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Valhalla - DanishDash

It's been four years since Thor left Equestria and Applejack. Missing her beloved, Applejack decides to find a way to get to his world! (Not connected to the marvel universe)

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Chapter 5: On The Road

Morning came sooner than anypony would have liked, the sun had barely graced the horizon, and the sky had barely had a chance to change before Applejack and her friends were getting ready to leave. Both Applejack and Big Mac were used to getting up early, especially Mac, but after traveling the great sea, they were still exhausted.

Pippin didn't pressure them, instead telling them to enjoy an early breakfast while he prepared the wagon. His wife treated them in the main hall, however none of them really had the biggest appetite. Mac did a little better than Applejack, getting down a few apples, and seemed to wake up faster than any of them. Applejack envied her brother's stamina, and she realized how grateful she was to have him here with her.

Apple Bloom and Rainbow Dash in the meantime seemed like they were on the verge of passing out. Apple Bloom was a bit more used to getting up early, and despite having matured, she was still just a foal. She was practically sleeping on the table, while Rainbow Dash seemed to sway in her seat, battling with herself, trying to stay awake. She had never been a morning pony, however she did try to look as if she was awake and alert, she just failed.

Applejack let out a tired grunt, taking some of the apple juice and drinking it. Mac yawned, looking at his sister with a small smile. "Sleep well?"

"Nnope." Applejack replied. "Well, I slept, but I just couldn't relax." Mac tilted his head, a confused look in his eyes. She wasn't sure if she could explain it to him. "It was like being just on the border of sleep and being awake. It wasn't relaxing."

"You have a lot on your mind."

Applejack shrugged. "It felt that way when we got here." She reached up, feeling her head with her hoof. "It was like I wasn't thinking clearly, like something just forced me forward, forced me to act."

Big Mac frowned. "I'm not sure I like the sound of that, Applejack," Mac admitted.

She smiled a little, letting out a tired sigh. "I knew I wanted to do this for some time, I just never really thought I could do it until I met that strange unicorn in the market. Anyway, we're here now, not much else we can do than move forward." Mac nodded to his sister.

"I'm with you."

At that moment, Rainbow Dash let out a tired snort, a snort you usually let out when you wake up from a nap. "Yush, I'm with you, too.."

The two siblings looked at the sleepy Rainbow Dash, who looked at them with barely open eyes. Applejack chuckled, and Mac leaned closer and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "We know, darlin'," assured Big Mac with a loving smile.

The door to the kitchen opened up, and Lucy Glow trotted into the room. Applejack smiled at her. "Thank you again for making this mighty fine breakfast."

Lucy waved her hoof. "Don't mention it, we take care of our family."

Pippin entered a short while later, smiling warmly at the sleeping Apple Bloom. "It is pretty early," he said understanding. "However, better make use of the time we have. At any rate, the wagon is ready and loaded, we should get moving."

"Don't worry about breakfast," Lucy said, nodding towards the table they sat at. "I'll take care of it, you should just get on the road."

"Thank you, again." Applejack smiled, but Lucy waved her off.

"Enough with the thanks," she chuckled. "It is our pleasure."

Mac managed to nudge Apple Bloom awake, making her mumble something in response, but she followed him outside. Applejack had an easier time with Rainbow Dash, although she too was not a morning person, and had to be nudged in the right direction of the door.

Outside waited Pippin, who was already hitching himself to the wagon. Apple Bloom had gotten up, and leaned against some of the supplies they had brought, already back to sleep. The sky was almost turning into a lighter shade of blue, but one could still see many stars above, the sun only barely started to cut through the night.

With a yawn, Rainbow Dash joined Apple Bloom in the wagon, although she managed to keep her eyes open. Lucy Glow trotted to her husband, and the two shared a loving nuzzle. "Now you be careful, Pippin Apple, make sure they arrive safely at Apple Hall."

Pippin chuckled. "This isn't my first trip, you know."

She nodded, but her face took on a more serious expression. "I know, but you know, they are mortal. They are more exposed. So please, be careful, stick to the road."

"I will, love. Don't you fret."

She smiled, and gave him a peck on the cheek before looking at their guests. "I've made sure to make you all some food. Should keep you all fed until you can reach an inn." Applejack turned to her, about to say thank you yet again. Lucy Glow held up a hoof, smirking. "Don't mention it, just make sure you get to that mountain. This world wasn't made for the living, so don't you linger too long."

"We won't," Applejack promised. "We won't forget your kindness."

Lucy nodded, smiling warmly. "Good luck to you."

"Hey, Mac. Mind helping me pull this wagon here?" Pippin asked at the front.

"Nnope." Mac replied, and hitched himself up next to Pippin.

Applejack didn't want to add to the weight of the wagon, and quite honestly, she wanted to trot for a bit, clear her head. "Alright then, here we go. I'll be home in a few days, love. Take care of the inn, and don't you forget about me!" He called as they started to leave.

"Ponies are sleeping!" Lucy scolded her husband, although she was grinning, waving goodbye.

The group moved down one of the streets, and out onto the main road leading out of the village. As they passed cottages and farms alike, Pippin began to sing gently, smiling as he did so.

The small houses and farmsteads became fewer and fewer. They passed waving fields of wheat, which only looked more magical in the light from the rising sun. In the distance they could see forests and mountains, and of course the open road ahead.

Applejack and Mac enjoyed the view, it was so peaceful and beautiful. At times they would pass a farmer working his or her fields. They would wave at them, and Applejack could not help herself but wave back. At first they would meet a few ponies traveling the road, but the farther they traveled, the fewer ponies they met on their way.

Once the sun had risen, and the sky had turned blue, Apple Bloom and Rainbow Dash finally awoke. Of course the first thing Rainbow Dash asked for was breakfast, to which Pippin told them to look in one of the sacks for some snacks. A few apples, tomatoes, bread and cheese, it would be enough to satisfy the two.

"Not morning ponies, I guess?" Pippin asked.

"Not me," Rainbow Dash mumbled as she took another apple.

"Well I don't blame you. It must have been quite the journey for you to cross the great sea. You must all have been exhausted." As he said that, it was clear he was mainly concerned about Apple Bloom.

"Pippin, mind if I ask ya a question?" Big Max asked. Pippin nodded. "What did Lucy Glow mean when she mentioned we were more exposed because we are mortal?"

Pippin frowned, but only slightly. "Oh that, well, as she said, you're mortal, living. This world was not meant for the living, it was meant for those who pass over."

"Mhm, and so?"

Pippin sighed. "Can you imagine spending your afterlife here? I mean, Midgard is an endless world of mountains, green fields, villages, forests." He let out a happy sigh. "Here you can spend your afterlife doing what you enjoy. That being said, do you want to be in a world where you hardly have to try to achieve something?"

Rainbow Dash looked down at Pippin from her spot in the wagon. "What do you mean?"

"We still have to work to grow the crops that will feed us. We still have to travel to get anywhere, or study to learn something new. A world where you hardly have to try to archive anything isn't as satisfying as you might think. Imagine everything you can do, everything you have worked hard to archive. Suddenly, anyone can do it, and anything you want to learn takes little to no effort. Not so satisfying, is it?"

"Yeah, I get that, but what does that have to do with us being exposed?" Rainbow pressed.

Pippin frowned a little. "Well, we can't die. We live on in this world, while you guys, you are vulnerable. Your mortal bodies can attract nasty things, Timberwolves, Shadow-Spiders, and other nasty stuff. If you are really unlucky, you can even attract giants."

"What?" Applejack looked at Pippin, clearly alarmed.

"Why would there be dangerous creatures here?" Asked Rainbow Dash with a confused frown. "And giants? You mean those troll things that attacked us some years ago?"

Pippin glanced at her. "Well, you can still get hurt in this world. Though we heal fast, and we don't get sick. However there's still danger, which makes the afterlife more worth living. Besides, most creatures will leave you alone, or us alone, if we don't provoke them. As for giants, they are not supposed to be here. The gods do their best to keep them out, but every once in a while some manage to slip past the watchful eyes of Heimdal, and they end up causing a lot of damage."

"I still don't understand." Said Rainbow Dash. "Why does this affect us more than you guys?"

"Simply put? You're living, in your living bodies. It attracts creatures like that, don't know why though. It's like a scent. By divine law, creatures are not supposed to intentionally hurt those who have passed on. You guys haven't passed on, so I guess there is a loophole?" He didn't sound very sure, and it didn't exactly put their worries to rest. "But it doesn't matter, as long as we stick to the road, the chances of any creature sniffing you out and attacking you are very low. If you are worried I've brought a few minor weapons we can use, but I really don't think we are going to need them."

Applejack and Max exchanged glances. They weren't really fond of weapons, but they trusted Pippin. "Can I ask you something?" He suddenly said, catching their attention.


"Is princess Celestia still, well you know, princess?"

"No, our friend Twilight Sparkle is the princess now!" Grinned Rainbow Dash. "She was Princess Celestia's personal student. She did have a lot of help, of course, from us."

"Really?" Pippin let out an impressed whistle. "I guess I must have been dead longer than I realized." He let out a chuckle, nodding a small greeting to a pair of passing ponies.

"What's life like here?" Mac then asked, looking a little embarrassed.

Pippin smiled, knowing why he was asking. "Well, nopony really remembers when they first got here. The crossing is always a bit blurry. However I don't think anyone can really forget the first thing they see when they reach Midgard."

Apple Bloom leaned over the wagon a bit. "What do you see?"

"A great city, stone and wood, large towers, and the port." He let out a sigh. "You can say it is the capital of Midgard, but it isn't like we have a ruler as such. It is always sunny, with the sea shining in the sun, as if a hundred diamonds is glittering just below the hull. A large crowd waving, and cheering, ready to receive you with open hooves. Those who have family will often be received by them, and they will help you find your place in this world."

"What about those with no family?" Asked Applejack.

"No one is really without any family... But yes, there are some who are not received. Ponies at the city will help them, the king will not leave anyone confused."

"You have a king?"

"Well, when I say king, it is mostly an honorary title. Midgard is not ruled as such, it is not really needed. Our king and queen were the first ponies that settled the mortal world. So obviously, when they died, the allfather gave them the great city to be their home, and rule. It is where all the souls come when they first arrive in Midgard."

Applejack frowned, she thought back on what that unicorn had told her. "I thought Odin and his brothers created three races of ponies?"

Pippin looked surprised, but then smiled. "Well, yeah, kinda. The first ones they created were Ask and Embla. Odin breathed life into them first. Comes with being king of the gods." He chuckled, then looked at Big Mac again. "But we got off track. Life here is great. Many of those who come alone often travel. There is a lot to see, thousands of years of history, great cities, beautiful nature, and at times adventure seems to be awaiting just over the next hilltop. Life is really what you make of it, in Midgard, most ponies settle, and do what they like. For me, I run an inn with my wife. That's what makes me happy."

"And you are content doing that forever?" Rainbow Dash asked, sounding almost surprised.

"Why not? It isn't like we need the money, and it is not like we are going to starve. However it feels good to have a place where your friends can gather. A place strangers can rest their hooves. A place of music, laughter, and storytelling. Sure, it can be hard work at times, but would it be worth doing if you didn't have to work for it, just a little?"

"Oh, uhm..."

Rainbow was a little taken aback, she hadn't really thought about it. She had worked to be as good as she was in the air. Sure, she had some talent, but she had worked hard to sharpen her skills. Imagining an afterlife where she never had to work hard for anything? That might be fun for some time, but that would make eternity boring. Pippin and Lucy had found something that made them happy, and they had likely worked to get their inn as they wanted it, making their achievement so much more meaningful and special.

She smiled, then shook her head. "No, it wouldn't."

Pippin smiled back, happy to see she understood. "Anyway," he said, looking back at Mac. "As for your parents and your Granny. You don't need to worry. They are doing what they want to do, in the way they want to do it. You don't have to worry about their happiness."

Mac blushed, a little embarrassed, but he still smiled. "Thank you."

Their group continued their travels for many hours, only stopping for a few breaks. Pippin wanted to cover as many miles as possible before they camped, and both Applejack and Big Mac were happy to do that. Time saved was time they had to maybe see their parents, if the gods granted them such luck.

They trotted through two villages on their way, passed a few farms, and a logging camp. At times Pippin would explain something about something they saw, or at times even sing songs to pass the time. Rainbow Dash took some opportunities to fly around, and was impressed by the things she saw from the air.

It wasn't until the sun was starting to vanish that Pippin figured it was time to stop, and take a good long rest until morning. They stopped by a small clearing near the road, and started to set up their camp. It didn't take them long, Pippin had packed everything they needed, and they just needed to set it up around their campfire. "The world is pretty big, so it isn't rare you will have to travel for a few days to get to somewhere." He chuckled as he pulled out a black cooking pot, and a small pan. "Some trips can even last a year before you get back home."

It sounded like much, but it wasn't like the ponies here had time to lose. "So when will we get to Apple Hall?" Mac asked as he helped set up some wooden sticks that could keep the pod above the fire.

"Oh, it's been a year or two since we last went..." He admitted. "With the pace we are trotting, I would say only a few days, maybe three?" Sounded more like a guess. "Anyway, let's get some food in us."

Apple Bloom jumped down from the wagon and stretched. She had traveled far before with her family, however this was going to be quite the journey. It already had been with the whole crossing, so when compared to that, this was quite pleasant. She smiled and looked over at Pippin.

"Can I help?"

Pippin smiled, pointing to a sack. "Well sure you can, honeycomb. Get us some ingredients, and I'll start making us some dinner."

"Alright!" Apple Bloom grinned happily, and quickly dove into the sack, finding all kinds of beautiful vegetables.

Applejack chuckled, sitting down and working on the fire. As Apple Bloom got all kinds of vegetables ready, Applejack looked over at Pippin, then back at the fire. "I can't really get over how much she has grown lately. One moment she is this adorable little ball of energy, but now she's a young mare."

"They grow fast," Pippin agreed. "She is a smart filly, I wouldn't worry about anything."

"Yeah, I know. She'll be alright..."

Pippin raised an eyebrow, feeling he might have missed something. Applejack looked like her thoughts were far away, but before he could ask what was on her mind, Apple Bloom came over with all the ingredients. Pippin laughed, "seems like you're spoiling us today. Alright then, let's make some food!"

Using what he had packed, Pippin cooked up a nice vegetable soup, supplied it with some tomato, grilled potatoes with onions, bread with cheese, and of course some ale and apple juice. While Applejack and Apple Bloom stuck to the apple juice, Rainbow Dash eagerly tried the ale, and made Mac try it as well. Dinner was delicious, and the five of them had a good time eating and chatting about their own worlds, and how much the mortal world had changed.

Once dinner had settled, and they enjoyed their drinks under the starlight, and the light from the fire, Pippin leaned forward, smirking. "Well, I believe it's time for a story." They all turned their attention to Pippin, who smiled in return. "It's tradition, telling stories when the day's work is done. Or especially when you are on the road."

Rainbow grinned. "How about a ghost story??" She asked excitedly.

Pippin looked at her, smiling, but shook his head. "I have something better, come, get closer to the fire." They all scooted a bit closer, watching as the flames seemed to almost dance, casting its light on them, and somehow seemed to make the darkness grow behind them. They felt more isolated than before, almost as if anything could sneak up on them.

"Now this is the story of Thor's fishing trip." Pippin began.

Rainbow snorted. "A fishing trip?! How is that story better than a ghost story?"

"Just wait," Pippin said soothingly. "When it comes to the gods, rarely anything is as simple as it might seem." Applejack found herself leaning a bit closer, her ears and eyes focused on Pippin. Taking a deep breath, he spoke, but looked into the flames of the fire.

"Long ago, the gods traveled to visit Ægir, a sea giant who's nine daughters are waves, and who's wife's net pulls wicked souls who have been lost at sea. He was known for throwing large feasts, and the gods wanted to see for themselves. The giant didn't want to feed the gods, but he didn't want to be known as a bad host. He told the gods that if he was to throw them a feast, then they had to bring him a cauldron big enough to brew ale for them all."

"The gods, especially Thor, are all famed to have huge appetites, and Ægir knew well that the gods had no such cauldron. Thor asked the other gods for advice, and it was Tyr, god of war, and half brother to Thor, who came with the solution. He told Thor that his stepfather, the giant Hymir, might own such a cauldron, and perhaps he could be convinced to lend it to them."

"So off they went, Thor and Tyr together to go see Hymer. Once they arrived, Tyr announced himself to his mother and grandmother. Tyr's mother was beautiful, while Tyr's grandmother was as ugly as Thor had ever seen. She had over a hundred heads, and when she spoke, it sounded like a crowd of old giantesses screaming."

"Tyr's mother welcomed them, and told them they would be guests in her husband's hall. Suddenly the ground shook, and Tyr's mother commented that it was her husband's gentle footsteps, which meant he was on his way home. Hymer was a large giant, a thick belly, and an almost lazy air about him. Hymer wasn't happy to see Tyr, and Tyr felt the same about seeing his stepfather."

"Still, his mother had welcomed them, and Hymer treated them as guests, and so offered them food and drink. Hymer had one of his massive oxen butchered and cooked, and served it to the two gods. Thor ate happily, and drank as much as any giant present in the hall."

"Wait," said Apple Bloom. "Thor eats meat?"

Pippin chuckled. "Well, all ponies can eat meat, but it isn't common. The gods however, are very old, and they are not like regular ponies. So yes, they eat all kinds of things, they have done so for thousands and thousands of years."


"Hymer was shocked to see Thor eat and drink so much, he was barely as big as his toe, he didn't understand how all that food could fit into Thor, but it could. Hymer commented on how much Thor had eaten, and if they wanted more, they would have to go fish. Thor thought about it, and asked if he could come. Hymer warned him that he only went out to fish in the deepest part of the great sea, and it would be very cold, and Thor would likely die. Thor simply shrugged, and asked if he could borrow some bait."

"Hymer told him yes, he could go out behind the hall and take anything he wanted. Adding that his oxen must have made some nice piles of shit he could use. Then he laughed, rising to get his boat ready. Thor went behind the great hall, saw Hymer's oxen, and the hills of shit they had produced. Thor frowned, and instead summoned his hammer from the honor mark. He tossed it at one of the oxen, hitting it right between the eyes, killing it instantly."

"Thor took the head from the ox, and went to meet Hymer at the beach. Hymer wasn't happy to see Thor dragging the severed head from one of his oxen, but he did not mention it, thinking Thor would slowly freeze to death on the great ocean, so he would be punished soon enough."

"The giant took them out to sea in his little boat, which was little for him, but for Thor, it was a massive ship. They rowed for miles and miles, losing sight of the coast, and soon enough the air was filled with icy mist. Hymer expected to see Thor shake, but he just looked around as Hymer stopped rowing. Disappointed, Hymer told him they could no go any farther out, because jörmungandr, the Midgard serpent, lived in those waters."

"Thor brushed off his concern, and pressured Hymer to go even farther out to sea, which he reluctantly did, just a few more miles. Soon enough though, Hymer refused to go any further. Both prepared their lines, Hymer used worms as large as full grown snakes, while Thor got a rope, and an anchor to use as a hook. Hymer cast his line first, and as he did, bragged about his skill at fishing. True enough, only a few moments later, Hymer got two whales."

"Impressive,'' said Thor, and put the ox head on the anchor. He threw it far into the ocean, so much so he was sure it would reach the deepest parts. Hardly a minute had passed before the waves grew bigger, and only a few seconds later, the Midgard serpent rose from the ocean, roaring with an anchor stuck in its mouth."

Apple Bloom shuddered, thinking back onto that massive beast she had seen on the ocean. No dragon or beast she had ever seen, had matched the sheer size of the serpent she saw that night. The darkness around them seemed to surround them, and the flames seemed to dance into shapes.

Pippin spoke in a mystical cadence, his voice calm, yet alive with the energy of the story. It drew all four ponies in, their eyes fixed on the fire, and the smoke. It was like they could see it, the waves, the boat, Thor holding the line, with the Midgard serpent rising from the ocean.

"Hymer screamed for Thor to let go of the line, but Thor held on with his teeth, cheering as Jörmungandr thrashed around. The serpent roared in anger, and spat venom at Thor, but he could not hit the thunder god. He tried to make the boat sink, but it was too big to be easily swallowed up by the waves. He tried to toss Thor off the boat, but he stood firmly, planted his hooves in the thick boat."

"Hymer pleaded with Thor to let go of the line, but Thor wasn't even listening to him anymore. He drew Jörmungandr closer and closer, until he was close enough for Thor to get his hammer. He summoned it to his hoof and raised it high, ready to throw it at the serpent. It would be the end for one of them, either Thor would die, or the serpent. Either way, it would shape the future forever."

"Just then, before either had a chance to do anything, the line was cut. Jörmungandr pulled back, the anchor still in its mouth as it dove back into the ocean, vanishing in the waves. Thor watched it vanish, and then turned to Hymer, who's knife had cut the line at the last second. Thor's eyes thundered, and he had a mind to end Hymer right then and there. However, finding he was fetlock deep in sea water, he realized they needed to get back to the shore before their boat sank."

"They both returned to shore, with Thor grumbling all the way. That night, Hymer made a feast, cooking the wales, and did his best to forget the encounter with Jörmungandr. Thor was still bitter, but felt better as he got some food in him. Tyr, who had stayed on land, took this chance to ask his stepfather if they could borrow his magical cauldron."

"The cauldron was massive, two miles deep at least, and if you spoke to the magical words, it would fill to the brim with beer. Hymer did not want to part with his magical cauldron, and he was still angry with Thor. Not just because of the fishing expedition, but with his ox too. Not to mention Thor was the enemy of all giants, so maybe this was a chance to kill the god. He told Tyr that he would give the gods of Asgard his cauldron freely, if Thor could break his drinking cup, if not, Hymer would kill him."

"Thor accepted without a second thought, but Tyr was not so hasty. He told his stepfather it was only fair that if Thor was putting his life on the line for this cauldron, that it was right he got three tries. Hymer agreed, and placed the drinking cup near Thor. It was as big as a house, but Thor lifted it easily."

"Looking around, he saw one of the thick stone pillars of the hall, and then tossed the cup straight into it. There was a loud sound of something breaking, but the cup fell to the floor with not as much as a dent in it. The pillar however was not so lucky, it had a lot of cracks in it."

"Hymer laughed, and reminded Thor he had two more tries. Thor picked it up again, and this time with all his might flung it at the pillar again. This time the pillar broke, bursting into rubble, but the cup was still undamaged. It was dusty, but otherwise completely intact."

"The giants all burst out laughing, and Hymer, feeling generous, offered Thor to throw it at whatever he wanted since this was his attempt. Thor was furious, but unsure what to do. As he thought about his options, Tyr's mother leaned down to the god and whispered that her husband had a REALLY thick head. Thor understood instantly, picked up the cup, and then threw it so hard it vanished from sight just for an instant."

"There was a hard crack, and a grunt. Hymer was in his seat, with the remains of his drinking cup falling from his face in pieces. Hymer was stunned, confused, and did not react to his drinking cup being broken, not at first. The giant burst into tears, not only had he lost an ox, his favorite drinking cup, but now too had he lost his magical cauldron. Never again would he command it to brew him beer."

"Hymer told Tyr to take it, and leave his hall before he lost his temper. Tyr did so, and had Thor carry the enormous cauldron back to the giant Ægir and the other gods. Ægir, being a giant of his word, reluctantly threw the gods a feast they had never attended before. So much food had never been seen before, and so much ale had never been drunk. The cauldron sits in Asgard now, in the kitchen of Valhalla, providing the great feasting hall and its warriors with fine ale every night."

"That is the story of Thor's fishing trip, and the magical cauldron."

There was silence around the campfire, the story over, and the shapes and images they had all seemed to notice in the fire was gone. All of them felt a lot more tired, not knowing how much time had passed. Pippin chuckled. "Sorry, a bit of story magic might have been too much for you." He said, looking up at the sky. "I think it would be best if we turn in for the night, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

Rainbow Dash yawned, drinking the last of her ale, then nodded. "Sleeping sounds good." She stood up and stretched, while Mac took their mugs to the wagon. Rainbow let out a satisfied belch, looking across the campfire and noticed Applejack. She was still sitting by the fire, looking at the flames that were seemingly dying down.

Tilting her head, Rainbow approached her friend. "Hey, Aj, something bothering you?"

Applejack looked up at Rainbow Dash, almost looking as if she had been startled out of a dream. "Hm? What?"

"We are going to sleep, are you alright?" Rainbow asked, her eyes looking her over.

"Oh, yeah," replied Applejack. "I was just sucked into the story, it was like I could actually see it happen as he told it."

Rainbow chuckled. "Yeah, it was pretty wild. Pippin is a good story-teller."

Applejack didn't say anything. she just nodded a little, looking into the fire as if expecting to see the images reappear. Her mind was racing, as the story painted a picture of Thor she had not known. It wasn't a painting she disliked, but it really put into perspective that he was no ordinary pony, but a god.

She was reminded of Fjǫlnir's words, and what he had said about her home. She had a choice to make, and it seemed more and more clear it would not be too long before she had to make up her mind. She just hoped she had the courage to make it when the time was right.

Looking around, she noticed everypony else was already getting comfortable. She forced herself to get moving, and got a pillow and a blanket. Laying down, with the flames dying down to simple glows, the star filled sky above seemed to become more clear.

Laying on her back, she stared up at the many stars, realizing how little she was in the grand scheme of things. She thought the world had grown so much bigger when she realized who Thor was. However, being here in Midgard, crossing the great sea, and going to see the gods, she felt it was so much bigger.

She felt so small, as if she was just dust beneath the hooves of the gods. Why would somepony like Thor want to be with a mortal being like her, who's very breath was a gift from the allfather. She let out a tired sigh, she couldn't think about it anymore, she would just have to go forward and sort it out.

No matter what happened, it would be decided by the end, and she would have to stand by that choice.

Applejack closed her eyes, and fell asleep...