• Published 16th Apr 2022
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Valhalla - DanishDash

It's been four years since Thor left Equestria and Applejack. Missing her beloved, Applejack decides to find a way to get to his world! (Not connected to the marvel universe)

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Chapter 6: Green Eyes

The following days of travel were made with ease. The weather was good, and they had a good time. While it did seem Apple Hall was a bit farther away than what Pippin remembered, they did make good time, and should arrive soon enough.

On the way, they passed some farmsteads, the ponies living there were always kind. Whenever they wanted a rest, the ponies living there often bid them welcome, and offered them food. They saw many travelers, and sometimes, for those who were not in such a hurry as they were, they often traded. A few days rest in the barn, in exchange for helping around the farm.

Of course they didn't have time for that sort of thing, and the farmers understood. Making them a few sandwiches, and offering them coffee, tea, or juice. One could almost mistake this trip for a vacation, and despite the need to tick off as many miles as they could, it was an enjoyable trip for them all.

While it could be tiring to walk for so long, the group took turns pulling the wagon. Pippin, Mac, Applejack and Rainbow Dash all took turns pulling it, making sure everypony could get a rest in the wagon, without the need of stopping.

They met a few interesting creatures on the road, some ponies, who were always kind enough to trade goods with them. They met a pair of griffons, traveling to a wedding, and seven Diamond Dogs who were visiting from Svartalfheim. Even that surprised Pippin, as usually souls did not cross between their worlds, but it happened on really rare occasions.

On the fourth day, Pippin was convinced they would reach Apple Hall late evening, or at least early morning on the fifth day. By the afternoon they came to a large hill, followed the road up, and stopped. Pippin smiled, looking across the land ahead. "We're not far now," he said, then looked to the side and pointed. "See that Apple Tree? It means we will reach the lands of the Apple Clan in just a few hours. If we are lucky, we can get to the Spring Peak village, and spend the night at the inn. Then tomorrow we can go directly to Apple Hall."

Apple Bloom smiled excitedly, not just because the view was amazing, but because there was a chance she could finally see her parents again. Both Mac and Applejack had spent precious years with them, and managed to get many memories with their parents, which stayed with them to this day. Apple Bloom only had small flashes of impressions, feelings, nothing she could directly recall.

In the distance, they could see a massive mountain, it was so large, that it seemed to dwarf Canterlot Mountain. It was still very far away, it almost seemed to blend in with the horizon. "Come now," smiled Pippin. "If we hurry we might even get to Apple Hall this evening, but if we are really lucky, we might even partake in the great feast they have each night."

"What about those clouds?" Asked Mac, nodding towards the south. As he said, there was a blanket of dark angry clouds heading over the land.

"Ah, yes..." Pippin conceded. "Might slow us down."

"Then we better get a move on." Said Rainbow Dash, and they all nodded and started to move again. "If they get too close I'll just move the rain clouds."

Pippin chuckled. "Good luck with that."

"What do you mean?"

"Clouds are not as agreeable here as they are in your world." He told her. "The weather is not controlled by us, but by nature."

"So how do Pegasi live here?"

"They usually live high up, like in mountains, or in tree villages. It's actually quite amazing to see their cities. Some live by the coast I know. Not that it matters, Pegasi are still Pegasi, they are not defined by where they live. They can still use clouds to sleep on and all that, but those clouds there." Pippin said and pointed to them. "Forget it, they are too wild to be controlled by Pegasi."

Rainbow Dash wasn't sure how to feel about that. Then again, Pippin did have a point, they were not defined by their homes, their homes were defined by them. Still, it did bum her out that those clouds could not be kicked like back in Equestria. Although, these ones did not look as.. Fluffy, or easy as those back home. This looked like one massive cloud, and it seemed to come over the land like a tidal wave.

"It's going to rain..." She then said, happy to know her senses about the weather was still the same here as it was back home.

A low rumble could be heard far away, and Applejack looked towards the clouds, seeing small white flashes every now and again. "Thunder..."

"We better hurry," said Pippin. "There are some cloaks in the wagon, we better put them on in case we get caught in the bad weather."

Barely two hours later, the dark clouds had covered the otherwise blue sky, and before they knew it, rain covered the lands. The drops were many, and fat, soaking everything around them. Thankfully Pippin had some green cloaks with hoods, and it kept them relatively dry. Mostly it kept their manes and water away from their eyes.

Their progress had become so much slower now. The wagon felt heavier, and some places there were pools of water, or slippery mud that made their progress that much harder. Apple Bloom was the only one sitting in the wagon, covered in her cloak, and an extra blanket.

It didn't help when the sun started to go down, making it harder to see. Pippin lit two to three lanterns, hoping it would help. All five of them were tired, cold, and hungry, most of all they longed for a warm bath. Around them were nothing but forest, and while Pippin had a general idea where they were, he had no idea how close they were to the village.

"Shouldn't be that long!" Pippin called over the loud drumming of the rain.

"How much farther?" Asked Applejack.

Pippin shrugged. "I'm not sure, maybe half a mile or something?"

"This weather sucks!" Called Rainbow Dash. "Why don't I try to fly ahead? Maybe I can see the village."

Looking up at the sky, it was clear no one could see very far in that weather. "I doubt you would be able to see far," replied Pippin. "Let's take a look at the map." The four of them unhitched and made their way to the back. Apple Bloom was sitting there, shaking slightly, a small lamp by her side. "Apple Bloom, can you reach those saddlebags there and pass me the map?"

She nodded, scooting closer to the bags he had pointed out and rummaged through them. A short while later, she pulled the map out and gave it to Pippin. "Thanks,. honey. Alright, let's see now." The four of them leaned over the map, Mac holding one of the lamps higher so they had more light.

"So where are we?" Rainbow asked, moving a little closer so she could see.

Pippin hummed thoughtfully. "Alright, this is my best guess.. I think we are somewhere in this area, so we should be maybe half an hour away from the village."

Applejack pointed to a map. "Do we have to cross the river?"

"No, it's a small stream, once we've passed that, we should be able to see the village and get to an inn."

"Isn't it just easier to set up camp here? We have a tent, don't we?" Big Mac asked, looking over at Pippin who shrugged.

"In this weather it will take time to set up a tent, and it will likely be soaking wet when we finally have it up. By the time we have it all set up and we are inside, we could have reached the village."

"But we could be farther away," argued Mac. "You said so yourself, you don't know exactly where we are."

As the four of them were discussing their options, Apple Bloom just happened to look towards the tree line to the right of the wagon. For a moment, she thought she saw something move, something big. Her ears lowered, and she leaned forward a little, narrowing her eyes hoping to spot something, or rather hoping there was nothing to see.

A branch cracked, and Apple Bloom sat back down. "Applejack! Applejack!" She called, gaining the attention of the four adults.

"What is it, Apple Bloom?" Her sister asked, trotting a bit closer to the wagon.

Apple Bloom moved closer to the edge, leaning down towards her sister. "I think something is out there."

The four adults looked towards the woods, trying to listen for anything, or spot anything that should not be there. With the sun already down, and the thick rainy clouds, it made it hard to see anything. Pippin turned away, looking at Apple Bloom. "Maybe it was just a bird?"

Apple Bloom shook her head. "No, it was bigger."

Just as she said that, another branch was broken, this time on the left side of the wagon. They all looked just in time to see two big green eyes looking back at them. Barely had their eyes met it before suddenly something large leaped out of the woods.


They barely managed to jump aside, Pippin very nearly crashing into the wagon itself. The huge figure stood right where they had all been just moments ago. The creature growled at them, its eyes glowing a darkish green. A timberwolf, but seemed somehow more nasty, filled with thorns, and almost a sort of unnaturally cruel look about it.

Apple Bloom backed away, moving farther into the wagon, careful not to make too much sound. A flash of lightning crossed the sky, lighting up the area in just a split second, revealing the timberwolf in all its glory. A split second later, the timberwolf turned towards Applejack, leaping forward, trying to plunge its teeth in her.

Applejack was no stranger to these beasts, and so saw the signs of its attack. She managed to dodge out of the way, but she just barely made it. Timberwolves were fast, but this one seemed even more so. "Quick, the weapons!" Called Pippin over the rain and thunder.

Rainbow Dash jumped, and with a strong flap with her wings, managed to extend her jump so she landed in the wagon with the terrified Apple Bloom. "Stay here!" Rainbow Dash told the filly, taking the three spears, throwing one to Pippin, and one to Big Mac. "Catch!" She couldn't see Applejack, but in no way could she lose sight of the beast.

The timberwolf turned, snarling at Mac who approached carefully, holding out the spear while Rainbow Dash took to the air. "Careful!" Pippin warned Mac. "Try to guide it towards the forest!" He hoped they could convince the timberwolf they were not worth the problem, but the look it gave them sent chills up his spine. It was like it was evaluating them, as if it was looking for ways to hurt them.

Suddenly it leaped into the air, snapping its jaws at Rainbow Dash who just managed to fly out of the way. As the timberwolf came down, its front paws hit the wagon, making the wheels collapse under it. Apple Bloom let out a scream, causing the beast to turn its eyes towards her.

"Apple Bloom!"

Applejack screamed in horror, and without thinking ran up behind the beast before anypony else could react. She turned just in the last moment, moved her hindlegs up, and bucked the wolf in its thick leg. The wolf roared in anger, and turned its attention towards Applejack, who was now flanked by Pippin and Big Mac, both holding their spears up.

With the wolf distracted, Apple Bloom hurried to crawl over the side of the wagon, landing on the muddy road with a splash. The wolf once again shifted its attention, its eyes finding Apple Bloom within a few seconds. Rainbow Dash saw it before anyone else did, and so swooped down to get Apple Bloom out of the way. She just managed to fly down, grab Apple Bloom, and push them both out of the thorny claws of the wolf, who leaped at the filly.

However their luck did not last, Rainbow might have gotten Apple Bloom out of the way, but she was too close to the ground, and thus crashed into the mud just as they got out of the way. The wolf noticed this, and started to creep towards the two crashed ponies. It was like it was internally going after the filly, ignoring the larger threat of three ponies in front of it, two of which holding spears.

Rainbow tried to get her bearings, she was soaking wet, and both of them covered in mud. She could hear the wolf come closer, and tried to stand in order to defend herself and Apple Bloom with her spear. Only, she had no spear. She had dropped it during the dive, leaving her unarmed!

For a moment, Rainbow Dash thought the wolf was going to sink its razor sharp teeth into her body, when both Mac and Pippin came up from behind it. They thrust their spears into its body, making it roar, turn, and almost hit Rainbow Dash and Apple Bloom with its tail.

Applejack moved around the wagon on the left side, while Mac and Pippin kept the wolf busy on the right. Rainbow and Apple Bloom came to meet her half way, having gotten out of the way. The two sisters embraced, while Rainbow wiped some mud off her face.

"I lost the spear!"

Applejack thought for a moment. "Get the rope, we can try to trip it up for them!" Rainbow Dash nodded, running to the back of the wagon. "Apple Bloom, I want you to stay back."


"No buts! This is too dangerous, so you just keep yourself out of danger, okay?" At first there was no reply, not until Applejack repeated herself. "Okay?" Apple Bloom nodded. "Good..."

"Watch out!" Yelled Pippin, keeping himself moving, trying to be ready to dodge. When he saw the beast get ready to launch again, he yelled out. "Mac, watch out!" Macintosh side stepped, just avoiding the claws. Pippin tried to take advantage, and moved close to hopefully kill the beast with his spear. Before he knew it though, its tail slammed into him from the side.

Pippin's cry in pain made the wolf want to turn around, but Mac kept it distracted by growling at the beast. It fixed Big Mac with an angry look, and tried to get in close to bite him, but Mac kept his guard up, slowly retreating while keeping the spear up. The two kept their eyes fixed on one another, Mac knew if he blinked, or even as much as looked away, even for a second, the wolf would close the distance faster than he could react.


Rainbow yelled from behind the wolf, but he didn't dare look. The wolf however did, and without thinking Mac took the opportunity to lunge forward, only to be stopped by its paw. It held it up, breaking the spear upon impact. Mac froze in shock, and suddenly found himself looking directly into the glowing eyes of the Timberwolf.

Mac felt certain this would be the death of him, his attack had failed, and now this creature would kill him. However, quite unexpectedly, the wolf did not kill him. Not for the lack of trying though, but just as it had turned its ugly head to do just that, the wolf fell into the mud, as if it had slipped.

For a moment it seemed the wolf itself was just as shocked and confused as Big Mac, at least until it looked behind itself. Mac did not see what had happened at first, but the wolf did. Its hind legs had been tied together, and the ends of the ropes held onto by Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Lightning flashed across the sky, and just as the thunder roared in the sky, so too did the timberwolf. With unreal strength, it pulled, making both mares loose their grip on the rope, and fall onto the ground. The wolf turned with such speed and force that its tail hit the wagon, causing it to fall onto its side.

It let out a fierce howl, and lunged at Rainbow Dash who only barely managed to jump aside. She would have flown away, or even run away, if the wolf would have given her time to do so, but it attacked again, making her scream in terror as it seemed intensely focused on killing her.


Mac cried out, running towards the wolf, and with every muscle in his body, he slammed into the massive timberwolf, causing it to stacker. Mac glared at the beast, then let out a cry of anger, which almost seemed like a howl of his own. Without fear, or any concern for his own safety, Mac lunges forward, and starts to tackle the beast. The wolf was so shocked that it did not even bite out after him as he slammed his hooves into it.

"YOU WILL NOT HURT MY FAMILY!!" Mac yelled in anger, slamming his hooves into its wooden body, beating it without any concern for himself.

He managed to hurt the wolf, but it would not take this lying down forever. Before anypony could warn him, the wolf reached with its neck, and bit down on Mac's left hind leg. Mac screamed in pain, as he felt the teeth sink into his flesh. He could feel them hit the bone, and he felt the warm blood quickly flowed from his wounds.

Everypony around them screamed in horror and shock, expecting they would have to fight the wolf in order to get Mac free. This however was not to be, with Mac wounded, and no longer fighting, the wolf seemed content with itself, let go of Mac's leg, and fled into the dark woods, never looking back.

"MAC!" Rainbow flew to the side of the red stallion. "Mac, oh no no no! Please, Mac, please be okay!"

"Argh! It hurts!" Mac winced, trying to keep down his cries of pain. Both his siblings came to his side, and Applejack looked at his leg.

"Get the lamp." Applejack told Apple Bloom, and she quickly complied.

"Argh.." Pippin got up from the mud, trotting slowly towards them, holding his side. "How does it look..?" He asked, focusing on Mac.

As Apple Bloom got some light to the bloody leg, Applejack examined it. "We have to bandage it up. He got lucky, he won't die from the wound if we take care of it, but something is off about it."

Pippin got closer. "Let me see." He leaned in, examining the bites. The blood did not stream out thankfully, so he wouldn't die of the wounds, but something was not right. There was some green flowing in the blood, and seemed to infect the wounds themselves. Pippin let out a curse. "He's been poisoned."

"What? But Timberwolves aren't poisonous." Applejack said in confusion.

"I don't know, but we can't stay here, he needs a healer." Pippin took off his cloak, and ripped it several places until he had several improvised bandages. "Here, tie them around his leg, we need to get him to the village."

"Right!" Without arguing, Applejack tied the bandages around Mac's leg, stopping the worst of the bleeding. "WE are going to get you help, Big Mac, I promise."

"Apple Bloom, you take the lamp, Applejack and I will carry Big Mac." Pippin instructed. "Rainbow Dash." He turned his attention to the Pegasus, but she didn't look at him. "Rainbow Dash," he said again, this time a little louder, gaining her attention. "We are going to get him help, but I need you to make sure we won't get attacked again." He gestured to the spear in the mud.

Rainbow Dash looked at the spear, then at him. She nodded, taking the spear, and tried to compose herself the best she could. Pippin doubted the wolf would attack them again, but he needed Rainbow Dash to stay with them. She would be no help if she broke down, and at least this gave her something to do, and it was good insurance.

"Ready, Applejack?"


"Right, alright Mac, let's get you moved. Come on big guy." Taking position on each side of him, they helped him up, doing their best to support the big stallion. "We should not be far, we just have to follow the road. Apple Bloom stays close."

And so they continued into the dark rainy night, not knowing if that wolf was still out there or not...

The rain was coming down hard, but it did little to bother the guests of the Spring Peak Inn. The crackling fire was warm, and spread a level of comfort and calm over the entire inn. It was a quiet evening, the weather keeping many ponies at home, leaving only a few travelers and determined regulars.

Some were having conversations about their day, others drank or ate in silence. Other than the rain and occasional thunder, it was a peaceful evening. That was until the front door slammed open, letting in the cold air, and some of the rain. All conversation stopped, which normally didn't happen just because the door opened. However the force of which it opened, and the fact it opened up all the way, brought a change to the atmosphere that no one could ignore.

As the conversation stopped, and everybody looked towards the door, they were met with a shocking sight. A group of soaking wet ponies trotted inside, two of them holding a third, who looked wounded. A filly stepped forward, her eyes red from crying, looking out into the room.

"Help, please help my brother! He's hurt!"

Applejack let out a tired sigh, she had been sitting outside Big Mac's room since they arrived. The innkeeper had been so nice to let them take the room for free, and another had brought the town doctor, or healer. Apple Bloom hadn't been able to sleep alone in her room, and insisted on waiting with Applejack outside of their brother's room.

However after the adrenaline started to wear off, she had leaned into Applejack and fallen asleep either way. She would wake her once there was news, but for now Applejack let her sleep.

Rainbow Dash was the only one allowed inside the room, other than the doctor. Pippin had done all he could in describing the timberwolf, the attack and so on. After which it was up to the healer and Mac himself. Pippin was sitting on the floor right across from where Applejack was sitting.

It had been maybe two hours since they arrived here, and neither of them had spoken for a while. The innkeeper had given them some food, but they hadn't really been able to eat anything, even though they were exhausted and cold, the hunger simply did not occur to them.

"I don't understand..." Pippin suddenly said. "Timberwolves usually hunt in packs, and they usually don't attack so aggressively."

Applejack could tell Pippin was feeling bad, as if he somehow was responsible for what had happened. "You did tell us we gave off a certain scent..." Applejack replied after a few seconds of silence. "It's not your fault..."

Pippin looked at her, clearly grateful for her words, but he clearly still felt a lot of guilt about what happened. He was just about to say something when the door to Mac's room opened, and out stepped both Rainbow Dash and the healer. Pippin stood, and Applejack gently nudged her little sister.

"Mh, wha?" Apple Bloom mumbled, slightly confused.

"It's the doctor..." Applejack said in a gentle tone, and it seemed to do the trick. Apple Bloom's eyes widened, and she got up faster than Applejack.

Nopony spoke up, so Rainbow Dash broke the ice with a tired smile. "He's going to make a full recovery..." She was clearly exhausted, the news had made her able to relax, and it all seemed to come crashing now.

Applejack knew how she felt, because as it hit her that her brother was going to be okay, Applejack felt like she could collapse right there and then. The healer spoke next. "The poison was unusual, especially considering it came from a timberwolf. Thankfully it would only have been deadly if left untreated for several days. The wound itself, while bad on its own, did not hit anything vital. He should be fine to travel in a few days, but I would recommend letting him rest until he is fully healed."

"Thank you, doctor..." Applejack said, letting out a long sigh of relief. "Can we see him?"

The healer nodded. "Yes, but he is very tired. I think he does want to assure you all he is okay, but you should let him rest as soon as you have seen him." Then he looked at Pippin. "Pippin, a word in your ear."

Pippin nodded, looking a little surprised, but not alarmed. He glanced at Applejack, sending her a reassuring smile. "Go ahead, I'll see him tomorrow."

Applejack nodded, watching the two stallions trot down the hall and towards the stairs leading down to the inn. Rainbow Dash ran a hoof through her mane. "I'm going to get some food, then head to bed..."

Applejack trotted closer, pulling a shaking Rainbow Dash into her hooves for an embrace. Rainbow didn't struggle, she just hugged her friend back. Neither of them needed to say it, both knew how scared the other one was. They would be okay, as long as they stuck together.

Smiling a little, Rainbow nodded at the two sisters, and trotted down the same way as the two stallions. Meanwhile Applejack and Apple Bloom carefully opened the door, and moved into Mac's room. It was small, holding two beds, a window, and a chest for personal items. Mac was laying on his back, tugged in by Rainbow Dash.

The improvised bandages had been placed in a bucket, they were all red from the blood. Likely the healer had bandaged Mac's leg with some proper bandages, but she could not see because of the blanket. As the two sisters approached, the red stallion opened his eyes, he smiled reassuringly at them, much to their relief.

"Hey there..." He said, his voice a little dry. "Are you two okay?" That was too much for Apple Bloom, she whimpered and trotted close to their brother, burying her face into his blanket. Mac placed his large front leg around her, stroking her red mane. "Hey, it's okay, Apple Bloom. I'm okay..."

She continued to sob, into the blanket, both siblings knowing she just needed to get it out, she would be fine. Applejack could feel her eyes well up too, but she remained still, smiling at her brother. "You really scared me there, Big Mac."

He chuckled. "Sorry, didn't mean to."

She shook her head. "You saved Rainbow Dash, probably all of us."

Then his eyes changed, his face becoming serious. He wanted to say something, but instead turned his attention to Apple Bloom, his face softening. "Apple Bloom, have you eaten yet?"

She looked up, wiping some tears from her face. "No..."

Mac smiled, stroking her cheek. "Then go down and eat with Rainbow Dash, you must be starving..."

She blushed, looking embarrassed. "Can... Can I sleep in here with you." Apple Bloom suddenly looked and sounded a lot younger. She hadn't asked to sleep in the same room with any of them for years now. Applejack couldn't help but feel bad, Apple Bloom must have been so scared.

Mac just smiled, nodding a little. "Sure you can... After you have eaten some dinner, okay?" She nodded, standing up. Apple Bloom smiled, then turned and left the room, leaving the two older siblings alone.

Once the door was closed, Applejack looked at her brother, concern filling her eyes. "What's wrong?"

Mac let out a sigh, sitting up a little. "That timberwolf, it wasn't normal..."

Sighing, Applejack moved over to the other bed and sat down. "You can say that again, I've never seen anything like it before..."

"No," Mac replied, shaking his head. "I mean, I don't think it was a timberwolf at all."

"What?" Applejack said, startled by her brother's words. "What do you mean?"

"Before you and Dashie tied its legs together, I looked into its eyes. They weren't, well, normal." He closed his eyes, as if trying to recall what he saw. "They weren't wild, or instinctual, like you see with a normal animal." Mac opened his eyes again, looking over at his spellbound sister. "It was thinking, like it was trying to come up with a solution to a problem. It wasn't animal instinct. There was some deep intelligence behind those eyes." He sighed, rubbing his head.

"I'm not sure how else to explain it. It looked into my eyes, and it was like it was making a calculated decision..." Mac was not normally a stallion of many words. Although his time with Rainbow Dash had made him more talkative. Hearing him talking like this, it worried her. "Also," he added. "When it bit me, it could have easily ripped off my leg..."

Applejack winced. "Mac..."

He shook his head, his eyes as serious as she had ever seen him. "It made a choice not to kill me, Applejack. It knew just how much to bite. It wasn't luck that it didn't take my leg, it made that decision."

"Mac, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that whatever happened out there, it wasn't by chance. Something, or someone set this up." He said this, knowing full well he had no proof of it. The only thing he had was this nasty gut feeling, that something out there was watching them, and he didn't like it one bit.

As for Applejack, she didn't need solid proof. She trusted her brother's judgment on this, but had no idea why anyone would attack them. Was someone trying to keep them from reaching Asgard? If so, then why not just kill her brother, that would have put a stop to everything.

Applejack felt her head spin with these thoughts, so much so she never noticed the room going dark, or that her head hit the pillow...