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Carrier of Heartbreak

Knife guys finish last...in bed.


All he knew was his globe. He was left inside of it as punishment for his devious crimes, but that was hundreds of years ago. Still, he sits inside his spherical home, his mind slowly degrading as each day passes.

He can't even remember what he did wrong in the first place.

The scary thing is, neither can the alicorn who put him there.

Regardless of how justified his situation is, he knows for sure that he will make the absolute best of it.

His snow globe will be the best snow globe.

Cover image by HoodwinkedTales
Story input by Enigmatic Otaku and ROBCakeran53

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When bad news befalls a small, struggling family, all chances for new experiences and happy moments seem to just fly away. To a boy who is just starting to grow up and find out who he is, how do you tell him that he will never reach adulthood? Every lesson you could teach him would just be wasted since he wouldn't be around much longer, right?

Fortunately for them, a scientific breakthrough creates an opportunity for him to finally meet some of the heroes he came to know and love. As the time dwindles and his condition worsens, his new friends have one last chance to show him that no matter how much time you have left, every single friendship matters.

Finding the will to go on just takes a little magic.exe

Cover art by ezpups, used with permission from artist

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Princess Luna and Princess Celestia have disappeared. In their place, a black cat and a pug are left, wearing miniaturized paper mache versions of their regalia. The flimsy disguises fool all of the ponies in the castle except for Twilight Sparkle, who can't seem to get anypony to believe her. The fate of Equestria now rests in the hooves of Twilight, who has to save ponykind from the paws of the two new domesticated overlords.
At the same time, the new princesses have to learn to get along with each other and stop destroying the curtains.

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20-year-old Ryan Burbank is living with his girlfriend in their woodland home when he is struck by a mysterious infection seemingly out of nowhere. To everyone's horror, his sickness spreads quickly throughout his body, shutting him down one piece at a time. The doctors are at a loss of what to do about this new form of bacteria. Ryan and his loved ones choose to keep fighting until either a cure can be discovered...or the pain becomes too much.
At the height of his suffering, he discovers a happy little show while watching television in his hospital room. The bright colors and happy attitudes of the cartoon equines provide him with a much-needed escape from the daily pain of being killed from the inside.
Eventually, the pain becomes too much and he decides it would be better to go out surrounded by his family, in the embrace of those who kept him company throughout his short life. Just as he starts to fade, his eyes wander to the screen of the hospital room television and the cartoon ponies who adorn it. Something strange begins to occur...almost like the screen is pulling him in. Tunnel vision, maybe?
No, that can't be it...why can he hear his name being called by a very familiar voice? And why is she...crying? Who is this crying, familiar voice and why does she seem to know him?



Rated "Teen" for language and the "Sex" tag is for all of the sexual humor and suggestive situations. If I decide to up the suggestive stuff in the future, I'll change the tags and rating to fit that change.

Cover by enamis.

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In today's world, not many people are left. After the devastation of war, the planet is left in ruins. But that doesn't stop a small group of unrelated kids from trying their best to survive in this new, cruel Earth. The oldest, a boy with no name, takes it upon himself to take care of the younger ones. While scavenging for food, he comes across a strange DVD with cartoon ponies on the cover. He decides to use the show to cheer his family up. But he soon finds that his mind latches onto these cute and colorful ponies, creating a backdrop for which the stresses of life are assuaged. But can he remain responsible enough to take care of his siblings when he is tempted by such happiness?

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