• Published 24th Apr 2012
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Ponies on Bronies - Ravenmane

Shenanigans return to a familiar house that sits on a hill overlooking the Everfree Forest

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12 - Fourth Wall: The Pink and Pen Plot

“So, what’s the plan,” asked the party pony as she glanced to her human housemate.

“It’s simple,” he said with a grin before leaning back against an overly affectionate changeling queen. “A little space while I write would be a nice thing Chyssie.”

“You wouldn’t say that if I took the shape of somepony you like more than me,” she huffed.

“I would, I like having a bit of space free for my arms while I’m typing on the floor.”

“Can we get back to the plan,” asked Pinkie as she passed Chrysalis a mug of hot chocolate.

“Sure thing, the plan is this Pinkie: everyone who read the first version may remember this little ‘event’ but I’ll bring it up for everyone that’s new. In version one a certain reader by the name of High_Wind brought up something we all treated as a bit of a running comment line. One I was more than happy to egg along.”

“Oh, I remember reading that stuff! But everypony that’s read the first version-”

“Won’t know for sure since the tale’s changed around enough to change Alex’s priorities,” the author calmly interjected. “Let me put in the direct quote for everyone to see it.”

Taking all bets! Taking all bets!
What's it gonna be?!
Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus!
Or are they gonna get busted before the spell?!
Taking all bets!

“The event will last until I post everyone’s cumulative wagers. Everyone can argue over their winnings/losings after I do the reveal.”

“I see you’re paraphrasing there,” commented the changeling queen between sips. “Mmm, such a delicious blend you’ve made Miss Pie, I shall have to share it with the hive when I return after this is all over.”

“I’m just happy you aren’t acting like a meanie anymore,” the party pony added with a broad smile.

“And all it took was a close and genuine friend,” Ravenmane added.

“And you’re sure I can’t convince you to stay,” the changeling queen asked sincerely.

“I still have things to do in the human world.”

“You will be missed,” added Chrysalis with a sigh.