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Hey, Run! Thanks for the Fave of Zenith! I greatly appreciate it, and I hope that you enjoy seeing where Spike goes on his journey!:twilightsmile:

well I have been away for a while, but just the other day I came back and finished reading the rest of your writings. one thing is for sure, none of them ever disappoint. thank you for all the great stories. :pinkiehappy:

Howdy stranger! Good to hear from you again! Oh, wow, jeez! Thank you so much for all of the Faves today! I really, really appreciate them!:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by idontrunntoofast deleted Sep 16th, 2015

That works for me. Motivation has risen slightly. But so many other fics and so little time :twilightoops:

(And somehow, I missed the notification on that reply :twilightoops: )

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