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The Princess of the Night has called Twilight Sparkle to Canterlot, but what for?

Coverart by : fatalerror328

A/N: Just a short one-shot I wrote while trying to brute-force my way through writer's block while working on CfE chapter 4. The TwiLuna romance in CfE is going off a low slower than I originally intended, so I decided to publish this to reward your patience.

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a lovely short story, i love reading about luna doing awkward things cause she doesn't know all the changes that has happened since her banishment. especially when it's in relation to a twiluna.

Twilight uses her princess melting powers on Luna ...
It's Super Effective! :twilightsmile:

Great Story. :pinkiesmile:

All the D'awwws

The problem was that there were no proof-reads!:pinkiegasp:

I have several. This was just a bit of fluff I slapped together so I never bothered sending it to them. Thanks for the offer though.

Fluff! Wonderful, Glorious Fluff! Very nice story.

Escalated quickly indeed! I love a good TwiLuna, so I'm in for the duration.

Minor correction:

She Princess was wearing a thin, flowing nightgown that extended halfway down her thighs. = probably supposed to be The

Very nice work! Really interesting twist with what Celestia reveals puts this above the average Twiluna writings. Thumbs-up for sure.

I can only say: a really beautiful romantic story.
Nicely shown the Theme "difference between common things in - past and now - "

smooth like honey... smooth like honey. :twilightsmile:

Nothing to criticize here form my side. ^^

a lil' bit of thanks: Luna
hope you like it)

the running of the leaves

the *Running of the *Leaves

Twilight is now shippable with:
Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Trixie, Big Mac, Flash Sentry, Celestia, and Luna.


Wow! So short, but so full of meaning! Very well done. :twilightsmile:

Woah. Twilight. Calm down. Of course you like mares. That's why we're all here; the TwiLuna cuteness. Silly filly, thinking you like stallions.

Comment posted by ElkinFencer10 deleted Oct 5th, 2014

I thought I'd already faved this, but I was wrong. Fixed it now, though!

3804111 yeah glad you left pinkie out cause shippign twilight with pinkie might be a disaster waiting to happen on an apocalyptical scale

5631724 Touché! How right you are friend!

I'm at a loss for words - that statement is more accurate than it has any right to be. I'm not sure you fully comprehend the truth you've spoken there. Just, wow. ;]

I have a feeling that a TwiPie ship would rather go exploring the untold depths (that we only caught one or two glimpses of... ;P) of Pinkie Pie. You know... how Twilight could stand to 'loosen up' a little, and how Pinkie could actually stand to calm down a bit and...

... and learn to control her powers properly...

Nvm! How right you are, sir! :D

The only true Twilight ships.......Luna and Fluttershy. Just letting everyone know ! LOL
Nice story BTW, wish it was more long term, but that's okay.

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