his siblings. Even so, he gathered courage, and asked, "Are you Grandpa Apple Core?"

The stallion looked confused. "Well, sure my name is Apple Core, but I don't think you..." He slowed down, his voice fading as his eyes examined them all again. Then his eyes widened. "Well I'll be... Macintosh?" Then he looked over the rest. "Applejack?" Then his eyes met the youngest of the siblings. "And Apple Bloom? You're all here?"

Applejack wasn't sure how to react, none of them had ever met their grandpa before, he died long before any of them were born. Even so, her heart pounded fast in anticipation, knowing if he was here, then Granny Smith was here, and if she was here...

Then perhaps their parents were here as well.

The stallion's eyes narrowed. "Now how in blazes did you end up here? You're not dead, are you?"

Mac shook his head. "Nnope."

"It's a long story, grandpa Apple." Applejack sighed, but smiled. "Is... Is Granny Smith here?"

The stallion grinned. "Why sure she is, and she's told us a lot about you three. Mighty proud that mare is, and with good reason too." The three siblings blushed, happy to hear Granny Smith had been praising them. It was a little strange to hear it from their grandpa, who they had never met, but it felt good. Then his eyes turned to Pippin and Rainbow Dash. "Now where are my manners, who are you two?"

"Pippin Apple, sir." Said Pippin. "I am just helping them find their way here."

Rainbow Dash blushed, feeling kind of awkward to meet family and having to introduce herself as Mac's girlfriend again. Not that it was wrong, or she didn't like it. However it was like being introduced to one's family all over again, having to feel she was being measured. She didn't want to make a bad impression after all, especially not if she would spend her afterlife with them.

"Rainbow Dash, sir. I'm... I'm Mac's, I mean, Macintosh's marefriend…" Her face lit up, normally she wasn't so formal. It was much easier when she and Mac told Granny Smith, because she already knew Granny Smith. This stallion was a stranger, and despite this, he held just much importance! Normally she wasn't shy about their relationship, however this time around, she felt kind of exposed.

The stallion grinned. "Pleased to meet you both, name's Apple Core. I've heard about you too, dear." He smiled at Rainbow Dash, which made her feel more at ease. "At any rate, we should go inside to talk, this ain't the place for long stories, and it ain't fair for me to keep y'all to myself."

He led them the rest of the way up to the farm, which consisted of three main buildings. The buildings were long, and stood positioned in a square with a wall missing. At the end of the square was the main farmhouse, then on one side was the barn, and on the other the workshop, or stables perhaps. In the center of this square was the courtyard, and in front of the farmhouse was the front porch.

As they entered the courtyard, Apple Core held up his hoof, signaling for them to stop there. Pippin and Applejack took the time to unhitch, while Rainbow Dash moved beside Mac, ready to help him down. "Let me call ya granny." Apple Core said, a mischievous look glinting in his eyes. Turning his eyes towards the farmhouse, he held up his hoof next to his muzzle and called. "SUGARCUBE, GET YA FLANK OUT HERE!! WE HAVE GUESTS!!"

They all looked at Apple Core with a surprised expression, while Apple Core himself just looked very satisfied with himself. Exactly three five seconds later, the front door slammed open with such a bang one could mistake it for thunder. A mare's voice boomed. "APPLE CORE!! You watch your language, mister! You don't call on me like that when we have guests!"

The mare that had come out of the farmhouse was not what any of them had expected, or imagined. At the same time, there was no mistake, it was Granny Smith! She looked much younger, while still looking like an aged adult. Much like their grandfather, Granny Smith was neither young nor old. She was in her prime, while still gracefully holding on to a few traces of age.

She marched from the door, her eyes glaring at her husband as she came over, and poked him in the chest. Apple Core just laughed joyfully, finding his wife's anger adorable more than threatening. "I am sorry my little apple heart, but I wanted to give you a grand entrance."

Granny Smith raised an eyebrow. "What in tarnation are you talking about, husband?"


The voice of Apple Bloom made the mare freeze for a moment, then slowly turned to face them. She gasped, seeing all three of her grandfoals. Apple Bloom stood in front, her eyes welling up with tears. Granny Smith looked at them, then at her, her eyes filling up as well. "Kids, is that really you?"

"Granny!" Apple Bloom cried out in joy, running to her in full speed. By reflex, Granny smith knelt down, held out her hooves, and embraced the filly as soon as she came close enough. Apple Bloom cried, hugging her grandma tightly. "I've missed you so much!"

Granny Smith squeezed Apple Bloom, holding her as tight as she could without hurting her. "I've missed you too, sugarcube." Looking up, she saw Applejack and Rainbow Dash help a still wounded Big Mac out of the wagon. She placed a kiss on Apple Bloom's forehead, then stood up. "And what by Celestia's sun happened to you?"

"We were attacked on the road, don't worry, he should be fine, ma'am." Pippin said respectfully. "Pippin Apple, at your service."

"Nice to meet ya sonny, and thank you fer helping my grandfoals." She nodded to him, then returned her attention back to the others. "What are you all doing here? You ain't dead, right?"

"No, Granny. It's a long story..."

Granny Smith nodded, then trotted over to them, and embraced both Applejack and Big Mac. Both siblings hugged her back, feeling almost like crying, however they managed to keep the tears at bay, at least for now. "Well you can tell your story over lunch, I'll fix ya right up." She looked at Rainbow Dash and smirked. "Did I become a great grandma yet?"

Rainbow Dash blushed. "N-no, ma'am."

"Fiddlesticks! Well, I guess I haven't been dead that long." She chuckled, turning to her husband. "You've already met your grandpa, don't let that grin fool you. He's the best apple farmer in the area, even if he is kind of a goofball."

Apple Core chuckled. "You say that, dearest, but you can't resist my charm."

Granny Smith snorted, rolling her eyes which made Apple Bloom giggle. "If you call that charm." She smirked, planted a loving peck on his cheek. "Now come on in, ya parents should be back any minute now." Smiling warmly, she looked at Pippin. "What about you sonny, ya want to stay fer lunch?"

Pippin thought about it for a moment, but then shook his head. "I think I'd better return this wagon to my cousin. Then I should head to Apple Hall and get a new one before returning home." He looked at Applejack and the others. "If you guys are okay now, I think I should get moving."

"Don't you fret, we'll take it from here." Granny Smith assured him.

Pippin nodded, thanking the old mare. "Well then," he said as he hitched himself to the wagon. "I hope everything works out, and you find what you are looking for."

"Thank you, and thank you for everything you and your wife had done for us." Said Applejack, shaking his hoof with her own.

"Think nothing of it," Pippin smirked. "We're family after all." With the final goodbyes, Pippin pulled the wagon back down the road, waving goodbye before vanishing from sight.

Granny Smith and Apple Core led the siblings and Dash into the farmhouse. It was pretty impressive, while their home had been maybe on the smaller side, this house seemed twice as big. Every room was bigger, but as Apple Core explained, there were a lot of memories.

Granny Smith went to the kitchen, where lunch was already being prepared. She had been at work when their grandfather had called, so she asked Apple Bloom and Applejack to set the table. Mac in the meantime was placed on a chair, and Rainbow placed herself next to her.

Both their grandparents were really interested in hearing about everything, but they still needed the final members of the household. They didn't have to wait long before the front door opened, and two voices could be heard chatting. The kitchen became dead silent as they waited for the final members to join them.

"That was mean." A mare said in a mock pouting voice.

A deep voice chuckled in response. "Not my fault you were too slow." The two shared a laugh when the stallion spoke again. "Hey ma, is lunch ready?"

Granny smiled a little. "It's ready, I hope you don't mind, but we have guests!"

"Guests?" The stallion asked, their hoofsteps getting louder as they trotted through the living room and entered the kitchen. "I didn't know we were expecting somepony..." Two adult ponies entered the kitchen. A stallion and a mare, as soon as they entered and spotted the Apple siblings, they froze in shock, just as they did.

For a long moment there was just utter silence. Neither group could find the words for this moment, as this moment had been both anticipated, and had come out of the blue. For Applejack and her siblings, they had anticipated it. They had had time to prepare for it, but now that they were finally looking at their parents, it was like all of that just vanished. She couldn't even imagine what they were going through, to just return home and find their children sitting at the table as if it was just another day.

After a while, Pear Butter stepped forwards, her eyes filling with tears. "Apple Bloom... Applejack... Macintosh... Is it really you?"

At that point there was no holding it back, suddenly Applejack felt the tears run down her cheeks. She felt like a little filly who hadn't seen her mother in ages, she could do nothing else but to get up, and run to her mother, hugging her tightly, just like Apple Bloom had done with Granny. Pear Butter cried as well, stroking her daughter's blonde mane as she finally held her daughter again.

Bright Mac still stood there, still shocked, not sure if he believed his own eyes. "How is it possible, are you..."

"They're not dead, Mac." Granny told him from the table. "They're just passing through."

"Passing through?" He could not wrap his head around it, still feeling the shock of the sudden appearance of their children. Looking to his wife and his daughter, he leaned down and embraced them both, feeling Applejack pressing closer to him. He looked at his son, then noticed the leg.

Seeing his father notice it, Mac held up his hoof and smiled, blinking some tears away. "I'm fine, we ran into a bit of trouble on the road..."

"You're all here..." Pear Butter smiled, wiping her tears away. "But where is..." She looked around for somepony, and soon enough her eyes landed on the filly. Apple Bloom was standing behind Granny Smith's chair, almost as if hiding. Her cheeks felt warm, and she was sure how to approach her parents.

Applejack took a deep breath, pulling away from her parents, letting them see Apple Bloom probably. Both of them sat down, lowering their heads. Pear Butter sent her daughter a warm smile. "It's okay, Apple Bloom..." She wiped a tear away. "You have really grown big since I last held you."

Apple Bloom stepped forward, her ears down, as well as her head. It only lasted a few seconds before she leaped forward, wrapping her hooves around her mother. "Mommy!" She exclaimed, burying her face in her coat. Just like with Applejack, the two parents embraced their daughter, letting her take as much time as she needed.

Rainbow Dash smiled, placing a gentle hoof on Big Mac's. He looked at her, smiling back at her, happy to see his sisters reuniting with their parents. He was the oldest, and so did not mind waiting a little longer. After a while, the two ponies stood up, and turned to their first born, and only son.

Pear Butter stepped closer to Big Mac, placing a hoof on his cheek. "Oh, you've grown into such a handsome young stallion. You look like your father." Then she noticed the bandages around his one leg, and her eyes filled with a worry only a mother could pull off. "What happened, Macintosh, are you alright?"

"Eeyup, I'm alright, ma." It felt good to say that again.

"Big Mac saved us from the Timberwolf!" Apple Bloom exclaimed.

"Did he now?" Bright Mac said with a raised eyebrow, smirking as he looked at his son. Then his smirk turned into a grin, and trotted closer, nodding approvingly. "I wouldn't expect anything less from you, son."

Macintosh smiled, feeling a sort of weight lift off his shoulders. His father's proud smile, and his approval meant much more than he remembered. His mother leaned in, embracing her colt, kissing his cheek, as proud as any mother could be at her son.

"Ma, Pa," Big Mac said with an embraced smile. "I want you to meet my marefriend, Rainbow Dash." He leaned a way, letting them see more of the rainbow maned mare, who sat with a bit of a shy smile, which was unusual for her.

Pear Butter almost squealed in delight. "So you're Rainbow Dash?"

"Y-yeah, nice to meet you, ma'am." Rainbow said, a little overwhelmed by all the emotions in the room. She envied how calm and cool Big Mac had been when he met her parents. She couldn't help but feel nervous.

Pear Butter just smiled and shook her head. "Oh please, call me Pear Butter. Granny Smith has been telling us all about you and Macintosh. I'm so excited to meet my daughter-in-law!"

Mac and Rainbow Dash both blushed, but they also didn't bother correcting her. Bright Mac smirked, punching Mac on the shoulder teasingly. "It's good to meet you, Rainbow Dash. Welcome to the family."

Rainbow Dash smiled, nodding a little. "Thank you."

"I hear from my Ma that you are awfully fond of our apple cider." Bright Mac continued with a proud grin.

"Yes, I love it!" Rainbow Dash replied, almost jumping out of her seat, forgetting about her shyness almost instantly.

Bright Mac let out a laugh. "Then why don't we have some to celebrate this family reunion!"


Applejack and the others didn't get to travel anymore that day. All of them were still tired, and now they had found not only Granny Smith, but their grandpa, and their parents!

There was so much to catch up on, and while Granny Smith had filled both her husband and their parents in on what had happened during their absence, there was still so much to talk about. Apple Bloom talked about her friends, how they got their cutie mark, and all the adventures she had been through. She was so passionate about everything, and it filled her with joy to see her parents' proud expressions.

Applejack of course told them about Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and everything they had been through together. Rainbow Dash supplied plenty of details, and the two mares had fun going over their many adventures, their trials, and everything that had made their bond so strong over the years.

Macintosh was a little more humble of the bunch. He hadn't gone on grand adventures like his marefriend or sister. He hadn't done crazy things like Apple Bloom and her friends. He talked about the farm, what he had accomplished, how hard he had worked to help Granny Smith keep the farm going. He never complained about it though, and he never spoke any ill word about the life he lived. He talked lovingly about how he and Rainbow Dash found one another, and how much hope he had for the future for them, and the family farm.

It felt good to finally talk about all these things, it was like a huge load was being taken away from them, making them all that much lighter in body and soul. Before they knew it the whole day had passed without any of them really noticing, the sun had gone down, and their stomachs were rumbling.

Granny Smith made them all a huge dinner, with the help of both Pear Butter and Applejack. Apple Core showed Apple Bloom around, he was very fond of his granddaughter, and told her a lot of funny stories about when he and Granny Smith first met. Rainbow Dash had stepped out to get some fresh air, spread her wings and fly a little before dinner.

That left Macintosh alone with his father in the living room, the two stallions enjoying the moment together. Bright Mac leaned back in his chair, examining his son for a moment. Macintosh could feel his father's eyes on him, but didn't say anything. Then Bright Mac smiled, leaning slightly forward again.

"I'm proud of you, son." He said, looking Macintosh straight in the eyes. "I mean it, you have become every bit of the stallion I hoped you would become." Macintosh swallowed, he wasn't sure what to say. "It isn't easy to get through what you had to. Not many colts had to grow up as fast as you had to. You've given up a lot for your sisters, making sure they had time for play and adventure."

"Applejack worked hard too..." Macintosh pointed out, but his father waved off his comment.

"Of course she did, I'm not dismissing all that she has done for the family. I'm as proud as a father can be, but I think it's important to recognize what you have done. Applejack is a hero to Equestria, she is a hard worker, and has grown into a fine mare, no doubt about it. However, she could never have done it without you."


"No buts, son." Bright Mac interrupted. "You've been a rock, no matter what, you were at the farm working. It gave Applejack the opportunity to become a hero, without having to fear the farm would not go on without her. You worked together, but it was you who stood as an anchor. Apple Bloom got to enjoy more of her childhood thanks to your efforts, and Granny didn't have to worry as much. No matter what else happened in Equestria, no matter what danger your sister had to face, you made sure there was always a home for her to return to."

Bright Mac let out a sigh. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to support you, to teach you..."

"It wasn't your fault..." Macintosh mumbled.

"No, but I don't feel good about it anyway. You and your sister, you should have had the chance to enjoy life as Apple Bloom did. It wasn't right what happened, it wasn't fair to you, however you stepped up, and did what was needed for the family. I'm proud of you for that, son. You've done well for yourself, and I couldn't be more happy for you."

Macintosh couldn't look at his father, afraid he might lose a few tears if he did. He hadn't known how much he had needed to hear all this, never knew how much it meant to him before now. He had never asked for praise, and never complained about the hard work he was put through. He did it because that was what was needed, because his family needed it. To hear his father not only recognize him for his hard work, but also tell him how proud he was of him, it was almost too much...

He didn't know what to do or say, but his father did. Without Macintosh even noticing his father getting up, he suddenly felt his father embrace him, holding him close, patting him on the back. "You did good, Macintosh, you did really good..." Without a word, Macintosh wrapped his hooves around his father, hugging him back.

How long they stayed like this, Macintosh didn't know, but when Bright Mac pulled back he smiled at his son. "Now let me help you up, dinner must be ready soon, and there is still so much you need to tell us." Macintosh got up, and let himself be supported by his father as they made their way towards the kitchen. "Like I want to know, how did you all get here, and why are you here?"

Author's Note:

I'm sure someone has guessed it, but I used Riverwood from Skyrim to imagine the little village. XD