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There was a moral in that, somewhere. (Commissions & Patreon)

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I'd have to be Certifiably Insane to Stay Put and read this story.

Comment posted by Muggonny deleted Dec 7th, 2018

ah... so, you've been taken to this genre as well i see. well... good luck.

Dude. He is pun'ning of other RGRE fics

I'm running running running running from this comment!

Ugh, that was so bad I face palmed yet so good I couldn't help but chuckle.

Nah, flinging it by the spoonfuls is the best way to go.


Really guys, really!? Just free advertising all over this story!

God dammit I just want one of these damn RGRE fics to have an ending (please don't stop posting)
I see you've deleted the blog post asking for editors. Hopefully you found a good one that just happened not to do this chapter because seriously? Damn.

But seriously, damn

Couldn't find an editor for M fics.

All the stories you and Disguise mentioned are still incomplete I think. I just want one of them to update enough that the story has an ending. Please keep updating yours because I love these kinds of stories.
Seriously, I was getting mad about how many mistakes I was seeing. You're better than this.

Really damn? Who doesn't like reading mature fic's....I would have figured most people would jump on those over Rate E fic's. But thats just me.

Multitasked while editing. I'll try combing through this now

Fair enough. I see you edited your last comment. Honestly, it's winter break now, I definitely have time to do stuff other than school. I'll take the M fics if you're cool with it.

This is pretty great. Hope it continues.
I've yet to see anyone point this out so

You get done from the bed right now

need to put "down" not "done"

Eagarly await the next chapter.

You're on Winter Break already? What the hell! I haven't even started final's week yet...
This is me right now. ^

Trust me, I'm not happy with this either, I'm mainly in this scenario because I'm a fucking moron (without giving away too many personal details)

Sorry to hear that man, I hope things work out for you in the near future!

I life these type of stories. If only writers took the topic more seriously.

The story so far is nice but, the missing words and the grammar makes me stumble while reading. This could use an editor.

Sorry about that, captain. Editing with a pal now.

Edits are up.

"And we sing, goooodbyyyeee first blowjob. We sing, goooodbyyyeee first blowjob. Good bye."

"Shut the fuck up about blowjobs!"

Great chapter. Excited to see where you go with this.

I always love a good rgre story I have high hopes for this one mybe u will make this a long story most don’t make it pasted 50k words

Well, the pavement gets thirsty too.

Is there any more chapters coming?

This has peaked my interest, actual story in a RGRE fic? Christmas isn't here yet, right?

The reflection of my soul, as i read the chapter

Definitely. I'll start editing as soon as I get them, shouldn't take long.

what does rgre mean anyway?
yes, i`m serious, i have no idea what that is/means

Reverse Gender Role Equestria

Basically It's the whole ''Men do all the heavy tough stuff while women are supposed to stay at home and take care of the kids and make food'' stuff flipped on it's head so that the females in this AU are the ones that are seen as the ''big dominant'' gender while the males are meek and supposed to be protected o.o

I think it's mostly just poking fun at the whole idea of gender roles though o.o

Comment posted by duckmagee deleted Dec 7th, 2018


Curious. Was this reply meant for me or dr cuttles?

ops hah a yeah sorry sent that to one wrong :p

This seems like a mix of RGRE and casual sex Equestria.

This was absolutely crazy, fairly amusing, and has the potential to be rather sexy. You've got my attention, looking forward to seeing where you go with this!

Thanks for the kind words.

This looks promising so far...can't wait for the next chapter!

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