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The Red Parade

One for the rocks and one for the scary.


After twenty five years, Rarity returns to Canterlot and anxiously awaits the arrival of Twilight Sparkle.

Quills and Sofas Speedwriting entry that won third place with the prompt of Foggy Mornings. Thanks to Rice, Gara, Salen, Bill, Seer, Speccer, Pearl, Yoshi, and Shirlendra for reading during the contest and thanks to dawn for hosting.

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Really enjoyed this one Red!
As I said in my comment during the contest, it hearkens back to your earlier contest pieces for me with the constant twisting and turning, never knowing where the story will end up until the last moment.
It's atmospheric, engaging, tense and mysterious.
I really liked it a lot! :twilightsmile:

Thanks and congrats on your win, hope we see that story on the site soon :3

You left me at a cliffhanger, yet the story is over? I like it, except for the fact that she was smoking. Also, how come she's a theif? Is there a sequel. This is your first like comment, and veiw. Hope you get several more.
Yet the ending was sad and mysterious.

Might do some more with this universe in the future but I'm backed up on projects atm lol

Thanks. Also, I'm packed on my stories, yet still don't have many out. Just too many I've been working on, I guess. Please write more cliffhanger stories though. It will be a nice change of beat for reading material. Wow, I'm talking fancy like rarity now.

I added this story to tons of groups for you. Also, I think it should have the dark tag.

ehhhh I don't think so XD it really isn't that dark of a story

Okay then. What city was it?

What city was what? Where the story takes place? Canterlot lol, I said in the description

Oh. Well, the officer does say this side of Canterlot. It's very misleading,

Rarity always did love her noir.

The other thing I was thinking if was Carmen Sandeigo. Which means no jail is gonna hold that gsl long!

...... well that was...... rather...... unconventional.... and I dunno if I really liked it.... never liked one-shot stories like this to be honest. Was expecting something lighthearted at the least.


...... well that was...... rather...... unconventional.... and I dunno if I really liked it.... never liked one-shot stories like this to be honest. Was expecting something lighthearted at the least.

Sorry but you came to the wrong guy if you're looking for that :U

I just saw it on the Featured Box and came in with at the least an expectation of a reunion between two friends.... instead I get a retread of an older story that's a bit more dreary then I care for, which ironically is the reason I didn't like the older story either.


If I wanted it to be lighthearted I would have tagged it slice of life lol

.... you know I never did read the tags. That might've at least gave me a heads up. Whoops. My bad. You still get a thumbs up for good writing however and decent character interactions. I'm not that petty of a reader.

Haha thanks lol, sorry this story wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for and I hope you find a story that’s more your speed ^^

Hm. Not bad... but it is... "lacking", it's too incomplete, there is too much left out.

Sure. Care to digress? What do you think I left out?

Everything of the background of both Twilight and Rarity? ^^;;;
What happened in this twenty five years?
Maybe it's just because I don't get the shout-out...

I like leaving my fics open ended to give people room to fill in the blanks. In my eyes all that you really need to know is what I told you. I don't know what you meany by the shout out :U

A shout-out is a citation or any other kind of reference to other works.
There are a couple of details that looks like they could be reference to some hard boiled novels but as I said I did not really recognize them, so it can just be a random similarity.

Ah. There weren't really any over references that I made to anything so you didn't miss any XD

Comment posted by Sweetolebob18 deleted Aug 17th, 2020

Ah, O' O. Henry. A good reference; what would really be neat is a follow up story!

Yep, that'd be the inspiration. I don't know if I'll do a sequel, maybe in the future.

Really good read! I like these stories where it's just enough setup to make you come up with your own idea on how everything led up to that point. And It's easier to digest than a 20,000 word one-shot that tells you every little juicy detail

Thank you! Glad to hear it, as that's the approach I like to take with one shots :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

:moustache:Later that night at the police station a fire broke out and the Mare of Manehatten escaped with the help of an unknown side kick.
:raritywink: Bravo Spike!
:moustache: But there was a little problem...
:twilightoops: Wut?
:raritystarry: Problem?
:trollestia: Yes, A problem, the Mare of Mainhatten showed up at the Queens palace in a puff of smoke...
:moustache: But all was well as the side kick was the one and only Spike Brand Agent 86 of the Queens Secret Guard
:facehoof: Really. . .
:duck: Sounds fine to me

So at the beginning, Rarity is in a disguise, meets Twilight (who arrived early) also in a disguise, they have a chance to chat, and Twilight finds out how long Rarity plans to be around for. Twilight then proceeds to send the police officers out with enough of a delay that Rarity could have gotten away.

I suppose it’s Rarity’s way of saying that she was more interested in meeting twilight than anything else.

Well, they did meet up, and they did have a chance to find out how their lives have gone.

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