• Published 16th Apr 2022
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Valhalla - DanishDash

It's been four years since Thor left Equestria and Applejack. Missing her beloved, Applejack decides to find a way to get to his world! (Not connected to the marvel universe)

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Chapter 1: Another Day

The day had begun like any other: get up at dawn, do the morning chores, breakfast, buck apples, lunch, buck apples, dinner, bed. Depending on the day, sometimes Applejack would go to the market in Ponyville to sell apples, other times she would hang out with her friends.

But most days were spent on Sweet Apple Acres.

It wasn't like Applejack complained about her life, things were good. Apple Bloom and her friends had gained their cutie marks, Twilight had become a princess, her brother Big Mac's relationship to Rainbow Dash was still going strong. Things were good, peaceful.

And yet, Applejack felt restless. It had been four years since Thor left, or, Astral Thunder as they called him, and since then she had longed for him, waited for him.

Though their time was short, Applejack still felt closer to him than any other stallion. She missed him, missed working with him, talking to him. She still remembered his laugh, his smile, the way he carried her after she hurt her hoof. Despite never being a fan of all those romantic novels, she really did feel like a princess when he was around, and he was her knight.

And now, he is gone.

Fighting in his own world, keeping the balance, and keeping the world safe. Applejack was no longer sure if he could return, or if he wanted to. After all, she was just one mortal mare, and he was a god, what did she really have to offer him?

Shaking her head, she pushed the thoughts from her mind, it was no use thinking like that, it didn't help her mood, and it didn't help Thor. While he was off fighting giants, she still had her responsibilities, and no way a stallion, being a god or not, would keep her from pulling her load.

Things have changed a lot since then. Twilight was newly crowned ruler of Equestria, the library was gone, and a friendship school had opened up. At times Applejack would teach there, but mostly her time was spent here at the farm. Apple Bloom was still a foal, a young teenager in fact, and she could be quite the hooffull at times.

Not that she was troubled or any of that, but she was in the middle of becoming a young adult. She was still responsible, hard working, and helped around the farm. However, she was still a teenager with all the teenager problems. Thankfully it was still in the early stages, so Applejack didn't have to deal with any attitude issues for now.

It was at times like this she realized the massive task it must have been for Granny Smith to take care of all three of them. Sadly though, she and Mac were alone now. Granny Smith had passed on, and it had left a hole in the Apple household that had yet to be filled.

Applejack thanked the stars above for her brother, as he had been the driving force behind the business for years now. Without him, Applejack wasn't sure how she would manage it all. They had their friends to help of course, but Applejack didn't like to pull them away from their lives. This was a family business after all, and their problems were not to thrust on their friends.

However despite the trials of the past year, they had come through it together. Harvest was over, and things had calmed down, it was only light chores for the rest of the year. Making sure everything was ready for next year's harvest, and maintaining the farm. It would be a good break, and Luna knows she could use the rest.

At times Applejack felt like she was 30 years older, with all the worries that came with it. Despite this, Applejack was still in her prime, still young, and with her whole life ahead of her. There was nothing she couldn't do if she put her mind to it, or at least, that is how she used to feel.

She had responsibilities now, and now that Granny was gone, she had to step up. Her and Mac had to run the farm together, and rely on everything Granny Smith had taught them over the years. They had a farm to take care of, a business to run, and a teenager to raise.

Letting out a long sigh, Applejack finished up her morning chores and trotted towards the farm house. Mac was sitting on the porch, enjoying his mug of morning coffee. When he spotted her, he sent her a nod, and a small smile. "Mornin', Applejack."

Applejack smiled back. "Mornin', Big Mac. Sleep well?"


"There better be more coffee in the kitchen." She said in a mock threatening tone.

Big Mac just chuckled in that deep rumble he had going. "Eeyup, enough for both of us."

"Thanks, Big Mac." She went inside, got herself a mug, poured the coffee and soon enough joined her brother out on the porch. It had become part of their morning routine to sit out here, enjoying the quiet morning, the scenery, and the hot cup of coffee.

"Rough night?" Mac suddenly asked.

Applejack shrugged. "You know me, I'm not one for complaining." She could practically hear the slow raising of her brother's eyebrow as he gave her a look. So she sighed, giving in now rather than waste time. "I didn't sleep well."

Mac nodded a little. "You can't keep doing this to yourself, Applejack."

"I know," she replied. "I just, I don't know. Apple Bloom is just beginning to figure out what she wants to do. You and Dashie are closer than ever. Heck, she has practically moved in."

Mac blushed a little, and Applejack couldn't help but smile slightly. "Which is good," she added quickly. "Big Mac, I'm happy for you and Dash. I guess I'm just thinking too much of what will happen to me. Will I remain here on the farm, alone?"

"Applejack," Mac started, a worried look in his eyes. "It's been four years, maybe its time to." The words died in his throat, he wasn't sure if he could say it. Applejack didn't have that problem as she knew full well what he was going to suggest.

"Move on?" Mac didn't reply, looking more ashamed than firm. Applejack smiled, pushing her body against him to nudge Mac a little. "You don't need to hide it, I understand." She assured him, taking a sip of her mug.

"I know I should, but I just don't know if I can't, or want to." There was a moment of silence, and after a while, Applejack glanced at her brother, finding him looking back at her with a look she could only interpret as concern, or worse, pity. "Don't look at me like that, Big Mac. I can't help how I feel."

"I'm not saying to forget about him," he assured. "However, you should not keep yourself from trying to find some happiness, from meeting somepony."

Applejack smiled at her brother, placing a hoof on his shoulder. "I know, Mac. I'm just not ready to move on yet. It would be as if to give up on him. I just can't do that, not yet."

He nodded, taking a moment to take another sip from his mug. Then before the conversation could continue, the door opened behind them, and out stepped their rainbow maned friend. She yawned, rubbing her one eye with her hoof as she looked at them. "Meh, good morning." She yawned, trotting over beside Big Mac, placed a peck on his cheek, and sat down.

Both Applejack and Mac smirked at her. "You look like you slept well," remarked Applejack.

Rainbow Dash snorted, reaching over and took her coltfriend's mug. He didn't mind it. "His bed is just so big and comfy." Dashie mumbled as she took a sip. "Besides, with all the awesome food I eat here, it is no wonder I sleep well." She chuckled a little. "That, and all the training I do with the Wonderbolts."

"I thought you had vacation time?" Mac remarked.

"Well, yeah, but we do have one last meet up today."

"Well that explains why you're up so early." Applejack teased.

Rainbow Dash stuck her tongue out. "I can't help it, I'm a heavy sleeper." She moved head from side to side, trying to wake up her muscles a bit more, stretching her wings slightly. "Shouldn't take too long, just a few reminders and briefings, that sort of thing."

"Will you be able to make it back in time?" Asked Applejack.

Rainbow snorted. "Pfft, no problem. I'll be back here long before we have to meet the others."

Applejack and her friends liked to meet up in town once in a while. It was more complicated than before, their lives had changed a lot.

Rarity had opened up another shop, Twilight was a princess in training to take over Equestria. Rainbow Dash was a Wonderbolt, Pinkie had opened up a party/joke shop. Fluttershy had her animal shelter/clinic, and Applejack herself had the farm. A lot had changed for them, and they all had responsibilities.

It was why meetings such as these were important to them. They did not meet up with all of them as often as they would like, but they still saw each other enough to not feel like strangers to one another. For those of them who lived in Ponyville, like Applejack herself, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, meeting up was a bit easier. Rarity did live in Ponyville, but she often traveled.

"Anyway, I have to go." Continued Rainbow, and gave Mac his mug back. "I'll see you later." She leaned in, and gently pressed her lips to Mac's in a warm and loving kiss.

She had come a long way, Applejack had to admit. When they first started to date Rainbow wasn't too fond of showing affection in public. However over time, she had become much more accustomed to it. Applejack had no doubt it was partly thanks to Mac, and partly thanks to Rainbow Dash growing more mature.

Rainbow jumped down from the porch, spread her wings and winked at Applejack. "See ya later, Applesmack!" She said, and in one powerful leap flew off into the morning sky.

Applejack chuckled, shaking her head. "I guess some things just never change." She stood up, finishing her coffee. "I'm making breakfast, will you get our sister out of her cave?"


The two siblings went inside, Mac moved to the stairs, and Applejack into the kitchen. Cooking was one of the chores she had taken over since Granny's passing, although Apple Bloom was growing into a good cook as well. At times she would help Applejack in the kitchen, which had become their time to just talk filly stuff.

As Applejack got started making their breakfast, Big Mac entered the kitchen and sat down. He looked amused, and applejack raised an eyebrow at that. "What are you smirking for?"

"Nothing, just how similar you and Apple Bloom are."

Applejack narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Just that her room looks like yours when you were her age."

Applejack groaned. "I told her to clean her room yesterday, she promised she would get around to it."

Mac shrugged. "It wasn't that bad, Applejack. If it helps, I think most of the stuff on the floor was from doing homework with her friends yesterday."

"It's school stuff today, then tomorrow it will be clothes, or CDs, then more and more. It is better to nip it in the butt now, before it becomes a problem later."

"I know, and I told her. She is cleaning right now."

"Good," Applejack sighed relieved.

She didn't want to have one those conversations early in the morning. She felt a little bad, Apple Bloom was nothing when compared to other fillies her age. So Applejack knew she got it easy. Apple Bloom was a good filly who did her chores, worked hard, and valued honesty.

"And my room wasn't THAT messy." Mac looked her way with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I grew out of it!" The two laughed, and it was by that time Apple Bloom joined them.


"That was fast." Applejack said with a smile. "How does your room look?"

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes, but smiled as she sat down. "Sis, it was just a few papers and such. Only took me a few seconds. I'm going to clean it more thoroughly when I get home."

"Where are you going?" Big Mac asked as Applejack started serving pancakes.

"Scootaloo and I are going to work on a school project. It's pretty much finished, but it just needs a few finishing touches." Apple Bloom explained, putting some butter and syrup onto her pancakes.

"What about Sweetie Belle?"

"She is going out with Button Mash from school. I think he is taking her out for milkshakes." The filly shrugged, eating a bit before continuing. "She's had a crush on him for a while, so me and Scootaloo didn't want to butt in."

"Hm, I see. Are they dating?" Asked Applejack.

Apple Bloom giggled. "They insist they don't, but I've seen them blush and act like two lovebirds when they are together." Then she let out a dreamy sigh, drawing the attention of both her siblings as she said. "I hope one day I'll meet somepony who makes me as silly as Sweetie Belle."

Applejack frowned, not because she was sad or worried. "I had no idea you liked stuff like that?"

Her younger sister blushed, as if only now realizing what she had said. "Oh, uhm, well, Sweetie Belle is just lucky, you know." Slowly she started to draw circles on the table with her hoof. "And you know, I'm not a little filly anymore.."

"You're fourteen."

"Well, that doesn't mean I can't be on the lookout for a cute co-"

"Young filly, don't you dare finish that sentence." Mac interrupted.

"What?!" Apple Bloom exclaimed. "Hey, that's cheating! You didn't ask anypony for permission when you started to date Rainbow Dash!" She then pointed at her sister. "Or you, Astral!"

"That's different." Smirked Big Mac.


"Because we love you too much, and no one can take you away from us." Mac stood up, and Apple Bloom eyed him.

"No, don't you dare." She warned.

"We love you so much, so come give me a hug!"

"NO!" Screamed Apple Bloom, laughing as she fled the kitchen, pushing the chair away.

Mac was right behind her, following her inside the living room, and chasing her outside. Applejack watched with amusement, then started to clear Apple Bloom's plate away. She started washing, but then Mac returned, chuckling. Like Rainbow Dash, he had changed too. He was still him, but he could be a bit more spontaneous than before.

"No Apple Bloom?" Asked Applejack with a smirk.

Mac shook his head, grinning as he sat back down to eat. "I think I chased her off the farm."

Applejack sat down with her own plate. "Be careful or one day she might do just that." The two shared another heartfelt laugh. "By the way, are you going to look at the roof today?"


"Okay, then I will start working on the barn door. It's stuck again."

The two siblings started to make a list of things to do, which wasn't anything urgent, but something that needed to be done either way. In times such as this, with no harvest, most of the work was maintenance and preparing for the next season. Despite the relative light work, Applejack again thanked the stars for her brother.

Family truly was the most precious thing a pony could have.

Applejack spent the next few hours doing the chores around the farm, and inspecting the orchard. Some trees needed to be trimmed, others removed all together, but it seemed everything was going well, which was a pleasant surprise. It meant less worries, and less worries meant less headaches.

However, her time working was coming to an end. She had to meet up with her friends soon, and so before leaving she took a shower, washing away all the grime of the day. Applejack looked forward to this meetup, it was always fun to see her friend all together. Talk about their adventures, and update each other about their lives.

She made sure her mane was tied by the end again, made sure she looked her best, put on her hat, and went out the door. Rainbow Dash was already waiting for her, she looked clear, although her mane was still ruffled, as always. "About time, come on, I don't wanna be late!"

"Will you relax? We have plenty of time." Applejack said calmly, trotting past her friend and towards the road. "If you wanted to, you could just fly ahead."

Rainbow rolled her eyes, and flew beside her earthbound friend. "Nah, this is fine. You just seem so slow these days. Are you still thinking about Astral?"

"Somepony has been speaking to Big Mac." Noted Applejack, which made Rainbow Dash snort.

"Come on, Applejack. It's not like it isn't obvious."

"Rainbow, it isn't just about Thor, it's about the farm. About Apple Bloom's future, about you and Big Mac's, about mine." At times Applejack envied Rainbow Dash. She was so carefree, and had such an easy way about life. It wasn't that she blamed Rainbow for it, or was angry with her. "I just worry about the future, that's all."

"Hey, Applejack. You know you can talk to me, right?"

Applejack smiled gently. "I know, but talking to you is like talking to a fencepost."

Rainbow barked out a laugh. "Right, but I mean it."

"I know you do, thanks." She looked up at her flying friend. "I know I can count on you, Rainbow. Don't worry, I'm just still getting used to everything. With Granny gone, and Apple Bloom growing it. It's a lot."

"I know," nodded Rainbow Dash. "Well, just remember you're not alone. You have Mac and me." The two became silent for a few seconds, then Rainbow continued. "Well, I think that is enough serious Applejack for today, how about a race to clear the mind?"

Applejack raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Really? But we just cleaned up, or I have at least."

"Hey I showered at the base, and who cares anyway? It is not that far away, and we have looked worse." Rainbow grinned, hovering closer and nudged her friend. "Come on, Applesmack, one little tiny race?"

"Oh all right, from here to Sugarcube Corner?"

Rainbow smirked, nodding. "Right. Ready?"

Applejack rolled her eyes and stopped, getting herself into a starting position like Dash did. "Set."


The two set off in an impressive display of skill, stamina, and speed. Of course Applejack was no match for Rainbow Dash when she was in the air, but on the ground she had a little advantage. Enough so that their races could be interesting. All along the road one could only see two blurs racing towards Ponyville, and the dust cloud that was building up behind them.

Sugarcube Corner had for many years been a small bakery, but it had grown a bit since then. It was the advantage of having had an element bearer living here, and also because some of Pinkie Pie's recipes stuck. It had more customers, but thankfully it wasn't a crowded place, so ponies could still get a relaxing cup of coffee and a cupcake without a crowd ruining the peace.

Today however was a little different. Two royal guards stood guard at the front door, making sure no pony disturbed the her royal highness as she was with her friends. It was one of the downsides being a princess, you had to have security, and there were just some things that were non-negotiable.

They let Applejack and Rainbow Dash pass without a word spoken, and as they entered they found the place almost empty. Of course the Cakes were behind the counter, relaxing, and their friends sitting at a large booth, with Twilight in the center. She had grown a bit, that much was clear, but it came with being an Alicorn.

As the friends spotted each other they all got up, and met each other. "Girls, it's so good to see you!" Smiled Twilight, hugging both Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

"Geez, Twilight. It hasn't been that long!" Rainbow laughed, hugging her friend back.

"I know, but it feels like it has been aged." Replied Twilight. "Don't get me wrong," she continued and let her two friends go. "It is very rewarding, and I get to study subjects I didn't even consider before."

"Well you know you're always welcome at Sweet Apple Acres, sugarcube. Even your guards." Applejack smirked.

Twilight giggled. "Flash and Storm are really nice when you get to know them, they just have to be all stone faced when on duty."

The other girls came forward, and they all started to exchange greetings as they made their way over to the table. "I hope we aren't late," said Applejack, noting everypony else was already here.

"Nonsense, darling." Answered Rarity. "We only just got here as well. I only arrived a minute before you did."

Mrs. Cake made her way to their table, and took their orders. "I'll help," said Pinkie Pie, but Mrs. Cake shook her head with a gentle smile.

"It's alright dear. I got this, and you have to watch yourself for the next few months, in your condition and all."

Then she left again, leaving the rest of the girls to look at Pinkie Pie with confused expressions. "What condition are you sick, Pinkie Pie?" Asked Fluttershy, the concern was clear in her voice.

Pinkie Pie just giggled. "No silly head, I'm expecting a foal."


Their shocked expressions made Pinkie laugh. "I knew you would be surprised!"

"Wow, you can say that again, Pinkie." Rainbow said. "How long have you known?"

Pinkie shrugged. "Since last week, it is still in the early stages."

"Why this is wonderful, darling." Rarity smiled. "Congratulations."

"Yes, congratulations, Pinkie Pie. I know you will be a good mother." Added Fluttershy, and the rest soon followed.

Out of all the news, this was certainly the biggest and the most surprising as of yet. Pinkie Pie was going to be a mother, the first out of all of them. Applejack knew that maybe at some point they would all find their special someponies, and one day start their own families.

Still, to hear it for the first time was still a little unreal. Applejack was happy for her friend, but it was a reminder how far they had all come since their first meeting with Twilight. Despite still in her prime and still young, Applejack suddenly felt ancient.

"Do you know if it's going to be a colt or a filly?" Asked Applejack, smiling at her friend.

Pinkie shook her head. "We want it to be a surprise! What's the fun in knowing?"

For the next hour, all they could talk about was Pinkie Pie's foal. They had a lot of questions like, had they thought of any names yet? Were they going to stay in Ponyville?

Did her family know yet? Of course you knew who was going to ask what, like Rarity asking about clothes for the foal, and Twilight asking about education. There were many topics that got touched upon, but since it was still early, the conversations soon turned to other matters.

Rarity talked about her business, how she was doing, and what she was expected to do for the coming month. she had big plans, that was for sure. Fluttershy shared the latest news of her animal shelter, and how helpful Discord had been to make it just perfect. She was very passionate about it, and you could tell she was truly happy, like she had found her place in the world.

Rainbow Dash didn't have so many news to share, however she did have a lot of stories. Rarity tried to get some gossip out of her. Of course, being a Wonderbolt meant that they were the topic of many tabloid magazines and paparazzis. Mac had already kicked off four reporters from their farm.

"So, how is the farm doing?" Twilight suddenly asked, as the attention shifted to Applejack.

"We are doing well, just making sure to run it as Granny Smith would have wanted." Applejack said, a sad smile gracing her lips. She let out a sigh. "We are taking one day at the time."

"Applejack and Big Mac are working really hard." Rainbow commented. "If anypony can do this, it's those two."

Applejack smiled, and nodded a little. "It's true enough, Big Mac and I have been working on this farm for years, and Mac has been doing all the paperwork. He is much better with numbers than me." She chuckled. "But, Apple Bloom is growing into a young mare now, and it can be a bit of a trial when you don't have Granny to ask advice."

"You're doing your best," said Twilight. "And Apple Bloom is a good filly. I'm sure if you stick together, that it will become much easier in time."

"We are also here to help, should you need it." Added Fluttershy.

"Thanks girls, I appreciate it." Applejack smiled, taking a sip of her tea. "So, Twilight. How is royal life treating you? All that fancy stuff in Canterlot must be a big change from Ponyville."

The transition between topics was a bit awkward, but Applejack didn't really want to bring down the mood with her own problems. She met her friends well enough that if they stayed on this topic suddenly they would start asking about Thor, or Astral as they had called him.

Seeming to pick up on her wish, Twilight continued without pressing the topic. "Well, it is certainly a change. Even when I was just studying magic under Celestia, I didn't feel the pressure of Canterlot. Now suddenly I have to hold court, sit in meetings, and decide on laws that can affect all of Equestria." She chuckled a little. "In some ways it is very stimulating to the mind, but in other ways it's very-"

"Boring!" Rainbow Dash interrupted. "Leave it to you to have fun at long meetings and law making. Don't you ever do something fun."

"Rainbow!" Twilight said a little offended. "This is very important work, and I need to take my role seriously. As a princess in training I can't just go off and have fun whenever I want."

"I know, I know!" Said Rainbow, waving her hoof around as if to deflect her rebuke. "I'm just saying Celestia has done it for thousands of years. I'm pretty sure it will become boring in time. So you could at least tell us some of the more interesting parts."

Twilight took a moment to think about, then nodded slightly. "Alright, well, Celestia and Luna showed me the royal armory a few days ago."

"Well now you're talking!" Rainbow grinned, leaning in, suddenly all the more interested.

"There were very old and enchanted weapons and armor, some dating back before the unification." Twilight said, thinking about it. "The world was more chaotic back then, less peaceful. I hope I never have to put on any of that stuff and go to war."

"I'm sure you won't, darling. Equestria has never been more peaceful than it is now. Not to mention you have your brother, and Princess Cadence."

"Yeah, Rarity is right. Besides, if anyone tries to start trouble, you have us to help you out." Added Rainbow Dash with a boastful look about her.

Applejack noticed a flicker in Twilight's eyes, it was subtle, but it was there. She didn't need to ask what it was, nor did Applejack want to say it out loud. However, the truth was that they would not always be here. Having been with a god had put that sort of thing into perspective.

Their lives would be a mere drop in the ocean for Twilight, a simple blink of an eye in her long life. Who knew what would happen in one hundred years, or five, or one thousand. There was no telling, and at that point Twilight would not have many to turn to.

The suddenly opened, and in came a purple male dragon. Rarity squealed. "Spike!" She giggled. "I was beginning to wonder where you were."

Spike had grown a lot too, he was finally tall enough to look them in the eyes. He grinned, and approached the table. "Sorry I'm late, I wanted to swing by the friendship school and say hi to Starlight."

"It's too bad she couldn't come today." Fluttershy noted with a slight frown. "Perhaps we should go visit before you leave Twilight?"

"Then we should not delay it." Noted Spike, finding a spot to sit. "We have a lot to see before we leave for Prance tomorrow."

"Oh, you are going to Prance?" Asked Pinkie.

Twilight nodded. "Celestia and Luna have been invited to celebrate the king's daughter's birthday, and Celestia wanted me to come along for diplomatic practice. There is a lot I want to pack, so we have to head straight back to Canterlot after this."

"Then we shouldn't waste time!" Exclaimed Pinkie Pie. "Let's go see her now!"

After an evening with the girls, Applejack and Rainbow Dash made their way back to Sweet Apple Acres. It had been good to see all their friends again, to talk about old times, about what was going on, and the future. Applejack could honestly say she loved spending time with her friends. Even now, she and Applejack were giggling all the way back to the farm.

As they approached, Rainbow stretched a bit. "Ergh, now that was fun. I think I'm going to take a quick bath, then hop into bed with my stallion."

The farmhouse was completely dark, likely Big Mac and Apple Bloom had already gone to bed. "Sounds like a plan," chuckled Applejack. "I think I'm going to stay out here for a bit, enjoy the stars, clear my head."

Rainbow frowned a little. "You sure? Do you want me to keep you company."

Applejack rolled her eyes with a teasing smile. "No, I promise I'm fine. I just want to clear my head, I'll be fine, go. Go up and cuddle with my brother."

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Okay, if you say so. Goodnight."


Rainbow trotted inside, closing the door behind her and left Applejack alone on the porch. Letting out a relaxed sigh, Applejack sat down, looking up at the many stars. She sat there in silence for perhaps a minute or two, when she smiled and started to speak.

"Hi, it's me again. I don't know if you can hear me, I don't think you can, but it feels good to try. It makes me feel closer to you, despite the distance between us." Her voice was low, soft, and filled with a warmth only lovers would know existed. "I've been working hard on the farm as you know. Harvest season is over, so there is not much hard work to do. I'm sure you're busy keeping order between the worlds, too busy to hear me."

Applejack sighed, looking down for a moment. How many nights had she done this now? She had no way of knowing if Thor could hear or see her. At times, it even felt pointless. Still, she couldn't stop it, she couldn't stop trying, because if she did it would be like giving up on him.

She looked up again. "Pinkie Pie is pregnant, she is going to be a mother. That's wonderful, isn't it? I think she will be a good mom, she had the heart and the love. I already have my hooves full with Apple Bloom, but I think she is doing well. She is growing up to be the mare I know she can be. Big Mac and Rainbow Dash are doing well too. Heck, Rainbow has pretty much moved in at this point. I think their love is still strong."

She became silent for a few more minutes, thinking, considering. "Sometimes I wonder if you were still here, would It have been us expecting? Would we have begun a life that was our own? Sorry, I don't mean to sound selfish or anything, I know you have responsibilities, so have I." Applejack sighed once again. "I just want you to know that I miss you, and I still love you. Please, don't keep me waiting, I don't think my heart can take it."

Raising a hoof to her mouth, she kissed it, then blew it towards the sky. "Goodnight, my love. My heart belongs to you, always.."