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But sometimes it does.


Lyra is pretty darn sure that she remembers Princess Luna dying in exile on the moon. Bon Bon is pretty darn sure that her marefriend's an idiot.

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It's an interesting idea. I like where you took it. A good read!


I like it.

Happy fofs day!


Happy fofsday, binch! :flutterrage:

I expected a cute, silly story, and got social commentary instead. Excellent work!

What's fourths day?

April 4'th

Fuck thats sad.

Ri2 #9 · Apr 4th, 2018 · · ·

So...if Luna DID die, then who is that? And why is Celestia faking it?

Happy forfsdei! Interesting story and a very reality - detaching ride for me. May you have many more, pApril Fourths.


Oof. It's kind of stressful, honestly... And sadly true in some respects...

Who says if she died that isn't still her?

I'm totally lost here :applejackunsure:

Love the idea.

One of the few times where both a comedy and a tragedy tag are totally appropriate. :ajsleepy:

Yeah, I got that part, I just didn't understand the significance of the date:rainbowhuh:

My name is April, and my username is fourths. You do the math :rainbowkiss:

:facehoof: Gosh, I'm more dense than a diamond.

I'm depressed because all that crowd needed was a birther and somepony screaming "FAKE NEWS!" and you'd basically have America in just over 5,000 words. Well written.

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I wasn't about to drop personal info without permission

oh jeez re-reading this, I distinctly remember it being about Vinyl and Octavia, not Bon Bon and Lyra....

Wait, she changed it to be about Lyra and bon bon? That clever fourths.

This was super great. Imagine the scandal if there were another princess out in the world somewhere who was eventually given control over a region of Equestria that had been missing for a thousand years.

Well that escalated quickly. Also, if anyone could explain the end it would be much appreciated.

In the end a newly released Luna raises the moon in such a truly obvious and dramatic fashion that nopony could deny that she returned. Exept Lyra and her group still refuse to believe it. The story is one big metaphor on the mentality of birthers/911 truthers/flat-earthers/etc. And how no amount of evidence and common sense will convince them that their insane conspiracies are wrong.

8843252 I swear she had it as Vinyl and Octy too! What's going on

Man, I could've sworn I'd read this somewhere before. Only instead of Vinyl and Octavia, it was Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. And instead of Princess Luna, it was Queen Chrysalis. And instead of allegedly dying on the moon, she crashed a wedding. And instead of holding a rally, they blasted her with love magic.

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I was working in Newtown, CT when the shooting occurred. Conspiracy theorists aren’t fun when you don’t have them at internet’s length.

I don't even think they're fun when you have them at internet's length; sure, they can seem absurd, but they're very real and a scary sign of where we are as a society.

Author Interviewer

The show's been going on long enough that I can't remember if they actually have radio or phones by this point. @_@ And yet the thing that really sticks in my craw is, can you have butcher's paper if you live in a vegetarian society?

I really dig Lyra's dad, though, what an introduction. :D

"Okay," Bonbon said the next Nightmare Night, "how about now?"
"Now?" she asked at Twilight's coronation.
"Nuh uh."
"Now?" she asked as all of Ponyville did battle with the Tantabus.
"I know what I heard, Bonnie."

(Delightful bit of all too believable madness. Thank you for it.)


The story is one big metaphor on the mentality of birthers/911 truthers/flat-earthers/etc.

Actually, it's about the Mandela effect (hence the title of the story), which is very different from conspiracy theorists.

The Mandela effect is when lots of people hold the same false memory for some reason. For example, the name of the effect itself is based on the "memory" that Nelson Mandela died in the 1980s (rather than 2013), just like in this story how the moon princess died over a decade ago. Other prominent examples include Rich Uncle Pennybags (the mascot for Monopoly, sometimes called the Monopoly Man) having a monocle (he never did), the Berenstain Bears book series originally being spelled "Berenstein" (it wasn't), and the existence of an 90s movie "Shazam" starring Sinbad the comedian as a genie (no such movie exists).

This was cute, and had a sort of Estee-ish feel to it. :)

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