• Published 23rd May 2018
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The Good Monster - Yellowtail

One day, everything changed for me when some abomination of an animal called Discord shows up, tells us we’ll be on an adventure. and chucks me and my friend into another dimension.

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Prologue: The Unusual Day (Reset)

Prologue: The Unusual Day

I shake my head, leaning against a brick wall outside of Starbucks. I pull my phone from a pocket of my red hoodie. I check my grey shirt and jeans to make sure they’re dry before checking the time. It’s almost six in the evening, and I’ve gotten a bunch of emails. I quickly unlock my phone and skim through it. Damn, college is hounding me. They say “Treat school like a job”, and they aren’t kidding. I’m like, 19 and they’re already tryna suck my soul through the endless bullshit work they’re giving me. “Tch, fucking assholes,” I mutter. I don’t really like some of my professors. Except my Biology professor, he’s nice. However, he’s not what gets me through a boring day and endless glorified homework.

“Hey Max!” A voice calls. Ah, speak of the devil, it’s David, or Dave for short. I smile.

“Sonova bitch, there you are,” I reply, thanking God silently. “I’ve been waiting for fucking ever.” I look over, across the street and towards my one friend. Dave’s hurriedly walking over in a black leather jacket, jeans, a Punisher t-shirt, and a hat. His black, combed back hair combined with the hat makes him look like a skinny version of Jotaro Kujo. I snickered as he sighs.

“Sorry, my dad needed his truck. Never thought he’d pull one over on me and ask last minute,” he says. I scoff.

“He always does that to you man. Now come on, we get together like, every other month, and I’ve got some bullshit to tell you,” I say. “And I sure as hell ain’t gonna tell you about it outside, now come on, that mocha frappe’s calling to me like a siren out at sea.” You see, we’ve always kept in touch for the longest time, and getting together has been rare at this point. Dave laughs.

“What, are you ready to embrace your diabetes?” He asks. I bark a laugh as I open the door for him to walk through.

“Please, if I wanna die that badly, I’d just eat your cooking,” I say. He shakes his head.

“Fuck off, I’m ten times better at baking then you are,” he says.

“And I’m the one who can make a medium-rare burger taste like the second coming of Christ,” I say, following him.

We sit at a small table in the corner, as the sounds of coffee-machines, typing keyboards, and quiet chatter surround us. I went ahead and took the liberty to get me a biscotti. I unwrap it from its plastic and take a bite. Dry, crunchy, delicious. “... Did you seriously eat it dry?” Dave asks as he looks up from his phone. I wordlessly nod. “You’re supposed to dip it in coffee.” I deadpan at him.

“Bitch, I’ve been looking forward to this delectable treat the moment you mentioned Starbucks. Now, I dunno about you, but I’m the type of guy that enjoys how I eat things. So if you don’t mind-“ I stop to give a slower, more satisfying crunch, staring Dave dead in his eyes as I do so. He sighs.

“Deep fried Oreos, barely cooked burgers, and now dry biscotti. What other crimes are you gonna commit?” He asks. I roll my eyes.

“Hey, don’t tell me they’re a sin against God, Mr I-Never-Had-Butter-Cake,” I point out. He laughs.

“Alright, fine. Let’s talk about something other than food. Did I tell you about the incident with my art teacher?” He asks. I quirk an eyebrow.

“Uh, no. You said he was being a dick, but not much else,” I say, taking a large sip of my mocha.

“Well- this dude asked me to make an entirely new font. But, when I showed it to him, he called it comic sans,” Dave says. I snicker.

“That’s a big oof,” I say.

“No- what’s worse, is that I looked between them, and I said they didn’t look like it to me. So, his response was to fail it,” he says. I shake my head.

“That’s not right,” I say. “Lemme see what those letters look like.” Dave pulls out his phone and shows it to me. I look at them, eyeing them up and down before chuckling. “Damn, they kinda do look like comic sans.” Dave glares at me. I hold a hand up. “Hey hey, don’t hate on me too much, I’ve got a shitty story to tell you too.” I chuckle and think back to a couple weeks ago. “My English professor told us to write an essay to answer a few questions. I turned mine in early on Tuesday. Asshat tells me to redo it Friday, and turn it in before Saturday.” Dave scoffs.

“At least you got a chance,” he says. I quickly flip him off with a smile, to which he laughs. “Man, you would hate being an art major, teachers are really inconsistent and ditzy.” I sigh, rubbing my forehead.

“Please, my professor isn’t any different. He may be teaching us how to write arguments, but it’s like he thinks he’s in a grand play about overcoming the difficulties of man.” Dave nods.

“That’s what you get for wanting to be a journalist,” he says.

“Correction, games journalist,” I say.

“Potato potahto,” Dave replies. His phone suddenly pings, and checks it. He sighs. “Damn. Another fire broke out.” I get up to peek over the top of his phone, catching a glimpse of a wall of text and some pictures of fire. “It says that a failed robbery lead to some desperate measures.” I frown, sitting down.

“So, what, did the robbers set the place on fire, just because things didn’t go their way?” I ask. He nods.

“Yeah, when they were cornered, they set fire by using a match and some alcohol they found. The couple that lived in there are at the hospital, along with the robbers.” I scowl at the thought, of burning down someone’s home just because you couldn’t rob them. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s senseless vengeful spite.

“Fucking asshole. I hope he’s dead in the morning,” I say. Dave sighs.

“Max, please don’t-“

“Why does this shit happen all the time?” I ask. “Someone’s always murdering someone, stealing, angry, miserable-“ I sip on my mocha. “-why can’t we ever do anything to really help?” Dave sighs.

“Max, I’ve known you for five years, but I know you’re smart enough to know the answer,” he says. I sigh, biting the biscotti.

“I mean, surely someone in the world can do something, right?” I ask. “Is it too much to ask for someone to help?”

“... It sucks, I know,” he starts. “But Max, I’d like to believe that a lot of things happen for a reason. Like how you believe in God and stuff, I just kinda believe in Fate.” I nod, remembering the various times he’s told me this. “Let me tell you, I’m absolutely certain that things might get better. After all, it’s kind of happened before.” I nod again, leaning back as I take the last bite of my biscotti.

“And don’t get me wrong,” I say. “I think things will eventually turn out fine, but... I feel like it could be done faster.” Dave laughs a little.

“It certainly could... but! I’ve got some good news.” Dave leans in and shows his phone to me, revealing a page about Minecraft’s new update. “They’re finally doing the caves!” I smile and laugh a bit.

“Really? After what, ten years? Twelve?” I ask...

David and I walk down the now dark street, shivering a bit from the cold. “Uuuugh, I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow,” I say, causing Dave to laugh.

“You sound like you’re ten, man up,” he says. I flip him off casually.

“I might almost be twenty, but that don’t mean shit when people treat you like you’re fourty,” I say. Dave rolls his eyes.

“Oh, I can understand that quite well,” a new voice says. Dave and I jump from the sudden sound and whirl around to look behind us. Nothing but a bus stop bench and a streetlight. I look at my friend.

“Did... did you hear that?” I ask. He nods.

“Yeah, uh, was it you?” He asks.

“No...” We slowly look around, trying to see if someone’s nearby.

“How rude! Treating me like I’m invisible!” The voice says. “Can you not see the oxygen I’m using as my body?!”

“Whoever and wherever you are, how about you fuck off?” I ask out loud. Suddenly, the back of my head gets whacked, causing me to double over and cover my head. “WHAT THE SHIT!?!?” I scream, causing Dave to jump back from my outburst.

“That was incredibly rude, you’re lucky I’m feeling generous tonight.”

“Max, are you alright?” David asks, making me slowly and carefully return to normal posture.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but that fucking hurt.” A laugh echoes around us before we suddenly drop through the floor, and our sights are enveloped by darkness.

“Good! That’ll teach you for snipping at me. Now then, business,” the voice says. A light blinds me from above, causing me to shield my eyes. As my eyes adjust, I see Dave next to me.

‘What the hell’s going on?” He asks.

“What’s going on, is a game,” the voice says, drawing our attention to behind us. We both look over to see a mismatched animal-ish thing sitting on a couch, lazing across it.

“Damn, God must’ve been in Pre-K when he made you,” I say. Dave stifles a laugh as Mr Mismatch smiles.

“Ooo, good one, I love the smart ones,” he says. He gets up and snaps his lion paw, which makes him vanish. “You see, I’m bored,” the creature says behind us, making us jump.

“Oh shit the taxidermy disaster can talk,” I say. Dave stifles another laugh as the strange creature gives me a large toothy grin.

“I can already see who’s my favorite,” he says menacingly. He poofs up a filer and starts filing his teeth as he talks... somehow. “You see, I need two humans to go into Equestria for a little game. A quest, if you will.” Dave perks up, looking at the creature in suspicion.

“A game? What kind of game?” He asks. I cross my arms.

“Yeah, this sounds like a super-villain’s deal. Plus, given how fucking creepy you are, I’m thinking I’ll pass,” I say. Dave nods. The creature throws away the file and takes out a wine glass. The glass contains dirt. He start licking it with a long forked tongue. Gross.

“Oh? Then let me sweeten the deal. You like games, especially video games, so let me give you a power. A power you can use and evolve to your heart’s content!” He says. I look at Dave, who’s narrowing his eyes.

“Any good reasons for playing this game? Because like Max said, this is suspicious as fuck.” The creature smiles wide.

“If you don’t I’ll unleash a spore of infection that’ll turn your insides into jelly. A kind of jelly that tastes good on my morning goat-toast,” he says. I scan his features to see if he’s lying, but I can’t tell shit for shat what he’s thinking. Well, if the weird shit he’s been doing so far is any indication, I suppose he’s telling the truth.

“... Fine, we don’t seem to have a choice anyway,” Dave says. I nod.

“Splendid!” The creature exclaims. “My name is Discord, and the land you’re entering is called Equestria. Happy travels!” Just like that, we’ drop into a void. The void slowly turns into a tunnel, with swirling lights and sparks of energy whipping around us. I almost started enjoying it, but I suddenly felt a bit of stinging inside me. It grows more and more uncomfortable as I fall. “This is a special gift, my favorite human.” I feel my eyes widen as my screams ring out as I feel immense pain come over me, like I’m being ripped apart and placed back together, only to be stitched together with fire. After a minute of nothing but pain, it all stops and I feel better, hearing a humored maniacal laugh in my head as I look to see Dave’s having a bit more fun than I am. I don’t think he’s heard me scream, if the smile and curiosity in his eyes mean anything. I look below us to see a light coming up. Something tells me that’s not good. Suddenly, we come out of the long rainbow-tunnel, and into the air... and quickly realize we’re free falling.

“.... Oh fuck,” I say as Dave starts to not have fun and stare at the oncoming ground in absolute panic.

“Shitshitshitshitshitshit-“ Dave continues his string of curses as I look down at the ground below. It looks like some sort of castle, white bricks, purple and gold accents and designs... and there’s lots of people in it! At least, I assume they’re people. All I can see are tiny dots on the ground. I carefully glide a bit towards Dave as I see that the castle is coming closer and closer. ”Save him, ‘human’,” Discord’s distant voice says, before laughing.

“Okay, if we live through this, I’m gonna fuck that asshole up when we find him!” I yell, grabbing Dave’s arm. “But right now, I need you to trust me!”

“What the fuck are you doing! We’re going to die!” David yells in fear.

“Fuck that! Asshole promised us powers, we damn well should’ve gotten something!” I yell. I take Dave and turn towards the sky, with him in front of me. “Now brace for impact, I’m not looking where we’re going!” Dave shuts his eyes as I hold him. I close mine as well, immediately before feeling an impact against my back. Then another, and another. I can feel the impact more and more as I fall through what I think are floors. Finally, we fall to our final floor, leaving a small crater as I land. The thud comes with sound of cracking stones, and I can feel Dave on top of me. “You alright?” I ask weakly.

“Yeah,” he groans. “... I feel like shit.” I nod.

“And you know what, while it’s already been a long two minutes, I’d appreciate it if you got the fuck off of me,” I say. Dave rolls off, plopping next to me with a grunt. We both breathe heavily, unsure of how to react to what just happened. I look up at the ceiling to see that we fell through about ten floors. Ten stone floors. Hm.

“Max, let’s not do that again,” Dave mutters.

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m doing that again,” I mutter back.

“Uh... Excuse me?” A British voice asks. I sit up slightly and look around before gawking at the sight before me. Surrounding us, is a crowd of ponies in seats, dressed in suits and dresses, and many of them have horns on their heads or wings on their sides.

“Holy shit,” I quietly say. “This is... the weirdest fucking menagerie.” David lifts his head up and gasps.

“Woah,” he quietly says. I look around around until I spot a tall white unicorn with wings. Its mane flows gently, with three differently colors running through it.

“Okay, that one’s awesome,” I say, pointing at the tall one. The horse giggles, catching me by surprise.

“Why thank you,” she says.

“Holy shit it talked- why are so many weird things happening today?” I ask myself. The horse tilts her head as Dave looks at the horse in awe.

“Sorry, but I must ask, why did you crash through the ceiling just now?” She asks. Dave and I look at each other before looking at all the smaller horses around the room. I’m going to guess that they can talk too.

“... I uh, guess it just kind of happened,” Dave says. “Where the hell are we anyway?” Before I could share the useful fact that I didn’t know, an armored pony steps out from the crowd, pointing a spear at me with a hoof around it. The armor’s gold, and his helmet has a blue Mohawk to it.

“I hereby place you under arrest for trespassing and damage to property, please come quietly,” he says. I groan a bit as I get up, making the ponies around me back up a bit in nervousness.

“Look man, I don’t want a fight, I just want to get out of here,” I say, offering a hand to David as he tries getting up.

“This is not negotiable ape, surrender now or force will be used,” he says. I look around to see the fear in the pony’s eyes. I look down at Dave, who’s still in some pain after the fall.

“Excuse me,” the tall horse says, grabbing my attention, “Your friend, is he hurt?” She asks. I look back at David, who’s just now getting up. I pat myself, trying to feel any pain, but I’m actually feeling okay, somehow.

“Uh, probably. Could you ask Toy Soldier here to stand down?” I ask. I need to try and defuse this tension. It’s bad enough we just appeared out of nowhere, but I don’t think messing with royalty is gonna help us. We’re outnumbered, and as far as I know, we’re outgunned.

“Who’re you calling a toy!? I could take you down myself, no problem,” The guard says. I shoot him a glare. Did this bitch just-

“Oh yeah? I could probably yeet your ass out the window,” I say. Dave, who has finally gotten up, is patting me, trying to get me to shut up.

“Oh yeah? I’ll throw you off the side of this mountain!” The nerve of this fucker.

“Bitch, I’ll yeet your ass to space!” I say.

“Max- shut up- shut the fuck-“ Dave says, freaking out a bit.

“With those arms, I’d be surprised you could pack any kind of punch,” the guard retorts. The crowd ooo’s and turns their attention towards me.

“And I'm surprised you think I won’t knock your ass out cold if you keep talkin’ shit,” I retort.

“Ahem,” the tall horse clears her throat. Everyone stops and looks at her. “I assure you, Mr...?”

“Uh- right, I’m Max,” I start. I point at my friend. “That’s David.” I bring my pointing finger to the tall horse. “And who’re you?” She gives me a soft smile, but the guard looks at me incredulously.

“Do you really have no idea-“

“Spearhead,” The tall horse warns. She looks back to us with a smile. “My name, is Princess Celestia.”

“Princess?” I ask. I finally notice the crown on her head. Now that I think about it, it is strange how she’s wearing gold...

“Max,” Dave rasps.

“Oh right, uh- look. I know y’all don’t trust us,” I start, I look around to gauge how the horses feel at the moment. Definitely nervous. “But we really don’t want an unnecessary fight. Especially since my friend’s probably injured-“ I pat my friend’s back to prove a point.

“Ow,” Dave groans.

“-but I promise you this. I have no clue what I’m able to do now, but I can probably hurt a good many of you before being taken down,” I say. Diplomacy’s not really my strong suit, but honesty’s the best policy according to Dave. Then again, Dave’s not much better at diplomacy either. The guard growls.

“I’ve heard enough of you. Your warnings sound violent enough for me!” With that, he lunges at me with a spear. Celestia’s eyes widen as I hold out my hands to block him. I doubt it’ll do good, but reflexes say otherwise. I brace for the pain and I close my eyes. I give a yell, knowing the pain will justify it as I feel the spear go through my hands... then nothing. I crack an eye open. My jaw drops.

“Holy shit,” I say. My hands were penetrated by the spear alright, like a kebab. However, there’s no blood, and there’s very little pain. It certainly stung, but it didn’t really hurt. The guard yanks back the spear, backing away a bit as he sees I’m not bleeding. The holes in my hands reveal a sort of black, weird substance under my skin. A couple horses in the audience faint as I yell out in surprise. “What the fuck did that fucker do to me!?” I yell. I look down to see Dave, who’s staring with wide eyes as well. I look back at my hands, and see them slowly close up the holes. Finally, once sealed, I poke at my palms. “I... I can feel them... my hands... what the fuck is going on?” I mutter.

“Max,” Celestia starts, grabbing my attention. “Is David like you?” She asks. I look at Dave, who’s still staring at me with shock.

“... No, I didn’t break anything when I crashed. Dave’s still in pain. If I can regenerate and barely feel pain, then he should be fine right now. So, he’s uh... Human, I guess,” I say.

“What do you mean you guess!? Is he or is he not-“ the guard quickly shuts up when I send a death glare.

“Look, I didn’t ask to be here, like this. I was perfectly human not even an hour ago. So when I say ‘I guess’, I mean I’m not sure what that freak did to him!” I yell.

“Max, calm down. We’ll provide David with medical attention,” Celestia says. The guard looks at her incredulously, along with all the other horses in the room. “But, I must ask you to come to the dungeon quietly. I don’t believe you’re intentionally dangerous, but I feel my little ponies would feel safer if you comply.” I look up at her with a panicked expression, but I look down at Dave. I kneel. He’s still wincing when he breathes, and I can barely call the ragged breaths he takes ‘breathing’.

“Max,” he says. “You don’t have to, I’m fine, promise.” I sigh, getting up.

“Alright, I’ll come quietly,” I say. The guard looks at Celestia, who gives him a nod, before coming to me nervously. He points the spear at me. “Really? I’m not gonna pretend that the spear’s dangerous dude, I’m pretty sure I can snap it in half.” He glares at me. I roll my eyes and starting walking in the direction he’s shoving me. “Don’t give me the stink-eye bitch, you know it’s true...”

I sit in a cold, dark cell. I can hear the echoes of dripping, as well as passing conversations from beyond my sight. I huddle on top of a concrete bed, in a corner, staring at my hands. I’m not human. That’s the only thing I can think of that would describe what’s going on with me. I sigh, putting my hands down and lean against the cold stone wall. I’ve got no idea what to do. My friend’s recovering, the guards hate me or something, and I’m some sort of... invincible’s not the right word. Invincible would imply I can’t feel anything, and that I can’t be destroyed. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m still destructible. I furrow my brow and sigh, leaning my head back. “... I’m boooooored,” I say out loud.

“Hey! Monster! Shut it!” A guard calls.

“But I’m bored!” I call back.

“Is a sword through your torso boring!?” He calls.

“Yes!” I legitimately answer.

“Don’t be a smartass!” With that, I sigh. Honestly, I would’ve thought that this would be more miserable, but... it’s oddly comfy. Obviously I’m not referring to the concrete bed, but I mean... it’s dry, it’s got good plumbing, and the dripping sounds are oddly relaxing. I close my eyes, enjoying the drips... Until a door at the end of the hall opens. I perk up a bit as I hear footsteps.

“Don’t shove me, I’m already moving!” A familiar voice calls. I furrow my brow and get up, heading to the cell’s bars. I look out to see Dave, his jacket over an arm, walking down the hall. He gives a wave as I narrow my eyes.

“Why aren’t you healing?” I ask him as he walks up.

“Oh, I’m healed. They’ve got magic!” He says. I blink in response.

“... Magic?” I ask. He nods.

“Yeah, they healed me up pretty quickly! But, I knew you’d be lonely, so I asked to be in the cell with you,” he says. I quirk an eyebrow as I back up, allowing the cell door to open.

“Why’re they so rough?” I ask as the guard ponies toss my friend in. He flips them off as they close the door.

“Well, they said no, so I punched one guard in the face,” he says. “That made them say yes.” I shake my head, smiling a bit.

“Only you would try that,” I say. He shrugs, throwing his jacket to the concrete bed on the other side of mine.

“It worked,” he says. “Besides, I figured something out while I was in the hospital.” I head back to my bed and hop on it, laying back.

“Oh yeah, what?” I ask.

“I got a tattoo,” he says. I consciously blink and look at Dave to see him hold up his left hand, revealing a tattoo. It’s certainly an odd pattern, but... I’ve seen it somewhere before...

”... so let me give you a power. A power you can use and evolve to your hearts’ content!...”

I look at the tattoo again, and snap my fingers as I remember what it looks like. “That’s the outsider’s sign from Dishonored!” I call. Dave leans back from my outburst before tilting his head.

“Uh, are you sure?”

“Remember what the creature said when we got yeeted in? He gave us powers, and your power is magic or something!” I call.

“‘Magic or Something’? Never heard of that power before,” Dave deadpans.

“Look- just- concentrate on your hand,” I say.

“Why?” He asks.

“Just do it.”

“... Alright,” he says. He hold out his hand.

“Now, think of uh... teleporting!” I say excitedly.

“Will you two shut up!?” A guard calls from down the hall. I get up, rush over to the bars, and stuck out my hand to flip him off. I retract my hand and turn to Dave, who’s hand is glowing. I smile as I can see he’s getting it. Dafe’s eyes glow for a second, before he vanishes, appearing on the other side of the room, against the wall.

“Holy shit-“ he says, stumbling a bit. “That was... weird,” he notes.

“You can teleport!” I cry, throwing my hands into the air.

“How many times do I need to-“ As the guard came up, I whipped around, and threw a punch through the bars, and actually managed to knock him out. His body falls down, and Dave and I look on with shock.

“... Damn,” I say, looking at my hand. I’ve got strength, serious strength. I look at the bars and get an idea. I grab two of them, and try to spread them apart. I grit my teeth, and sure enough, I start moving the bars aside, surprising Dave. I step out, pick up the guard, and walk to the end of the hall where he normally stands. I place him in a chair, pat his head, and walk back. I grab the bars, and try to push them together. They look a bit wonky now, but it’s mostly unnoticeable. I turned to Dave, who stares at me with surprise. “... He uh, he talked too much,” I say. He snickers and we both laugh a bit, finally relaxing from today. Today, was fucking weird.

Author's Note:

What? A change? What change?

(In reality, I’m going over and redoing the story. Feel free to continue reading, but not all details or transgressions will be part of the current rewrite.)

2022 edit: just some spelling errors and grammatical changes.