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This group is for World Of Tank Players to converse with other players. I started this group because I didn't find any other group for this game.

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hello fellow brony tankers, followers of the night, and changelings. i king kota spin husband of queen chrysalis invite you to my clan to defeat the sun followers in battle. Red Changeling Empire Armor Division

Bleeds here, its him alright

hello my tank brethren, I unfortunately am only a console player. But if anyones on xbox and is looking for a platoon mate, send me a message. My tags Phalanx 132.

Hello friends
Im a tanker and guessing you are too?

See you in CW later then I guess. :derpytongue2:

374571 Honestly, I've been a part of rolling RELIC so many times I've stopped paying attention :rainbowlaugh:

hai Condray :3

I was there when we rolled Relic last week.

oh wait, your serious....

No, no you're not Pixel

(*Psst, check my Bio*)

Hello everyone! I'm glad to find a group that interests me. Also, the M3 Lee is one of the best tanks in WoT in my opinion.

I wonder how many names I'd recognize from the U.B.C. TeamSpeak server if I were to actually bother to look :rainbowwild:

357657 Took me a minute, but I see it now. Never said I was the smartest fruit in the bushel.

357635 Oh, I don't know, it's not like we're in the same WoT clan or anything. :raritywink:

Hey guys, I play on the NA server, and go by me101_puck. Any of ya'll want to play, I'm up for anything.

Hi guys, long term player here- been playing since open beta.

My name on the EU Cluster is mertio23.

I tend to enjoy playing tiers 1-5 more than anything, though I do have tanks up to Tier 8- including an Elite T29, and Tiger II.

The Best tank for me would have to be a Matilda with APCR shells, Vents, Gun Laying Drive, and Rammer. Either that or a KV2... Trolling all day, every day...

Anyways, good luck, and good hunting! May we all meet on the battlefield, but hopefully on the same team!

Well hello there fellow tankers:pinkiehappy:

I go by the name of jostie on the EU server, been playing since April 2011 and now with almost 15K battles.

Currently busy with the second campaign but you can always look me up and ask for some platooning:scootangel:

Hello everyone. I go by DoomOtter in WOT as well. I wrote a fic about ponies in tanks, and thought some of you might be interested in it.

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