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Lol horse drama will never not be stupidly Petty


Haha, Well a user "Element of Malace" was sort of attacking Knighty's page last year.
I stupidy called him out for airing out his laundry on someone else's user page... And he followed me over to my page 😅
Another user came over here to defend my page from "Element of Malace" and I think drew the crosshairs on himself...
So yea. The comments have been removed and a user has been blocked 😂

What happened on August 8th?!? :rainbowderp:

EDIT: I just realized the comments were deleted on August 8th, not all posted then. I thought a random mini-flame war had errupted or something lol

Comment posted by Horseus King of Horses deleted Aug 8th, 2021
Comment posted by Element of Malice deleted Aug 8th, 2021
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