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My Current To-Do List.

[ X ] Completed! I'm so proud of me.
[ ] To-Do. I need to get to work!
[ O ] Missed Deadline, like the procrastinating cotton-headed ninnymuggins that I am.

[ X ] Submit a Story!
[ X ] Complete a Story for once, you half-baked custard tart.
[ ] Complete 5 Short-Form Stories (By 12/31/2020)
[ ] Complete 10 Stories!
[ ] World Domination?
[ ] Add more items to To-Do List.

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I'm not up-to-date with the show yet.
Please be patient if I exhibit a lack of knowledge about the later seasons of the show! I'm working on it!

After the Season 4 finale, I took on a new job and new hobbies in the off-season and kind of forgot to come back to the show.

When I became aware the show was ending, nostalgia brought me back. I started the show over, with the intent of watching it front-to-back.

So, again: Patience. There are entire plots, characters, and basically five whole seasons of content that I have no clue or concept of. I don't want to know, yet, either: I'll get there when I get there.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: I have watched a bunch (though not all) of EQG, though. Love that, like to write that, probably will.