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There have been many tales of magic in history. But none have been quite like this one.

When two brothers that love each other awaken a strange power through the reaction of love and a nuclear explosion are sent spiraling into a familiar world, they must struggle to find their place.

Of course, there has to be a twist.

You see, they weren't exactly sent to modern day Equestria; instead, they were sent to the ancient kingdoms of the pre-Hearth-Warming period. They didn't retain their bodies, either...

Now, looking like perfect copies of a young Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, they must convince the ponies of the land that they are not what they appear to be, while attempting to return to Earth.

Picture by 90sigma.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 116 )

“Are you done playing with yourself?” she asks. I nod, if a bit sheepishly. She smiles. “That is good,” she says.

Oh my~ :trollestia:

And it still is a good story so far. Instead of going to my read later this is going dorectly to my favourites list.

Fauren. A combination of Faust and Lauren.

Well played.


3,002 years later, shortly after Twilight becomes an alicorn, Celestia remembers this moment, shortly after her arrival in Equestria, and only then does she finally figure out why the name Fauren sounded so familiar, her only thought:

"Well played universe, well played..."

A good start:twilightsmile:. I will be watching:pinkiecrazy:.

Oh thank god I found this story. You remember when I said I would add this to my favourites list? Well I'm awesome at forgetting things and I forgot to add this to my favourites list. :facehoof:

Fauren says, waving a hand dismissively and smiling slightly, in what seems to be a mischievous way.


But other than that minor slip, still good. I eagerly await more.

Ah, yes. Thank you for making me aware of that.

“How did notice us, anyway? 

Did you mean to put a "you" in there somewhere?

Perhaps when you're super famouse because of the great premis you can go back and re-do chapter one, hmm?

Yeah, the first chapter is stupid. I'll improve it sometime; the bare bones of it have to remain the same, though.

I loved Redemption of Althalus!:raritystarry:

Good chapter, but a suggestion for you.
Get the era of speech down. It seems as if Faust is a mix of modern and old english, and it's really messing with my head.

That's kinda the point. It's meant to be a mixture of formal and informal speech. The reason is, well, if it were olden day speech, I'd have to write pretty much every other sentence with 'thee's and 'thine's and 'art's. So I decided to go a different route, and have the old ponies speak in a mixture of speech.

Sorry if it confused you.

I just thought of something. I myself hope that they don't get back and if that happens. Wouldn't it be fun if this was canonized by hasbro.

I wonder what it'd be like, to live for thousands of years knowing what would happen and what kind of person pony you would have to portray, in addition to knowing your younger brother sister would rebel against you.

Well, you are an alicorn now, a dream come true, right?

Congratulations, you are Woona!

Well, he is a monster, isn't he?

Well, at least they still have each other.

Well, I wonder if the dresses will help them to escape notice?


But Can't be all the same.

maybe few Do happen but something don't.

I would hate series if went exact way the show did then this story would be Flat-out Stupid and no reason to exist.

I really think the future problems they will have to deal with are goging to be fun to read about. I think this has a lot of potential and like how it is going so far.:twilightsmile:

I bet the king is Sombra

when is next chapter? I hope soon

Hey, nice story you wrote there :yay:
Realy interesting, that this doesn´t just play in "modern" Equestria, but far in the Past
I am realy excited about the continuations. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:


this is good so far shame that there are just six chapters update soon please.

who else thinks the Author is dead? :rainbowlaugh:

So, I'm not the only one? Good to know.

and now for something completely different. The funeral is next Sunday... If need be, I can DJ the music and such. The decorations are in your corner.

UGH these things need more meat! I need to enjoy this more than i already am, and by that i mean longer.

My only wish was that it was longer ;( plz continue



And another thing i must say that your disclaimer about this being sueish is completely unfounded, they are confused, learning, and embarrassed on varying levels.
I am nobody of importance, and i approve of this story.

Personally, the fact that what appears to be the villain and one of the first major obstetrical Elliot and Issac have to overcome, the king, is going to be a cliche monster that cares only for his end goals feels messy to me, like no effort was put into his character, however, since I haven't seen his character development in later chapters I'll hold off my judgement until his character is developed further..

The other point I want to make is the relative ease that Elliot and Issac are accepting the situation, it took a few paragraphs for them to accept what has happened with a passing mention on what they have lost, this coupled with Faurens' lack of questioning of them, for that matter I couldn't find one instance of Fauren posing a question, the fact that Fauren is so trusting of them, especially in the time before Celestia and Luna took the throne, seems a bit unorthodox to me.

All these points leave me with a feeling of disappointment that such a pivotal arc in the story had so many missed opportunities in regards to character development, it is hard for me to become interested in the characters as to me they seem shallow, and the fact that some of the story up to this point just doesn't make sense, i.e. the fact that somehow the old shack that Fauren is living in can withstand the blizzard that was described, please don't explain it does because magic, or if you do explain it with magic terms instead.

This comment doesn't mean I hate the story, on the contrary, I love it, the concept for this is amazing and original, a origin story for Celestia and Luna where they began as humans, I haven't seen a story like this and I wouldn't have taken the time to write this if I didn't feel the story was deserving of it.

Uh, I just wanted to say, that I found this a very enjoyable read; I hope that's okay... ?

I, um, hope to read more, when it updates in the future at some point.

I also added this to my favorites, and gave it a thumbs up.

Thank you again, for writing such a wonderful story.

I am sorry for the poor comment, making comments still makes me nervous for some reason...

Are you still continuing this?
I really enjoyed the read so far, so it would be a waste..

When two brothers that love each other awaken a strange power through the reaction

of love and a nuclear explosion are sent spiraling into a familiar world, they must struggle to find their place.

Of course, there has to be a twist.


NO! Not that Twist!

Is... is it alive?:fluttershysad: Please tell me it's alive...:fluttercry:


I love the idea so far of this story, I wish it would continue.

I am said this story was abandoned.

Okay, so hi. I've decided to come back to this story after a long time, and after a lot of changes to my life. So, expect a chapter within a few weeks.

I didn't know this was still a thing.

6349021 Great! Hope to see more soon!

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