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Applejack, short of options, plans to ask out her friend-turned-roommate Rainbow Dash when Sugar Belle sets her up on a blind date at a Hippogriff-owned café with a new resident of Ponyville. It turns out to be another blue pegasus that touches her heart in a way she never could've predicted.

Cover art by Snow Quill.
Contest Entry for the Crackship Contest 😃
Contains coffee dates, multicultural Ponyville, and Appledash friendship/subplot.

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Yet another chapter to Omegathyst's coffee shop fetish~
A lovely little story about warm fuzzies and the power of being vulnerable. Applejack is written here to be actually interesting, hopefully her and kerfuffle have a good ship.
Poor rainbows, realizing too late she wanted a little foo foo romance.

tavie #2 · March 16th · · 1 ·

appledash is also one of my notps. no matter how much i like enemies 2 lovers, i still like opposites attract more, which is why i prefer to ship applejack and rainbowdash with mares like fluttershy and pinkie pie more. also i really couldnt see appledash working out, i feel like they'd just be bickering all the time. but anyways, this was a really good fic. if ur feeling up to it please create a sequel!:derpytongue2:

“Shut up, Rainbow Dash,” Applejack growled.

hehe, a phrase i imagine used often. or at least, should be!

“It’s not…like that at all,” Sugar shook her head. “Quite the opposite, I know Rarity turned you down a while ago, and somepony moved into Ponyville recently. Another fashion designer actually! And she’s so sweet, she even says that she met you before! I just didn’t want you to date Rainbow Dash because that felt like your only option. If you want to be with her, that’s your right. I’m sorry if I crossed a boundary, that wasn’t my intention.”

telling somepony that you're worried they're asking someone out just because they're the only option is kinda rude, haha!

“You two are right,” Applejack sighed. “What was ah thinkin’? Tryin’ to settle for less than what ah want?”

oof, burn on Rainbow Dash! but yeah, understandable

Many different creatures had integrated into Equestrian society since the Legion of Doom had been encased into stone, and Applejack noticed that they were bringing their culture and businesses to Ponyville in rapid numbers.

i mean that's cool and all but if these hippogriffs are bringing an expy of Blue Bottle Coffee, that means they are hipsters! do you really want to let them gentrify Ponyville, Applejack? do you???

“No, ah’ll just have a black coffee with cream and sugarcubes,” Applejack decided.

hehe, Applejack taking sugarcubes in her coffee. fitting and cute!

“Perfect, that’ll be eight bits!”

oof, it's no wonder Milleneighals can't afford to buy thatched-roof houses, with these habits!

Applejack looked up, and could feel the taste reflected in Kerfuffle’s eyes.


“Beautiful,” Applejack smirked. “The dress is nice too, I suppose.”

hehe, smooth!

“S-Sugarcube, nopony has ever done this for me,” Applejack felt her eyes tearing up as she felt unrestrained care and light in the pegasus’ touch. The world faded away as she allowed herself to lay down on the hillside with her legs stretched out. Turning and looking at Kerfuffle over her shoulder, she noticed that Kerfuffle’s muzzle was a breath away. Leaning in, Applejack closed the distance and kissed Kerfuffle on the lips.

and this is just adorably fluffy

So maybe Applejack would spend the rest of her life with Kerfuffle, or another mare, and Rainbow Dash would be on her own again. So what?

oof, this makes me feel for Rainbow Dash, and for how much i dislike the idea that romantic relationships take precedence over platonic ones to the point of devaluing the latter. Applejack's love life doesn't make your friendship worth any less, Rainbow!

Applejack was glowing in a way she hadn’t before, and Rainbow Dash felt a hint of longing for that same feeling.

An image flickered in her mind, and Rainbow got up and flew past the apple trees and towards Fluttershy’s cottage.

and it's nice to see the story end on a happy note, instead of a confrontation! and growth, too, for Rainbow moving past her self-denial.

an adorably fluffy fic, all the better for featuring a very much underappreciated Kerfuffle, who deserves to have a lot more stories written about her. thank you for it!

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