• Published 1st Jun 2013
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Sweetie Belle Makes A New Friend - ABagOVicodin

The Cutie Mark Crusaders knock a baseball into a stallion's yard. After he refuses to give it back, Sweetie Belle decides to do the only thing that she can think of in order to get the ball back: become friends with the one who has it.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, probably longer than the time that I was in the Royal Guard. It’s Safeguard, one of the numerous ponies that has protected you throughout the years. You probably don’t remember me, since I only talked to Shining Armor about my resignation all those years ago.

I don’t even know what to say, despite the numerous ponies that are surrounding me, providing me with the warmth and friendship that I haven’t felt since I was back in the Guard. It’s so weird how I could be a lonely stallion who’s in lifelong pain one day, and be surrounded by friends the next.

One of your subjects, Sweetie Belle, blessed me with the magic of friendship today. Despite how mean I was, she remained loyal to her goal of getting her ball back, even if it meant making friends with a cranky stallion such as myself. I threatened to slam the door on her hoof, but she merely challenged my whole facade in response. It broke within seconds because she knew me. This filly knew what kind of stallion I was. I loved little fillies like her that make Equestria a better place, even though I felt like I didn’t belong in a heavenly Earth such as this anymore.

I write this letter to you because I want to thank you for the values and morals that you instill within our citizens. As a guard, I thought that you were merely a replaceable figure that would be changed when you got tired of your duty, but I understand now that even if you did get tired of your duty, if your citizens treated each other the way that they treated me, then you wouldn’t need to be our Princess anymore. I resisted nearly every gift that was given to me by Sweetie Belle and her friends. I thought I was a burden, a simple shattered stallion that needed to live out life until my final breath. My money was running out and soon enough, I would lose my house much like I lost the potions that helped get me out of bed each morning. I figured that my house being taken would simply hurry it all up, so that I could reach the afterlife that our Alabaster Queen has ready for us.

Sweetie Belle would not have it. This filly, this smart little filly was willing to give me her friendship. Sure, she wanted to get her ball back, but if all she cared about was her ball, than she would have left the moment she got it. She didn’t. She cared about me... wanted me to become her friend, and although she was naive in thinking she could fix my back, she fixed way more than that.

I’ve been blessed today, Princess, by the subjects that you have rule over. Judging by the help that I was given and the state that I am now in, surrounded by new friends while my hurt back is more relaxed than it has been in years, I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Dear Princess Celestia,

Everypony in Equestria always seemed so happy to me. When it came to problems, the toughest thing that I had to do was help out Rarity with her dresses. I never thought that I would help out a hurting stallion. All I wanted was my ball back, but when I saw how angry he was, I knew there had to be a reason why.

I’m sorry, Princess Celestia. I didn’t pay attention to my sister and I talked to a stranger. He could have been as evil as Discord or King Sombra, but I couldn’t leave him behind. Rarity always told me to be generous with my things, and if I was happy, and he wasn’t, then shouldn’t I be generous with my happiness? He looked like he was going to cry, and after I cried when my clubhouse was taken away, I never wanted to hear another pony cry again.

I know that I didn’t listen to my sister, and for that, I’m sorry. But I helped another stallion and made a friend in the same day. I couldn’t be more happy.


Sweetie Belle

Author's Note:

Yeah, I wanted to write this part of the story back when I first did this story, but the words weren't conveying on the paper well enough, so I put it off until I went through this story and got it ready for EQD. So... yeah... it's 100% complete now. Thank you to everyone that read and enjoyed it.

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Damn. Talk about a powerful letter.

You made me shed a tear. Well done, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh wow. A tear? I'm surprised that I actually... did.


Not everyday I read something this touching.

~Skeeter The Lurker

These letters really pull it all together for me. I'm glad that you chose to end on a high note, after a practically immaculate first chapter that was really touching.
That, and Sweetie Belle's apologies to the Princess are somewhere between hilarious and adorable! :scootangel:

Veteran's benefits? What veteran's benefits? :trollestia:

Do a follow-up where the princess replies. Both Princesses probably.

Author Interviewer

Gotta say the writing didn't impress and the letters don't add much, but I think you did "introduce an OC" the right way.

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