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The Princess Rarity

Quirky teenage girl who writes about cartoons & has an obsession with sparkly things & cute dorks. Goes through life following by Dr. Seuss's wise words; "You have to be odd to be number one."


Princess Luna has always been the worse half of the royals and everypony knows it... She was, and somewhat still is, the devil that's known as Nightmare Moon... She does not wish to confess this horrid truth, for it haunts her continuously. And with being alive for who knows how long, it seems as if the oddest thing in the world has happened to her... Somepony has chosen to love and cherish her... They adore her nightly beauty and how mysterious she is... But, this love of hers is dangerous; she will cause harm... it is but an inevitable truth...

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Comments ( 23 )

Well now, ain't that sweeter than a Dutch apple pie?

It was warm and comfortable fluff atleast :pinkiehappy:


"I... I suppose you could that I just scatter them about." Luna whispered.

Missing a 'say' after could. Other than that it was done beautifully :twilightsmile:

The flow of it was... odd... some of it didn't really fit together nor does it really say what NMM is in your version of her... it also felt like you forgot(?) a word here and there, but it was okay... i've seen far, FAR worse!

...I liked that, but... It wasn't bad! It was good, but, it leaves a cliffhanger! I know it was random fluff, but you should make a sequel to make sense of it.

1758628 I might take that in consideration... :raritywink:

One of my first tours around here, and just my luck. The first fic I find happens to be a decently written one. :twilightsmile:

I'm particularly wary of relations between royalty and the middle class when it comes to MLP:FIM. But it doesn't keep me from enjoying such interactions, such as the ones between the Mane 6 and the Princesses. The ones that involve Twilight are most interesting to see due to her canonical meets with both Celestia and Luna. In situations like this, I like it best when the "role reversal" situation is introduced, when the leader becomes lost and the follower becomes his/her backbone. It shows that they are more than ruler and servant. They have the potential to become friends and maybe even lovers. It's only a shame things like this could never come into the canon universe.

Thank you very much for the fic, and I do hope you have a merry Christmas/Hanukkah. :pinkiehappy:

Quite Good.
Needs more hugs :twilightsmile:

What have I told you about elipsisisis? Hm?

1761945 This one had less and you know it. :derpytongue2:

1762211 Yeah, but there's still room for improvement.
Edit: Pointless fluff? I think not. It's better than pointless fluff. It's, uh, high-grade fluff?

1809351 You, my sir/ma'am, get an Internet for using that gif. :moustache:

A really nice short story

'Fluff' indeed. Feels, not so much.

I was crying, probably because I have (for a real world project) a character in a relationship that's going through things a lot like Luna is here. I loved it, and I can honestly see those two together.

I'll give you a like, its short, but well written, but it didn't quite make it to my favourites list, yet.

It's nice. Cute. And I rather enjoyed it

Absolutely, adorable.

The feels man,
The feels.

fabulous sky diamonds

I am I bad person for laughing at this? Not a mean laugh, but a happy one. This is a wonderful, very poetic, and even slightly silly (in a good way) to describe the stars. :rainbowlaugh: :raritystarry:

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