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The Engineer - TCRG101

After being freed from a stone prison, a girl joins the legion of doom seeking revenge.

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Chapter Three: Catching a train

Almost one year ago

"COZY GLOW, GET UP!" Cozy shot of her bed, startled by the shout. "Why are you still in bed?!"

"I was up late cleaning like you asked ma'am." Cozy answered, scrambling out of her bed. She rubbed her sleep out of her eyes and looked up at the old unicorn mare looming over her.

"I don't want to hear your excuses, now hurry up downstairs. We're having a couple visit today from Tall Tale today, if I'm lucky I might convince them to take one of you brats off my hooves."

"Yes ma'am" Cozy squeaked, she hopped off her bed and scurried past the rows of beds of her fellow orphans. She couldn't remember anything before the orphanage, she was left here too young to remember her parents and when she asked about them the only answer she received back was 'what's it matter, they're dead'. The orphanage was run by the old unicorn mare that had awakened her so rudely before, none of the kids knew her name, she said that she was to be referred to as ma'am and nothing else, although they all had their own names for her, none of which they would say to her face.

She made her way down stairs into the dining hall, it was mostly empty, most of the children had already finished their meal off. Most of them were crowded in the washrooms, trying to make themselves look as presentable for the visiting couple.

She spotted Silver Spirit waving her over to his table, she went over to the table and sat down next to him "I saved you some porridge" he said smiling levitating a bowl over to her "it doesn't really look like porridge, but it still tastes alright."

"Thanks Silver" She replied "so do you know anything about the family visiting today?"

"Not much, I think they're unicorns but thats about it" Silver answered.

"Unicorns huh" Cozy ate as she talked "thats good for your chances."

"Not really, with that many magic users in a house already who would want another one." Silver laughed "But just in case, I think I might give you your present early"

"My present?"

"You know your birthday present, what did you think I forgot." He pulled out something from under his bowl "here I nabbed these from the old bats room when she wasn't looking, I thought they might help you get picked, you know make you look cuter or something." He levitated two cream coloured strips of ribbon over to her.

"Did you get these for me because they would make me look cuter for you" Cozy smirked.

Silver blushed, turning away "S-shut up."

Cozy giggled at his embarrassment "Hey silver?"


She reached over and hugged him "Thank you for the birthday present"

Silver hugged her back "Your welcome Cozy, now lets get ready"

Cozy cantered off to the fillies bathroom, she never understood why the other girls always rushed in the morning, the legend that the showers had hot water first thing in the morning was obviously a myth, so why bother with all the fuss.

After Cozy had her shower she buzzed up to the bathroom mirror, the bottom half was so stained that it was difficult to even make out your silhouette, but the top half was much clearer, it was one of the advantages of being the only pegasus here was that she could get to places that none of the others could.

She styled her hair as best she could and affixed one of the ribbons to her tail and the other in her mane. She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with the result.

She made her way back to the dorms to await the arrival of the couple with the rest of the kids. They were all fidgeting nervously, by now they all knew how it would go down, they would be called down one by one until all of them were seen by the visitors, and if they were lucky they would leave this hellhole forever.

Cozy Glow took up her position next to her bed, she looked over to Silver who was across from her "do you know when they're arriving?" she asked.

"Soon, I think" Silver replied "I wonder who'll be leaving today?"

"Probably none of us" Cozy chuckled "They'll take one look at us and run the other way."

"They're here!" A voice rung out from down the dorms, some of the orphans scrambled to the windows to stare at the approaching couple.

"Do they look nice?" One voice asked.

"More importantly do they look rich?" Another queried.

The sound of the stairs to the dorm creaking sent them scurrying back to their beds, the old unicorn looked in "I want you pests on your best behaviour, you got that?" She glared at each of them in turn. "Silver Spirit, they want to see you first."

Silver Spirit followed behind the old mare, he looked over to Cozy and mouthed that he would be back soon, Silver disappeared down the stairs.

The atmosphere became more relaxed, a small ten minute breather until the next one of them would be called down. Ten minutes turned into fifteen, then twenty, Cozy found it odd that he was down there for so long.

"They're leaving!" A voice announced.

Cozy smiled, seeing Silver had frightened them enough to change their mind about adopting entirely.

"Silvers with them" The voice added.

This caused Cozy to jump, what were they talking about? Why would Silver be with them? She flew over to the windows that were crowded with fillies and colts trying to see down into the yard below. She used her wings to fly above the mass, and saw something that made her heart sink, Silver was leaving.

She darted towards the door and flew down the stairs. She went for the exit but it was blocked by the old mare who glared at Cozy "What to do you think you're doing?"

"What's going on with Silver?"

"The couple liked him so much that they took him on the spot, it's always good to be able to get rid of one of you." She smirked.

Cozy tried to walk around the her to get to the exit "Where are you going?"

"I need to see Silver" Cozy said with panic in her voice "I need to see him."

"Oh no you don't, I don't want to risk you sabotaging this to get your friend back." The old mare said moving in front of her.

"Maybe I can convince them to take both of us? Wouldn't it be better to get rid of two of us instead of one." Cozy was trying to think of things to say, she had to convince them to take both of them.

"That won't work, they were very specific about adopting a unicorn, since they're both unicorns it will raise less eyebrows with strangers you see."

Cozy needed to see him, she buzzed up into the air and made her way to the door, a hoof blocked her way. "Stop right their Cozy, I said you're not seeing him and thats that!"

"Let me pass!" Cozy demanded.

"How dare you yell at me, if you don't turn around right now and head upstairs you'll be in for a world of hurt!" The old mare snarled.

Cozy dashed past her hoof towards the door, she felt the old mares hoof wrap around her chest and pull her back. "You're gonna get it now!" she growled.

"Let me go!" Cozy screamed.

"You're only making it worse for yourself!"

"I said let me go you old bitch!" Cozy threw her hoof at the old crones muzzle, it connected with a meaty crunch. The old mares grip loosened, Cozy reached the door but before she could open it she felt a powerful tug on her tail. The old mare was pulling her back, her blood ran cold as the old mare cackled. She felt herself quivering as she was spun around to face the old crone.

An evil smile was on her face "You little evil creature, you're going to regret ever being born." She dragged Cozy back up the stairs to the dorms.

The door to the dorms burst open, Cozy was thrown into the center of the room. All the other kids stared at her, wide eyed, knowing that Cozy had messed up bad.

"Alright, everyone out, we're going to go down stairs and have lunch and then come back up for the show. Cozy, you wait here and look forward to whats coming." The rest of the kids scurried out of the dorm, followed by the old mare who slammed the door behind her, leaving Cozy alone in the dorm.

Cozy was petrified, she knew that she had messed up bad, and that what was coming was going to be worse. There was going to be no escape, the windows were all locked. "Why did I do that?" she asked herself.

She walked over to Silvers old bed, all his stuff was left behind, he was in such a hurry to get away from here, from her. She felt her eyes begin to water, she flung herself onto his bed and stuck her face into his pillow to soak up her tears. She felt something solid poking up from under the pillow, she reached in and pulled out the object. It was a chess piece, the same chess piece that she had carved and given to him as a present for his birthday.

It was a rook, carved out of stone, the one that had earned her her cutie mark. He had left it behind too, she felt anger overcome her, she screamed and hurled it at the window.

It bounced off the window, leaving a small crack in the window. She stared at the window, a plan forming in her mind, she pelted the piece at the window again, the crack grew in size, she threw it again, then again, then again. Cracks like a spiders web started to form in the window. "Just a few more times"

She heard the stairs begin to creak again, the old crone was coming back! She picked up the piece again and hurled it with all her might. A large section of the glass fell away, it hit the ground and shattered loudly.

The creaking of the stairs increased in volume, the crone had heard it and was moving faster. Cozy figured it would have to do, she was not waiting around for what was coming.

She hurled herself through the partially broken window, she smashed through it, the glass cutting into her wings. She glided down into the court yard on pained wings, as soon as she hit the ground she legged it.

She sprinted into for the forrest nearby, not daring to look behind her, her eyes clouded with tears, her heart was pounding in her chest, and her breaths came out in ragged pants. She came to a stop at a river deep within the woods, as soon as she stopped she collapsed, the adrenalin that had kept her going had ran out.

As she lay on the ground she looked at her wings, they were bleeding and little shards of glass were stuck in them. She carefully plucked the shards with her teeth, wincing at the pain. She pulled the bows from her mane and tail and used them to staunch the bleeding. She felt her eyes closing as exhaustion set in.

When she came to, the sun had dipped below the horizon, the full moon hung high in the air, illuminating the area. Cozy Glow rose to her hooves and hobbled over to the river. She drunk greedily from it, her exercise had left her parched, she stared down at her reflection. Her eyes were still bloodshot from crying, and her mane looked a mess, she saw that the ribbons that she had wrapped around her wings were stained dark crimson from her blood.

She pealed the wrappings from her wings, the bleeding had stopped. She looked down at the blotched ribbons, considering hurling them into the river, instead she held them under the water watching as her blood faded from them.

Pulling them back out she hung them from a tree to let them dry and sat down. As she sat, she expected herself to start crying again. She did, but these were not tears of sadness, no she was angry, no she was furious. She hated the old crone, she hated that place, she hated Silver for abandoning her, she hated the couple for taking him away, she hated the others for not standing up for her, and she hated herself for being so weak, she hated everyone!

"Screw them all, they think just because i'm a little filly that i'll just sit their and take it!" She didn't know how, but she would become the most powerful pony in Equestria, then no one would ever make her feel like this again.

She grinned as she imagined it, all the creatures in the world bowing to her, then no one would ever treat her like she didn't matter ever again. She affixed the bows back to her mane and tail, silver was right they did make her look cuter and she would use whatever advantage she had to achieve her goals.

She followed the river down stream, looking for civilization and as dawn broke she found herself in a little town called Ponyville.

Present day

Engineer yawned as she entered the kitchen, she had been up late working on her projects. She had slept in and was in the mood for a big breakfast.

She spotted Cozy sat at a table, engrossed in reading a magazine that she couldn't make out the name of "What you got there Cozy?"

Cozy jumped, not seeing Engineer come in, "Nothing!" she said, stuffing the magazine under the table and out of sight.

"Whatever" Engineer retrieved some leftovers from last nights dinner, half an apple pie, she considered heating it up but her stomach overruled the decision. She joined Cozy at the table and dug into her meal.

"You're eating it cold Engy?" Cozy cringed "That is so gross"

"I've got stuff to do, unlike the rest of you I can't just sit around all day" While Engineer spoke, one of her hands snaked under the table and grabbed the magazine "Reading crap!"

"Hey! Give that back!" Cozy jumped up and flew at Engineer, she was stopped in midair by Engineers outstretched palm.

"Hold on" Engineer chuckled "I just want to see what you were reading" Engineer held Cozy back with one hand while flipping through the magazine. "Huh, this is a children's toy catalog. Where did you get this from?"

"Never mind that, just give it back, you're getting crumbs on it." Cozy said, exasperated, she was getting angrier with Engineer.

"I just find it funny that with all your posturing about being an evil mastermind who is smarter than the rest of us, but you're still just a little filly who wants to play with dolls" Engineer chuckled.

"I said give it back!" Cozy screamed, she tried to push past Engineers hand but was held back easily.

"Calm down Cozy, if you behave maybe i'll get you a little dolly for you to pl- ARRGH! Crap!" Cozy Glow bit into Engineers fingers. She shook her hand trying to dislodge Cozy, but she had bit deep and was beginning to draw blood.

All the noise had drawn the attention of Tirek and Chrysalis. Tirek was thoroughly enjoying the show, while Chrysalis rolled her eyes at their juvenile display. "Alright break it up you two" Chrysalis commanded, separating them with her magic "What are you two fighting about anyway?"

"That jerk stole from me!" Cozy stomped her hoof petulantly.

"That doesn't mean you can just bite someone you little cretin!" Engineer snapped back, nursing her injured hand.

"Silence! Queen Chrysalis commands it!" Chrysalis hissed "You're fighting over a damned magazine." Chrysalis levitated the magazine out of Engineers grasp and opened it to a random page "Is a toy like this better than our revenge?"

Engineer noticed something quite interesting on the page "It just might be."

Tirek joined the conversation "What are you talking about?"

"That looks like it's made out of crystals from the Crystal Empire, they could be very useful for my plans." Engineers eyes grew wide "Wait, Ponies are using rare crystals from the Crystal Empire for children's toys, talk about a waste of resources."

"Not rare anymore, the Crystal Empire returned over a year ago." Tirek said.

Chrysalis inspected the article on the page "The Incredible crystal doll of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, is being released exclusively in Canterlot, transported by train from the Crystal Empire" She retched at the sight of Cadence in toy form. "What exactly can you do with these crystals?"

"Its quite complicated" Engineer answered "But if I throw them in the forge, it will make any metals that I work with much tougher and make them more compatible with any runic enchantments that I etch into them."

"So it sounds like we're going train robbing, sound fun" Tirek said "It will be good to get out of here, really get a chance to stretch my hooves."

"Sounds like a plan" Engineer agreed "Only one question, what's a train?"

After briefing Engineer on what a train is, how it works, and what its uses were. The gang gathered around a map of Equestria, to plan their heist.

"Based on what information we can gather from the article, the train will be leaving the Crystal Empire tonight." Engineer began.

"It was nice of them to include so many details, it will make robbing it so much easier" Chrysalis commented.

"So, thanks to Chrysalises teleportation, we can choose where along the train line we will strike." Engineer ran a bandaged finger along the tracks on the map. "Where do you guys think best?"

"Here" Tirek pointed at the map "Just before the tracks enter the Unicorn Range, near this town, Tall Tale."

A sharp intake of breath was heard from Cozy, Engineer raised an eyebrow but elected to ignore it "Why there, Tirek?"

"The Train will be slowed down by the ascent, also that stretch of rail in the mountains is isolated, less ponies means less chance of us being spotted. By my estimation the train will run through their sometime around midday tomorrow, so we will have some time to prepare as well"

"Sounds good, i've taken the liberty of packing some equipment that I think we might need, so I think we're ready to move out."

"Theirs only one problem, namely Grogar" Tirek asked "What if he comes back and we aren't here?"

"Then he can stuff it for all I care" Engineer said, Grogar hadn't been here weeks, and when he did visit he actively ignored them "Do it Chrysalis."

Chrysalis readied the spell "Alright, everyone get ready, I haven't teleported to this place before so it won't be very accurate since, also the spell will take a lot out of me, so I won't be able to cast another for a while." The glow of Chrysalises horn grew in intensity until, with a flash of green light, they were teleported across large swaths of Equestria.

They appeared within a clearing, they were surrounded on all sides by tall trees, on two sides of the clearing they could see two distinct chains of mountains, to the south the mountains were covered with a thick haze of smoke, obscuring their tops, while the others peaks were unobstructed.

"A forrest? Really Chrysalis?" Engineer complained.

"At least we're close, you see those mountains to the south?" Chrysalis said.

"The ones covered in smoke?"

"Yeah, those are the Smokey Mountains." Chrysalis continued.

"Ponies and their naming conventions" Engineer muttered. "So if they're to the south, those others must be the unicorn range, so Tall Tale is that way. Well, it looks like we have a hike in store for us so let's get under way."

Chrysalis led from the front, she was the best navigator of the group so it was only natural. As Tirek was the strongest he was saddled with carrying all of Engineers equipment. Cozy Glow and Engineer followed behind in the group as they made their way north.

"You've been suspiciously quiet Cozy, whats going on?" Engineer asked.

"Oh, nothing." Cozy paused for a moment before continuing "When we get to Tall Tale, do you think i'll have enough time to look around?"

"We're not actually going into town, we're going to hit the train after it passes through, it's too risky to go into town." Engineer replied.

"Maybe I could go in to town, just for a little bit?" Cozy asked.

Engineer found her persistence to be quite strange "Why do you want to go into this town anyway?"

"No reason." Cozy said "Just wanted to see some civilisation."

They continued on for a few minutes, until Engineer felt a weight drop onto her shoulders, "Cozy, what are you doing?"

Cozy glow had landed on Engineers back, wrapped her front hooves around Engineers shoulders and her rear hooves around her waist. "Carry me" She commanded.

"What?" Engineer was perplexed at this turn of events "You've got four working hooves and two working wings, why should I?"

"We're going to be walking for a while and, according to you Engy, I'm just a little filly who couldn't be expected to walk all that distance, so carry me." Cozy said.

"Get off Cozy" Engineer reached for the hoof digging into her shoulder, Cozy Glow snapped at her fingers that were withdrawn just in time to avoid a bite. "Hey!"

"If you don't carry me i'll bite you again" Cozy threatened "you may not like it Engy, but it's happening."

Engineer sighed "damn you're annoying, fine, enjoy the ride you little pest."Engineer noticed that she had fallen behind the others and picked up her pace to catch up.

Cozy smirked "You know this is a fitting reward for me, if I hadn't had that magazine then we never would have found those special crystals that you want so much."

Engineer scoffed "Excuse me, I was the one who spotted it, all you did was bite me, which really hurt by the way."

This shut Cozy up who was thankfully silent for a moment, until she muttered something under her breath that Engineer couldn't make out.

"What was that?" Engineer asked.

"I said i'm sorry for biting you, happy?" Cozy spat out.

"Not really" Engineer replied "Because I know you don't mean it."

"I do!" Cozy protested "I just get so angry sometimes that I do things, things that get me into trouble."

"What things?" Engineer asked, Cozy didn't reply, she didn't say another word for the rest of the hike. Half an hour later, Engineer heard soft snores from behind her, Cozy had fallen asleep on her back. She rolled her eyes and supported Cozy as best she could so that her slumber was uninterrupted.

The group continued on, they trekked for several hours until they reached their destination and took up position in the outskirts of Tall Tale, they were located near the train tracks and the location was concealed enough to avoid detection. the sun was rapidly approaching the horizon so they decided to make camp for the night, Engineer gently shook Cozy awake to have something to eat, she consumed the food silently then went straight back to sleep. The rest of them were similarly exhausted so they turned in for the night, recovering their strength for the next stage of their plans.

Cozy Glow awoke before any of the others just before the break of dawn, just as she had planned, she had convinced Engy to carry her so that she could sleep on the way. She checked the others, all of them were fast asleep, all according to plan.

Cozy snuck away from the camp, in the direction of Tall Tale, she remembered the name from back at the orphanage, it was the place where Silver was taken. Silver Spirit, her only real friend, was in that town somewhere and she was going to find him.

The town was silent in the early morning, everyone was still asleep, so Cozy had free reign to look for him, but where would he be? She stayed on her hooves not wanting to fly and draw attention to herself.

Cozy went from window to window of each house that she saw, seeing the sleeping forms of many ponies in their beds, none of them were Silver Spirit. As time stretched on her search became more frantic, she abandoned the ground and used her wings to try to cover more ground. Her breathing became more ragged as the exertion of her flying began to sap her strength.

She had searched all the houses in Tall Tale, leaving only one left. It was a large, opulent thing, she doubted that Silver Spirit would be so lucky to end up there, but it was the only one left so Cozy knew, or at least hoped, that Silver would be there. She began to check the windows, starting at the front of the house and working clockwise around it. And in the last window, of the last house she saw him.

Cozy didn't know how long she stared through the window at her friend, but she eventually came to her senses. She tapped the glass loudly with her hoof, causing Silver to stir, he turned a tired eye to the window which shot open when he saw who was there.

Silver leapt out of bed and rushed over to the window throwing it open, "Cozy?! What are you doing here?" he asked franticly.

"I came to see you Silver, I missed you, and I need answers" She replied. "I need to know why you left me, why you didn't even say goodbye?"

"You know why Cozy, you knew how terrible it was there, I couldn't stand being there another second." He spat back "I did regret leaving you at least at first."

"What do you mean at first? Why don't you regret leaving me anymore?" She asked, horrified by what her friend was saying.

"Don't play innocent Cozy, I read the newspapers, you tried to destroy all the magic in Equestria, you were sent to Tartarus by the Princesses themselves." Silver glared at his old friend in disgust "I don't know how you escaped, but if you don't leave now I'll call my parents and have you thrown back in Tartarus with the rest of the monsters."

Cozy felt her eyes starting to water, she wanted to run away and hide from the world. Instead she felt her self lunge through the window, tackling Silver onto his bed, she pinned him down and pressed her hooves to his throat. "Monster am I?" She growled, "You know what i've been through, how they treated me? You're just like the rest of them, judging me, hating me. I'm going to kill them all starting with you traitor!"

Silvers eyes were bulging, he was gasping for air through his constricted wind pipe feeling his vision start to fade. As quickly as Cozy's rage consumed her, it disappeared and she was horrified at the sight before her, she took her hooves off his throat and stared at them, then down at her old friend gasping for air through his now throat. "I-I'm sor-" she began, but was interrupted by Silver kicking her hard, she flew back and landed on the floor of his room.

"MOM!! HELP ME!!" Silver screamed, still trying to catch his breath. The sound of running hooves approaching the door caused Cozy to scamper out the window. The door shot open and a unicorn mare rushed to Silvers bed.

"Silver dear, are you alright?" she hugged him close, trying her best to sooth him "did you have a nightmare again?"

"No mom, it was Cozy Glow. She was here, she attacked me!" he spluttered out.

"It was just a nightmare dear, you're safe right here with mommy." Silvers breathing began to slow down and become smoother, maybe it was just a dream, there was no way that Cozy Glow could escape from Tartarus. He felt his throat, it did feel sore, but that was probably part of the nightmare. He was safe with his family and Cozy Glow was far, far away.

He didn't notice the trail of tears that had soaked into his carpet.

"Damn it Cozy, where the hell did you get to?" Engineer groaned. She had awoken to find the little filly missing from their camp. She had talked about walking into town, so Engineer decided to start looking there. Luckily, a search wasn't necessary as she spotted Cozy flying out of town fast, Engineer looked back at the town, worried that Cozy was being chased, but was relieved to see no pony pursuing her.

Cozy collapsed under a tree near by, she hadn't spotted Engineer. Engineer approached the prone filly, puzzled with her strange behavior. "Cozy!" she scolded "why the hell did you go into town, do you know what would have happened if you got caught?" Cozy had her face pressed into the ground, she was ignoring Engineers admonishment. "Don't ignore me, you little brat, look at me when i'm talking to you!"

Cozy Glows face shot off the ground, her face was caked in a mix of tears and dirt, and her eyes were wild and full of rage "SHUT UP YOU STUPID BITCH!!" she screamed "I know what could have happened! I would get thrown back in Tartarus or turned to stone like you were!"

Engineer was dumbstruck by Cozy's outburst, her mouth hung open as she tried to think of anything to stay.

"You hate me don't you?!" Cozy continued "You all hate me! Well guess what, I hate you too! I hope that you get turned back into a statue, so I don't ever have to hear your stupid voice ever again!" With that Cozy took off again and shot away into the forrest.

Engineer was about to run after her but a voice stopped her in her tracks. "Let her go" Engineer looked up and saw a squirrel sitting on a branch above her. The squirrel disappeared in a shroud of green magic and Chrysalis appeared in its place.

"Did you see that? What was that about?" Engineer asked, still reeling from the whole experience.

"Something must have upset her quite a lot" Chrysalis said "We'll leave her for now, she needs some time to herself. In the mean time we have a train to rob."

"Right, the train." Engineer followed behind Chrysalis, her mind still on Cozy's outburst. She didn't notice Chrysalis stop and turn, and walked straight into her, she looked up and saw Chrysalis staring at her. "What?"

"You need to focus, remember this was your idea, so we can't have your mind elsewhere while we're do this." Chrysalis lectured. "Cozy is out of action so we will only have the three of us."

"But why is she out of action, why did she get so angry?" Engineer asked.

"We'll find out after we carry out our mission, now come on, Queen Chrysalis commands it." With that Chrysalis forged ahead leaving Engineer to catch up.

They returned to their camp, it was overlooking the train tracks below. The tracks ran in a snake like pattern, the train had to ascend into the mountains, but was not powerful enough for such a steep climb. So the tracks had to run for as long as possible, so that the train had more track to gain altitude. Here at the foot of the range, the tracks cut into a tunnel through the mountains that curved back and came out the same side that it had went in, this was where they planned to strike.

"Where is Cozy Glow?" Tirek asked. "She didn't get caught did she?

"No she's alright, well, at least physically." Chrysalis replied.

"What do you mean?" Tirek asked, before he groaned "of course, Tall Tale, this is where Silver Spirit lives."

"What are you talking about?" Engineer asked "Who's Silver Spirit?"

"A friend of hers, I think" Tirek replied, he saw the question forming so he replied before it could be asked. "She talked in her sleep back in Tartarus. I guess their reunion didn't go so well."

"Oh crap, as soon as we're done here I need to go find her." Engineer said.

"What is the plan?" Chrysalis asked "We've been kind of in the dark about it."

"I've had to adjust it for only the three of us but here it is" Engineer began "Now, the most important thing is that no one knows who stole it, and since they will look harder for murders than for mere thieves we can't kill the crew. So heres the plan, I'll be up here to see when the train comes in, I have this device here-" she patted a long looking glass that they had brought along "-It's been modified so that it can detect which train car the crystals will be in, when I spot it, I'll hit it with these special bolts which will dissolve the door of the car that needs to be attacked." She held up the freshly repaired crossbow that she had brought along. "This will allow Chrysalis, who will be placed just before the cave, to jump into the carriage as it passes, and search for them, once those are found, it will bring us into the final phase. Tirek will be placed in this large ditch that runs under the track just at the exit, as soon as the tunnel ends, Chrysalis will throw out the crate, or box, or whatever that the crystals are held in, which Tirek will then catch with his magic to prevent them from being smashed to pieces which we will have to scrounge back up for days." Engineer took a breath after her long winded explanation "Alright everyone get that?"

Chrysalis sneered "What makes you think, you can hit the right carriage. It sound like I could just spot it with your little spyglass, and just blast into the right one."

"But you will need to be far enough back to see the entire train, and then cover enough ground to get to it before it goes into the cave." Engineer explained

Chrysalis laughed "You doubt me? I'm Queen Chrysalis, I can do it without breaking a sweat." Engineer opened her mouth to protest, but was cut off by Chrysalis who continued "Since we don't need you for this little plan, you might as well run off and find Cozy for us."

Engineer smiled, seeing what Chrysalis was trying to do "All right, I'll find her. Thanks Chrysi!"

"Don't call me that, now go!" Engineer took off, Cozy was out there somewhere.

She jogged towards the forrest that Cozy had slipped into and began her search, after a few minutes she heard sobbing and headed towards it. She spotted a cream colored form sitting under a tree, she stepped on a branch, the noise sent Cozy Glow up the tree and hiding in its branches.

"Go away" Cozy squeaked. Engineer walked over to the tree and sat down next to the trunk. "Didn't you hear me? I said go away!"

Engineer looked up "I'm sorry Cozy."

Cozy's head stuck out from a branch above her "Why are you sorry? I'm the brat, i'm the monster, i'm the one who hurts ponies."

"Hurts them like this?" Engineer lifted her still bandaged hand, still sore from the bite that it received the day before. Engineer cringed at what she had said as Cozy hid herself deeper within the branches.

"Exactly" Cozy said from within the branches "Ponies only like me when I pretend to be some pony i'm not, as soon as they see the real me they all hate me."

"What happened with Silver?" Engineer asked.

Cozy was silent for a moment before replying "I showed him who I really was and now he hates me more than he did before. More than you hate me even."

Engineer sighed "I don't hate you Cozy, and i'm sorry that I made you think that."

Cozy stuck her head back out of the tree "of course you hate me, why wouldn't you? I'm just an angry little monster who can only fool ponies into liking her."

"Do you know why you get angry Cozy? You get angry because you're scared."

Cozy dropped down from the tree and hovered in front of Engineers face "I am not scared!" She declared "Your only saying that to make me feel weak, and I'm not weak!."

Engineer smiled at her "I get scared to Cozy, I was scared out of my mind when I got sealed into stone, when I was being chased by that creature back at mount Everhoof."

Cozy landed on the ground next to Engineer. "Whatever" she said gloomily "So I get scared, big deal. I'm still a monster, no one could ever like who I am."

Engineer scooted over, closer to Cozy "You're not a monster Cozy, and to tell the truth I do like you."

Cozy scoffed "Their is nothing to like about me."

"Are you sure about that? You're smart, you're driven, you're brave, and you're tough." Engineer said "all admirable traits, and I don't like to admit it but you are a cute little filly, with your bows in your hair and everything."

"Silver got them you know" Cozy smiled as she thought back "He gave them to me exactly one year ago, they were an early birthday present, I'm was turning ten the next day." The tears started to come back "But then he left, and now he hates me, like all the others, and you're going to turn on me too and then I'll be sent back to Tartarus and then-"

Engineer cut Cozy off by grabbing her and embracing her, Cozy struggled at first, pounding her hooves on engineers chest, each one weaker than the last, until wrapped her hooves around Engineer and buried her face into her shoulder and cried her eyes out. "It's okay Cozy" Engineer cooed "It's okay, let it out."

They don't know how long they sat their, but Cozy Glow eventually broke the hug "The Train!" she exclaimed "what about the Train!?"

Engineer chuckled, "You know Chrysalis and Tirek, they decided they could do it all on their own. Now come on, let's see how badly they messed up." Engineer stood up and patted her back "Hop on."

"Golly, Engy, thanks for the ride." Cozy said earning a chuckle from Engineer "Whats so funny?"

"Oh nothing, I just haven't heard you say golly for a while." Engineer walked back to the camp.

"Hey Engy?"


"Sorry about biting you."

"Apology accepted Cozy."

She was pleasantly surprised, to see the gloating faces of Tirek and Chrysalis standing next to two crates "It looks like it was a success."

"Like clockwork." Tirek smirked "They didn't know what hit em. One crate of magic crystals, and one crate of-" He glanced at Cozy Glow who was say on Engineers back "-other stuff."

"Now that we're all here, let's get back before Grogar realises we're gone" Chrysalis charged her horn, and in an instant they were back home. "Oh Grogar, we're back" Chrysalis sung, earning no reply "Of course he's still gone, now let's get all this stuff stashed away."

After stashing the crates away, Engineer began modifying the plans that she had, with this new stuff on hand she could be even more ambitious. "I love it when I get new stuff, it's always fun to have new things to play with."

"Oh, that reminds me" Chrysalis said "I need to talk to you about something, meet me and Tirek in an hour in the kitchen."

"Sure thing! See you then." Engineer replied.

Cozy Glow awoke in her room, wiped the sleep from her eyes and stared at herself in her bathroom mirror. "Happy eleventh birthday Cozy Glow" she lamented. She showered, brushed her teeth, mane, and tail and headed downstairs for breakfast. She must have been the first one up as the lights were all out, she reached for the switch, illuminating the room and revealing an unbelievable sight.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY COZY GLOW" Engineer, Chrysalis, and Tirek all shouted in unison, the room had a massive banner hanging from the ceiling, bearing the same slogan, their was a large cake, bearing eleven candles that lit up by virtue of Tireks magic, and most stunning of all were a pile of packages, crudely wrapped in paper.

Cozy gawked at the sight before her, "This is the best dream ever" Engineer gave Cozy a light pinch "Ow!"

"This isn't a dream Cozy, it's your eleventh birthday." Engineer smiled.

Still in disbelief, Cozy sputtered out question after question "When did you have time for this? Where did the presents come from? How did you get a Cake?"

"We did it over night, the train was loaded down with other toys so Chrysalis stole some, and it turns out Tirek knows how to bake, although he won't tell us why know how." Engineer explained

"And you will never know" Tirek chimed in.

"All this? It's for me?" Cozy was ecstatic "Thank you so much!" she ran and embraced them all in a hug. "This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!" They enjoyed the cake which was surprisingly tasty, and Cozy took great delight in opening her presents, they were a varied selection of toys, none of which Cozy had ever had. The fun had to come to an end eventually, and it was stopped by an uninvited guest

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!." Grogar had returned, and he was furious.

"We're having a party Grogar, would you like to join in?" Cozy beamed.

"No I would not! You're the ones who robbed that train yesterday? So you could steal some stupid toys? What would have happened if you got caught!" Grogar Roared "My plans would have been ruined!"

Chrysalis stepped between Grogar and Cozy "Well we didn't get caught, did we? And its your fault for leaving us here with nothing to do, if you don't do something soon, we will do worse than just rob a train."

"Don't you dare." Grogar Growled.

"We dare Grogar" Tirek joined Chrysalis "We're bored to death here, we need to blow off steam once in a while."

Grogar let out an exasperated groan "Why is it so hard for you to just, do what i want!" Grogar stormed off "I stopped by to check in, in fact I had planned to give you a task to complete today, but if your going to defy me like this, then i'll just do it myself." Grogar left again, if he never came back it would be too soon."

"Goodby you grumpy old goat." Engineer mocked "We don't need you'r little mission any way, we have our own plans."

"What plans?" Cozy asked.

"We didn't just plan your party last night, we shared some ideas for some other stuff that I could use to better equip us. But don't worry about that now, today is your day and we might as well enjoy it."

So the gang continued their party, reviling in their successes, and toasting to future successes to come.