• Published 15th Jan 2020
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Hero from Tartarus - Sollys

Instead of being forgiven for her crimes against the Equestrian Princess, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer is sentenced to a lifetime in Tartarus. But when trouble rises in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and her friends come to an unlikely solution.

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"Lifetime in Tartarus."

It kept ringing in her ears as she was carried away to the hell of Equestria. Sunset wasn't immortal like Celestia, or Discord. She would rot in Tartarus, and die. All she could think of was the horrors that would meet her and the devils stuck down there. Suddenly, her feet froze, and she broke down crying. She wondered if what she did was really worth being stuck in Tartarus for the rest of her life.

"I hope you learned your lesson." she heard Shining Armor say. She could hear the smirk in his voice. "Let's go!" They dragged her by her forelegs, unable to keep herself up due to shock.

Sunset felt numb. So numb that the guards on either side of her had to help keep her standing. Tears rolled down her closed eyes, lost in thought. However, a rattling sound caught her attention. Snapping her head up to the disturbing sound, she saw a cage, the size of a large pony, guards holding the door open...for her.

She started panicking, not knowing what to do. She stood up straight and attempted to pull her arms out of the guard's grip, the stitches in her shoulder's protesting against the sudden movement. She struggled and put every last ounce of her strength in pulling away.

The guards loosened their grip for one second, allowing her to get free. But she was immediately captured by Shining Armor's magic. She felt his grip on her, Shining Armor put her in the cage with as little care as possible. She tried to unlock the door, but her magic was blocked by the inhibitor ring on her horn. Thrashing and kicking and screaming, she tried her best to leave the small, constricting area.

But with every kick and punch, her hope faded away. She knew she was never going to escape. There was nothing she could do except wait for her doom. She leaned on the wall and tried to clear her mind of the dark thoughts. Trying to remember all the good times in her life, she broke down realizing she had none. There was nothing to live for, no one to remember her, no family to cry over her. Sunset would never have a chance to live a happy life and build her own family.

The panic in her rose with every second, and Sunset felt the world fade black around her.

Canterlot Castle was most of the time silent, with only the maids and butlers of the castle scurrying to get to their duties. At this time, however, nobles and other ponies murmured and spread rumors and gossip about the recent court sentencing. Nopony had been sentenced to death before, nor to Tartarus.

In their quarters, sat Princess Luna, raising the moon for the day. She showed no emotion on her face as she turned back around off the balcony. In a few hours she would enter the Dreamland, and stop the nightmares of ponies. All but one ponies nightmare. Luna grimaced at the thought of Sunset, but quickly shook her head.

There was a knock on her door, and Luna willed it open with her horn. Luna smiled as a lavender alicorn walked in her room, but Twilight Sparkle did not return the smile. Instead she wore a grim expression on her face, her head lowered slightly. Luna's smile faltered as she trotted towards Twilight.

"Twilight, how ar-" Luna began.

Twilight's head snapped up. "Don't."

"What?" Luna questioned, confused.

Twilight shook her head. "How could you do something like that?!" she screamed. "How could you sentence somepony to death and Tartarus!"

Luna blinked, fighting the urge to scowl. "Twilight, we already discussed this, Sunset had what was coming for her, she tried to kill you!"

"And so. did. you." Twilight responded coldly.

Luna lost her composure for a second, before regaining it quickly. "Twilight that's different, I am Celestia's sister, Princess of the Moon! Ponies need me."

"Oh, so other ponies are expendable then, right?" Twilight said incredulously. "Is that how you really feel about all this?"

The Princess in the Moon tried to stutter out an answer, but Twilight held a hoof up to silence her. "I'm guessing you know how hard it is to reverse a sentencing that big?! I'd have to convince those hard-headed nobles that Sunset deserves a second chance. Not only because she is a Princess or Celestia's little sister, but because she is a pony who made mistakes just like you did."

Luna stared into Twilight's eyes, and all she found was guilt. What she was guilty of was unknown to Luna. Twilight turned around without warning and began making her way to the door of the room. Luna went to follow her out, but Twilight's voice broke her train of thought.

"I thought you would learn forgiveness after I showed it to you that night, I guess I was wrong." Twilight said evenly.

Luna tried to follow Twilight out the door of her room, but before she could, Twilight said: "I'll walk myself out," she began, sensing Luna's desires. "I am very disappointed with you Princess."

Twilight Sparkle left without another word, and closed the door roughly behind her. Luna stared in shock as a pit in her stomach formed. Did she really mean what she said? Was her life more valuable then other ponies? 'Of course it is, I'm a Prin-' Luna stopped and recalled Twilight's words. The pit in her stomach going deeper.

She had sent a pony to life to the depths of Hell, like she should have been. Luna stumbled to her bed. She woul- should have been sentenced to death too. But she wasn't because she was more valuable. At least, that's what she repeated to herself as she closed her eyes, her breaths coming in short.

Twilight was beyond furious, but most of all, she felt guilty. Guilty that she brought Sunset here to have a better life, and to have a second-chance, only to have that opportunity snatched away by the other Princesses. Twilight imagined Sunset hating her for the rest of her life, cursing her name at any chance she got.

Although a lot of creatures, like Tirek hated Twilight, but he had more than enough chances to become good. Sunset never would get that chance. Twilight grimaced as a tear rolled down her cheek, she had to do something about this, she couldn't let Sunset rot in a jail cell. She wouldn't let any of her friends have that fate.

Author's Note:


So for those who are confused. This is an alternate universe! Meaning that characters are going to have different attitudes and the whole story line is going to change.

Luna is being a hypocrite, yes, I know. This plays a huge part in the story later on, but I won't give any spoilers.

Sorry for the short chapter, I feel sick, and couldn't write much. I plan to update weekly.